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amazon affiliate without a website

A lot of people want to make money by affiliate marketing but they do not want to host any website, they want to work without a website or blogging.

So for these people, here is one important thing to know that they can make money with Amazon affiliate without a website also. This is very true that if you do not want to host a website then this platform is key for you to make money online affiliate programs for beginners. It’s quite easy, in fact, to earn affiliate marketing without a website. So here is a beginner’s guide with steps to learn to make money with an Amazon affiliate without a website.

So let’s begin.

Amazon Affiliate Without A Website

It’s a myth in people’s minds that they cannot earn affiliate marketing without a website or blogging. Also it’s true that hosting a website leads to boost your success in the field of affiliate marketing but this is not only the way affiliate marketing can be done without a website also.

In an affiliate marketing program, the important thing is to approach people to an affiliate’s site and that can be done in many ways. You have to use some strategies to grab audiences and let them make a click on the links you provide and they make a purchase from that link.

If you are good enough to do this, then you can easily earn with an affiliate marketing program without hosting any websites.

Make money online affiliate programs

Ways To Associate With Make Money Online Affiliate Program For Beginners

Many people around us get hesitant to work with Amazon affiliates as they do not have any website or blog but it’s a great opportunity for those people as now they can earn money with an affiliate program without hosting any website or blog.

So by following these ways which are mentioned below, they can start earning with affiliate marketing without hosting a website.

Via Social Media

Use of social media for affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing has made it easy to promote your business online with social media.

Social media is a platform that is absolutely free and very friendly with users. Social media has been proved a great tool for the branding of affiliate marketing.

It’s a virtual platform where you do not have to meet physically with people and interact with them, simply you can invite users online in a virtual world, it helps you to become a good affiliate marketer using social media.

There is no need to have a website or blog. You can earn affiliate marketing without website, just share referral links to your friends and families or your followers, make sure to grab a good number of followers by using some strategies and tricks which are up to you depending on how you deal with these types of situations.

make money online affiliate programs for beginners
affiliate marketing without a website
1) Use of Facebook

Using Facebook, you can make money by simply posting articles on it. It’s a very fantastic way to boost your earnings with affiliate marketing even without a website.

Facebook is currently accessed by billions of people in the world every month, so it’s a fantastic way to earn by attracting those users and to do so this article will provide some basic ideas for beginners that they can learn from this article.  This article will provide beginners some ways to boost their knowledge so that they can start working.

So let’s dive into it.

a) By creating a Facebook page or Facebook group

Try to make a Facebook business page or a Facebook business group so that your friends are influenced by it.

It’s free of cost and very easy to use, with this you can make more followers and win their hearts by messaging them and send messages to those whom you find interest regarding this program, who can purchase the product with your referral link

try sending the information via email that you have created a Facebook page or groups and this will surely help them know about your business.

b) Use Facebook ads

Using this you can’t directly promote the affiliate links to your audience but by using Facebook ads you can send your audience to a blog post that has published affiliate links on their post, also one thing you must know Amazon affiliate program that does not allow affiliates to promote affiliate links on the Facebook post but you can promote using Facebook ads by a blog post that contains affiliate links and learn things from make money online affiliate program for beginner.

2) Use of Instagram
Social media platforms are very beneficial for affiliate marketing without hosting a website and Instagram affiliate marketing is one of them where you can easily seek partners who have a good number of followers or influencers and once you deal with them, then you can promote your products on their account.
You must know that affiliate marketing is purely performance-based earning and Instagram is considered as the highest engagement of audiences in the social media platforms where you can interact with several people and promote your products.
 You must seek out those affiliates who have a website or blog and there are so many Instagram affiliate programs and by promoting them on your Instagram page you can earn affiliate marketing without website

Some Of The Instagram Affiliate Programs Are

1) Amazon associates

2) Rakuten

3) Clickbank

4) ShareAsale

5) CJ affiliate

6) Maxbounty

7) Skimlinks

8) Shop style collective

9) Flexoffers

10) Awin, and many more

Engage with followers

Engagement with your audiences will be a more powerful tool for your business as when you promote your product your audience won’t find it useful as your engagement with your audience has made their opinion for you trustworthy.

Use the method of the 80/20 rule with amazon affiliate without a website to be in the heart of your audience. That is 80% of your post must be educational or entertaining and 20% of your post must be promotional. This will leave a good impression on your followers so that you make sure for their interest.

Promote Through Video Marketing
Once you decide to promote your product by video marketing it becomes easier for you to grab audiences and knowledge about this field.
The best video marketing platform available these days is YouTube. YouTube has become your friend. Also, video cannot help you out to grow your blog but it can send a lot of traffic to the website where your product is published.
Just build up a plan to get your viewers to visit your channel again.
And for more knowledge in this field check out those videos in which others have given information regarding this.
Try to make video series to build a return audience as the series approach is a very hook idea to engage and then send your audience to affiliates’ sites so that you can earn some income.
Always try to make short humorous, inspiring videos and give the product link on your description box if YouTube channel, and this will increase traffic on your link in which affiliate product is published
Try to publish short and quick videos and remember the choice of public, make valuable videos so that a lot of information is shared by your video and your viewers get interested within your videos and they would like to visit your channel again and make sure to upload videos in the short gap of time.
Do not take too much time to upload another video. Video marketing is more preferable because of the study from the past few years that there is a huge increase in the rate of watching videos by over 80% and videos are a great way to reach more audiences to your page where your product details are mentioned.

Types Of Video Marketing One Can Start With Are:

  • Demo videos
  • Brand videos
  • Event videos
  • Experts interviews
  • Educational or how-to guide videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Animated videos
  • Case study videos
  • Reviews
  • Virtual videos etc

By making videos on any of the topics you are comfortable with, you can start earning without a website also.

affiliate marketing with email-marketing
Use Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important way to earn money for beginners without a website or blogging.

It is based on sending emails to customers, to develop a relationship between customers and marketers.

It’s a great strategic tool for beginners to earn affiliate marketing without a website.

The main important strategy is how to turn first-time customers into recurring buyers.

How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Using Email Marketing?

Email marketing according to the data of 2020, is still ranked higher in comparison to social media, marketing channel, SEO, etc So firstly try to focus on building an email list, you can do this in many ways but the important thing is to make your audience trust you. Establish a good credibility with people. Make sure that you cannot randomly start promoting products on the email list yours, you have to engage your customers by firstly providing knowledgeable and entertaining content and in between of these videos series, you can put a promotional video and start making sales. Once you get good sales try to make a habit of thinking in advance about when you have to put your promotional content for your customers and when you have a good audience now it’s time to use autoresponder which automatically sends out emails to your scheduled time in advance.

Guest Posting Method
Guest posting is inbound marketing of products. You can easily generate revenue by using a guest posting platform. Guest posting basically needs content and it’s a truth that you did not get income instantly but constant marketing provides you earning slowly and then happens till you work.
Some of the brands failed at guest blogging, the reason behind is that they did not understand how effectively they should work.
This article will help you to avoid these silly mistakes.
If you provide the right content you will definitely reap your income.
Things to remember about guest blogging is that it’s not a shortcut to grow your income, it is not a quick route. Sometimes it takes more time than any marketing method. So by using guest posting you can earn money with affiliate Marketing but most probably it must be done indirectly.
You may not get as many audience’s clicks on your affiliate link from the guest audience but it will grow slowly for sure it has been a popular way for long.
Some fantastic affiliate marketing guest blogging sites are:

  • Myvu
  • MyVentruPad
  • InfoBeat
  • PostLing
  • JCount
  • Meldium
  • Locationary
  • Tipsblogger
  • W3J
  • Falcontlive
  • TList
  • ReadWrite and many more
Affiliate Marketing On Medium
  • Medium has almost millions of active readers per month. Medium allows you to publish affiliate links in your post but you have to mention anywhere in the post that you have disclosed an affiliate link on the post on medium.

    In medium, you can write your post and earn money by publishing affiliate links so when you post get ranked on Google search, you can easily publish affiliate links on your article but always keep in mind to disclose that affiliate marketing truly works on medium and by this you can add an income to your pocket


    How to use medium

    • Write content on medium about the things you know well.
    • Mention a disclosure in your article or a story before placing an affiliate link as this is a guideline provided by medium that you need to follow this in order to not get suspended from it.
    • Write a long story or article to get ranked well.
    • Write your own content with consistency and passion.
    • Continuity improves your content, this is very true if you continue then your writing skill will be improved.

affiliate marketing with Pinterest
Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

Few years back it was only Facebook and Twitter in which there was a lot of traffic but now time has changed. Pinterest is a more powerful and user-friendly source of traffic. Peoples can use Pinterest affiliate marketing to get their income.

Pinterest affiliate marketing is basically when you refer products on Pinterest and your followers buy them and when your recommended products are purchased by your followers you get a commission.

This is free of cost for your readers they don’t have to pay extra when they purchase a product from your link you can simply add affiliate links on Pinterest by clicking the Plus sign on the search bar and then click on create pin, then fill out all the columns one by one like your title and description and then add affiliate links and your photo.

So in this way Pinterest works and you get income out of it.


We have posted more than 6 ways to make money online affiliate programs for beginner without a website. You just need good content for getting succeed in the field of affiliate marketing without websites.

And there are so many methods discussed above in which your articles can be published and you can mention your affiliate links and the followers of yours purchase the product from your recommended links and you get a commission out of it. You must understand this thing that it is best among all the ways which we have discussed so far and start with it so that you can make money. Now we hope that this article has guided you as a beginner but now you have enough knowledge to start up your earning, as your doubts, if any , we are happy to reply to you.

Thank you! visit again.

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