Open Campus Project: Binance Launchpad Project

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About Binance’s new launchpad?

So, recently Binance has introduced a new launchpad called “Open Campus Project”. The main focus of this new project is to give earnings to the one who makes valuable content for the audience. So, do not miss this big chance to earn crypto from this new project and for that read this full article:

What is an “Open Campus Project”?

The open campus is an educational project that works on Web 3.0 technology and NFTs. When you register for this project through the Binance Launchpad, you will be rewarded with some crypto without investing any money. We can trust this project as it is already partnered with very famous companies like TinyTap, The Sandbox, Hooked Protocol, Mocaverse, Gems, Hightstreet and many more.

This project solely focuses to create a blockchain-based ecosystem that should support education and career development for blockchain and cryptocurrency fans.

What is an Open Campus Project 2

How do we earn from “Open Campus Project” work?

Open campus projects help the students, teachers and any creator to earn money from their work which they represent in form of video. The video can be anything but knowledge. It can be small kids’ videos, about NFT, about craft, it can be anything. And if you upload the video, the video will get monetised i.e you will earn money for that video.

Apply Open Campus Binance Launchpad

Image Credit: Binance Website

Step To Apply Open Campus Binance Launchpad

To participate in this project, you have to:

1) Have an account on the Binance website.

2) KYC should be done on the Binance website, as you will not be rewarded with new crypto without the completion of KYC.

3) You should have a minimum of 0.1 BNB coin with you in any of your wallets to participate in this project as it is a subscription-based project.

 If you fulfil all the above requirements, go to the dashboard of Binance, click on the “more-launchpad” option and click on this project. You can also read the rules and other things about this project mentioned below of the project. When you click on subscribe button of the project, you should have a minimum of 0.1 BNB coin hold with you. After that, you have to commit these coins when the project started with this process. Once the launchpad expired, you will receive crypto in your wallet.

About Binance's new launchpad

Image Credit: Binance Website

When Open Campus project will end?

This project started on 23 April 2023 and will be ended on 28 April 2023 at 11:30 AM. After that, you can’t be able to participate in this project. The distribution of the cryptos will be started on 28 April at 3:30 PM. 

Currently, the Open Campus project’s initial exchange offering value is 0.05 USD, so just don’t miss this chance.


Who can participate in this project?

Students, College students, and anyone who is interested in participating in this project can go for this. But its mainly for:

  • the content creators
  • the student who is searching for educational content


What Open Campus project going to offer its users?

The Open Campus project will offer courses, training programs, classes, video content and workshops, to help those students who are in need and want to gain knowledge in any field.

Also, through this project, the growth and development of the blockchain and crypto industry are going to be very high and also increase knowledge to every user who really wants to know about these technologies. 



Open Campus will definitely be going to be a successful project as it focuses on the real-world problem statement and allow their user to create, own, and promote their content on this platform so the world can learn and earn together. Also, it helps to give recognition to those who really want to contribute to this field.

Also, the Open Campus project decided to give crypto to almost 50 million users, so we should not miss this opportunity to grab free crypto.


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