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If you are searching for the best earning apps by playing games, you have come to the right place. So, a person who enjoys playing online games in their spare time can now put that time to good use by earning crypto from these best 10 play to earn crypto games in 2023 . But before going further, it is very important to understand what is play to earn games are.

So play2earn games help us to earn money or cryptocurrency, if we win on any of their gaming platforms. Every online gaming platform has different rules and crypto coins. So, it is very important to know about the game that you are choosing to earn crypto. So come and check out some free play2earn games for both Android and iPhone devices.

Some of the most profitable games to earn crypto are:

1. Arc8: Fun Mini Games

We can play this game and earn up to Rs 100 on a daily basis. You can directly transfer those daily earnings into your Metaverse or Binance wallet. You can download this game from the Play Store. After you sign in, you see 10 varieties of the game on their dashboard. On the top bar of the interface, you see the blue and diamond icons. So, through the diamond coin, you can play any of the games for free and earn that blue GMEE token which is their native token, which can be converted to real cash or in any crypto wallet.

You can also participate in any of their tournaments, and after winning any of those games, you can directly withdraw that GMEE coin into any of your crypto wallets. You can also win by completing some of the tasks and by using the “Invite and earn tokens” feature. With every share, you will get 10 GMEE tokens and the value of 1 token is $0.010855. Arc8 game brings the best blockchain experience to millions of their user with varieties of features like no interpretation of advertisements between the game, 24*7 customer support, and varieties of games.

Best 10 play to earn crypto games in 2023

2.Forest Knight

Forest Knight is one of the best blockchain fighting games which can be played on your personal computer, android, or iOS. This game gave the best experience of mode PVE(Person versus environment) and PVP(Person versus person). The special thing about this game is they have special NFTs designs with unique weapons, accessories, and skins for every hero who will fight with each other.

best earning apps by playing games

In the Forest Knight game, you can earn cryptocurrency in the form of Forest Knight’s native token (FKT) whose value is $0.009126 by winning battles, completing tasks, and collecting rewards.

Also, this game has a marketplace where players can buy and sell their items using their FKT tokens, and players can also earn FKT tokens by renting their in-game investment. These items are imaginary and exist in this game only but to earn real money, you can sell those FKT tokens through cryptocurrency exchanges outside of the game also.

3.Thetan Arena

Theatan Arean is a team-based fighting game. For every winning round, you will receive Thetan coins whose value is $ 0.0018155, which you can easily redeem in your crypto wallet. In this game, they have two modes: Free to play and Invest to play. If you choose “free to play”, you do not get any crypto after winning, but if you go with “Invest to play” you can earn Thetan coins from that, but first you have to buy their NFTs to play that game, and after that only, you can earn their THC and THG coins by winning that game.

most profitable play to earn crypto games

So to start your earning in this game, you have to go to “Marketplace,” which is mentioned on the top bar. After that, you have to connect your metaverse wallet, and after that, you will get unique ids. Your ID has your NFTs, and with those NFTs, you can play and earn from this game. But if you are a beginner, you should start with “free to play” mode only and earn some NFTs first by winning that free mode game. And once you are comfortable with their platform, you can switch to earn mode.

4.Farmers World

You can easily earn some cryptocurrency by playing the Farmers World game, which has one of the largest communities of any NFT game with over 150 thousand players from all over the world. In this game, we have to search for treasures and coins and in return, you will win some cryptocurrency. This game is based on the Wax blockchain and requires time, effort, and investment to win.

To start with this game, you have to buy an NFTs axe to start your earning. With the help of the axe, you will cut trees in this game, and in return, you will be rewarded with Wax tokens. Here, you can also sell your virtual item gained from this game on the Farmers World marketplace to earn some more cryptocurrency. You can also earn crypto or their token by participating in their competitions, by staking their Wax tokens whose value is $0.068737, or by referring other players to download this game.

5. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn crypto NFT game with three modes: Adventure, Arena Battle and Breeding. To start with this game, you have to create a Ronin wallet which is required for this game to collect their native coins. But to win crypto in form of an SLP coin whose value is $0.002699 from this game, you have to invest some money in buying “Axies” which can be called “fishes”. To start earning, initially, you have to buy 3 Axies.

To buy those Axies, you have to go to their marketplace and can buy any of the Axies according to your budget. Once you got the 3 Axies, you can start playing this game with any mode and earn SLP coins by winning those rounds. You can earn almost 150 SLP a day by winning a round or by completing tasks. 

how to earn crypto while playing games

So, you can surely trust this game in terms of earning crypto as it is partnered with famous brands like Ubisoft, Binance, Samsung, Upbit, and many more. You can also sell your Axies in their marketplace for a profit. If you don’t want to invest money, you can also play as a ‘scholar’ by taking access to other players’ Axies and in return, you can give them a portion of the SLP coin that you won while winning that game.

6.Gala games

Gala games have a variety of games like Town star, Fortified, Echoes of Empire and many more. In this game, you can earn a “GALA” token and the amount of earning through Gala tokens depend on the type and difficulty level of the game chosen by you.

You can also earn a GALA token whose price is $0.04359828 without playing any game through the “referring” feature. When any of your referrals sign up for Gala Games and start playing any of the games on the Gala Platform, you will earn some percentage of their earnings for a long time. You can also earn GALA coins by staking your existing tokens and by participating in their events. 

Gala Games has different games and each game has a different native coin.

  1. Mirandus:
    This is one of the amazing fighting games with wonderful graphics and full of magic. Here players fight with each other and build their land to earn a Materium token whose value is $ 0.185 which is the native coin of this game. Here, you can also buy NFTs and sell them in their marketplace when needed.
  2. Spider Tank:
    Spider Tank is one of the best multiplayer online battle games that allows players to fight with each other by sitting in their tanks. This game totally runs on the Etherium blockchain and the player who wins in this game will get the in-game currency which is the Gala token.
  3.  Town Star:
    It is one of the best and most fun to play town-building games which allows players to win crypto by growing crops, building a town, managing farms, or trading various items.
    Players can earn extra town coins by completing the daily task and participating in various competitions hosted by Gala Games and through the referral program.
  4. Fortified:
    This game is developed by the Korean studio skeinglobe. In this game, players have to defend their ground from enemies by using defensive towers and if the player wins they get cryptos in return. 
  5. Echoes of Empire:
    In this game, the player can build and manage their own empire by buying NFTs and in return, they are rewarded with DUST crypto coin.

7.League of the kingdom

League of the Kingdom is free to play and free to earn the game. This game is the attacking game where you have to save yourself from a shielding item. In a league of Kingdoms, we can earn their LOKA token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain by playing any of the games presented in a league of kingdom platform.
You can win their coins by completing Quests, participating in various battles, by holding and selling lands and resources. The players can withdraw their winning LOKA tokens to their personal Ethereum wallets which can be further used in crypto exchanges or by buying items in this game. This game is installed by millions of users and is partnered with Opensea, hashed, Binance labs, and many more famous companies like these.


Sweatcoin is a no-investment application where you can earn almost Rs 500 To Rs 2000 on daily basis by walking, running, or doing any other physical activities. You can download this game from the play store, and after signing up, you have to accept all the permissions asked by this application.

After doing this, you can earn sweatcoin which is a native token of this application by doing daily physical activities. Each sweatcoin value is 0.726285 INR and the value increase and decreases depending on the popularity of this token.

how to earn while playing games

This app tracks a person’s steps throughout the day and converts that steps into Sweatcoins and these coins can be exchanged or used as a reward for sweatcoin partnered brands, gravity yoga classes, buying apple watches, and many more. 

The main motive of this application is to make people more active, improve their overall health and fitness and in return reward them with their native cryptos.  To collect more sweatcoin, you can use the “daily bonus” feature by collecting some sweatcoin by opening this app daily, completing various challenges, and inviting your friends through “refer and earn”. With each referral, you will get 5 sweatcoins. 

9. Stepn

Stepn application is one of the best fitness move-to-earn apps. Here, you earn GST (Green Satoshi) token whose value is $0.0211 by just walking. The main motive of this fitness app is to help people to move their unhealthy life to healthy life and make people aware of Web3 technology.

Once you activate the account in Stepn, click on the “spending” from the “wallet” option and you have to create a new wallet here. Once you will make the new wallet, you will be rewarded some SOl (Solana) coins and you can easily transfer or withdraws these coin through Binance or any other crypto app in the Solana network only. Here, in Stepn we have a marketplace, where we can buy any shoes. Every shoe has different speeds, specifications, and GST tokens, so you can choose according to your preference.

The Stepn app is one of the most profitable and unique applications with extra features that’s why it is supported by the investors like Sequoia, Folius Ventures, Binance, Solana Ventures, Almeda Research, and many more which makes this app more trustworthy to use in our daily life.


Fitmint is a web3 app that motivates us to work out and in return rewards us with some crypto. Here, we have to buy NFTs sneakers to start our earnings. Once we are done with this, with every workout we get some energy and from that, we get some fitt token and its value is $0.004624. 

Fitmint app also going to tie up with gym memberships, dieticians, trainers, health insurance, and fitness camps, so in return for a fit token, we can take advantage of these profits. And if using a fitt token for staking crypto, we can also be rewarded by free NFTs sneakers or breeding tickets.

The Fitment app also offers features like personalized workout plans, fitness challenges, exercise videos, the ability to track your health progress, monitor your fitness metrics, and community support like leaderboards.

Are the best play-to-earn games actually giving crypto as the winning price?

Play-to-earn games are a form of blockchain-based game, and they have also formed partnerships with companies that deal in cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you should have confidence in using these websites to earn cryptocurrency. However, a person should constantly keep caution in mind while participating in these online games and should be aware of the risk involved before investing in bitcoin.

How will rewards be determined in the “play to earn” game?

Rewards in play-to-earn games are usually based on the skill of the player and how they are performing in the game. And after winning, they will reward us with cash or cryptocurrency based on our score.

Can someone make money by playing games online?

Yes, that’s right. Anyone can make money while playing online games as long as they follow specific strategies to win those games. But every online game does not give you money, and some also give you bitcoin as a reward. Always remember that we shouldn’t fully rely on winning money, as it can be risky in the long run.

How do play to earn games work?

The play-to-earn game gives the platform to play the game, and in return, it rewards those winning players in the form of cryptocurrencies or cash.

How much money can people make from play-to-earn games?

There is no set amount of money that players can make from these games; it all depends on how well they do. Some gamers win millions of dollars, while others don’t even make 10 rupees. So, we can conclude this article by writing that always keep in mind that you should never allow yourself to become addicted to any online games.

Play these games, but only for a limited amount of time, and remember that you should never depend solely on the money you get from playing online games; instead, think of this as a side source of income.

And it’s very important to be aware of the crypto market as the value of cryptocurrencies is very volatile and it totally depends on the popularity of that crypto token in the market. So, what are you waiting for? Download it and get started on your playing crypto-earning journey.

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