Best 5 Buy Now Pay Later Apps In 2022

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Best 5 Buy Now Pay Later Apps

Many buy now pay later apps in India (BNPL) have been created in the Indian market as of late. These application’s capabilities also to Mastercards in that they give clients an instant credit line that can become acclimated to paying for things like service bills, feasts, and shopping. This way pay later apps in India offers a speedy and direct option for customers to satisfy their regular expenses without stressing over reaching a dead end financially. We should take a gander at a portion of India’s most superb Android, and iOS buy now pay later apps in 2022.

The Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps In India

The buy now, pay later apps (BNPL) idea resembles Mastercards and depends on dispensing little ticket advances to purchasers as a free credit line. You can spend up to a specific sum on the web or face to face and afterward repay it on the settled upon date with no interest or punishments.

Buy now, pay later apps administrations may be a phenomenal method for overseeing income for somebody who doesn’t approach a Visa. Nonetheless, taking into account numerous BNPL apps accessible, choosing which one to utilize might be interesting. Here we’ve recorded along with the buy now pay later apps in India known to make things simpler.

1. LazyPay

LazyPay is one of the most famous buys now pay later app choices in India. With a paperless KYC process, using lazypay card. It gives a speedy credit limit. Additionally, to manage all traders who use UPI, you can output and pay or utilize your UPI ID.

lazypay credit card apps

Offline retailers and online administrations like Ola, Uber, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, Bookmyshow, and others acknowledge payment by pay later app in India. Assuming that your exchange surpasses $10,000, you can change it completely to Easy EMI utilizing one of the accompanying projects. LazyPay offers a 15-day without interest period. You should repay and settle the sum you have spent each third and eighteenth of the month. You can set up auto-pay or pay by charge card, net banking, or UPI. this is one of the apps that let you pay later.

One can pay at offline shippers and online administrations like Ola, Uber, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Swiggy, and Bookmyshow, and the sky is the limit from Lazypay credit limit. Assuming that your exchange esteem is more than ₹10,000, you can decide to change over it into Easy EMI in light of accessible plans.

The app gives a without interest time of 15 days post, which you’ll need to repay and clear the bill (on the third and eighteenth of every month). You can set up auto-pay or pay physically by means of UPI, net banking, or a charge card.


LazyPay Key Features:

  • With Lazypay, you can Scan and Pay with UPI
  • Customers can pay on internet-based dealers like Zomato, Flipkart, and Swiggy
  • LazyPay gives a most extreme credit breaking point of up to ₹1,00,000 to its customers
  • Normal proposals on dealers
  • 15-day zero-interest repayment cycle
  • LazyPay Offered by: PayU India



2. Simpl Pay Later App

Simpl is another Android and iPhone app that permits you to buy now and Pay Later India office with a solitary swipe. It might become acclimated to making direct payments on sites like Zomato, Dunzo, Rapido, Gaana, BigBasket, 1MG, and others. It likewise permits you to pay service bills from inside the app, like paid ahead of time and postpaid portable, power, DTH, and broadband, using a Simpl pay later charges credit limit. It, as LazyPay, gives retailers customary offers and limits.

The bill is made monthly and has a 15-day repayment plan. So assuming you will make your payments on time, there are no hidden expenses or charges. The best thing with Simpl app is that you needn’t bother with any KYC papers to begin utilizing Simpl.

Furthermore, it likewise allows you to pay service bills like paid ahead of time and postpaid portable, power, DTH, and broadband from inside the app utilizing a given credit limit. Like LazyPay, it gives ordinary offers and limits on vendors.

The repayment cycle is 15 days, i.e., the bill is created two times per month. There are no secret expenses or extra charges that gave you make payments on time. Furthermore, the best part is you needn’t bother with KYC documentation, to begin with, Simpl.


Simpl Pay Key Features:

  • Limits and offers on vendors
  • Simpl Pay customers can pay online on upheld vendors
  • You get a 15-day zero-interest repayment cycle
  • Customers can pay service bills with the given credit line
  • No KYC documentation is expected with the Simpl app
  • Simpl Pay app is Offered by: Get Simpl Technologies Pvt. Ltd


3. Paytm Postpaid

Paytm is one of India’s most generally utilized payment apps. Customers can likewise involve it as pay later apps in accordance with its Paytm postpaid charges; Paytm additionally offers its dynamic clients a Paytm Postpaid choice, which permits them to pay later. Go to Paytm > All Services > Loan and Credit Card > Paytm Postpaid to initiate it.

personal loan in paytm

You can utilize Postpaid help to pay for qualifying administrations or make payments to accomplice dealers. When Postpaid is a choice, it will appear promptly in the payment choices. Re-energizes, Paytm Mall shopping, and different vendors around India are completely included. The bill is made month to month. Your Postpaid spend is not entirely set in stone by your exchange history, Paytm relationship, and credit department record of loan repayment.

Postpaid MINI, Postpaid LITE, and Postpaid DELETE are the three choices presently accessible. DELITE has no comfort costs, yet the other two convey a 1-3 % comfort charge on all outspend.

Paytm is giving a credit line of up to 60,000 with the assistance of this application. It tends to be utilized any place Paytm payments are acknowledged, incorporating in excess of five lakh offline and online stores. This loan limit is accessible again with no interest for a month-to-month charging cycle. Paytm’s accomplices are spread in all spaces and territories in India.

Paytm Postpaid Key Features:

  • Customers can Pay at Paym traders and furthermore online accomplices
  • Making charge payments or shopping on Paytm Mall is simple
  • With Paytm postpaid, you get a 30-day zero-interest repayment cycle
  • With Paytm postpaid, you get the greatest furthest reaches of up to ₹60,000
  • It assists with building a FICO rating and comfort charge applicable on MINI and LITE
  • Paytm postpaid app is presented by Paytm (in organization with Aditya Birla Finance, Clix Finance)

4. Postpe

Customers utilizing the Postpe stage can download the app from Play Store and benefit without an interest credit cutoff of up to Rs 10 lakh. The organization said that Postpe isn’t simply restricted to high-end buys however can likewise be utilized for miniature buys, making it the first of its sort.

postpe app due date

BharatPe expressed that it means to work with a credit book of $300 million on Postpe in the initial year for its loaning accomplices.

The fintech organization added that customers can shop across disconnected as well as on the web and repay effectively through EMIs. Everyone of all a client needs to do is filter the QR code through the Postpe app and pay to utilize credit. Clients can likewise pay through a Postpe card that will be acknowledged across a great many disconnected as well as online business stages. Cashbacks and rewards are likewise on offer.

The organization added that there are no yearly expenses or exchange charges on payments done through the Postpe app or card.

Postpe Key features:

  • The applicant ought to be something like 21 years of age.
  • The most outrageous age of a competitor can be 65 years.
  • Simply salaried individuals are equipped for this credit.
  • Postpe app due date: Minimal month-to-month pay of the competitor should be as indicated by the predefined models as fanned out by the moneylender.
  • Before this, BharatPe proclaimed the farewell of the 12% Pack, where clients have a decision to contribute and secure up to 12 percent yearly premium or get at a serious supporting expense of 12%.

As per the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) rules, it is expected to enable SIM confining (Send and Receive SMS) from the client’s device to check and approve portions. We will similarly need to take approvals like Location and Contacts to give us additional data that engage our associates toward embracing you better.


5. Jupiter Edge pay later app

Jupiter Edge is an automatic UPI Pay Later application. Through this, it can handle the payment like a UPI application with Jupiter edge charges i.e., you can get the payment by examining the QR Code. Thus, this application functions as a computerized Credit Card. This application gives you a Credit Loan of up to Rs. 10,000 for UPI-based payments – with next to no additional loan cost, you can utilize this Credit Limit to make payments to both on the web and disconnected organizations or dealers.

Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later Features:

  • Through this app, you can without much of a stretch make your payments to different disconnected vendors’ records by simply examining the QR Code.
  • You can pay the bill two times per month subsequent to making buys from the Credit Limit through UPI.
  • There is no additional interest charge or any extra charge to be paid on as far as possible, so you need to make a fuss over no extra charges.
  • You needn’t bother with a monetary record for its check. You simply need a PAN Card and a Mobile Number. Also, as far as possible is credited into the app immediately.

You can pay through the web and disconnected shippers that acknowledge UPI Payments Methods. In the event that you utilize the Credit Limit given by the Jupiter Edge app, the bill will be produced on the fifteenth day and the last day of each and every month and you’ve to pay your bill sum in something like 5 days of the bill age period.

Jupiter Edge UPI gives a Credit Limit that is very like that of any Credit Card. It is simple and simple to get a Credit Limit on this app through a computerized structure that you can get approved in under 2 minutes. You can get up to Rs. 10,000 as a Credit Limit in this application. In light of the versatile number and PAN Card subtleties of the client, they furnish you with a Credit Limit for your UPI Payments. Your created Credit Limit on the app depends on the CIBIL Score or Credit Source.

So this is all you really want to know about how to utilize Jupiter Edge UPI Pay Later Service. We covered each part of the Jupiter Edge app in this article still assuming that you have any questions or ideas if it’s not too much trouble, ask in the remark segment we will love to help you.

So these are the Best 5 Buy Now Pay Later Apps in 2022 must use.


Things to be Focused Before Using Pay Later Apps

Assuming that you are going all at this point pay later apps when are not many focuses which you ought to consider:

  1. Buy Now Pay Later apps ought to possibly be used when you know you’ll have the option to pay it back on time, not as a method for getting free cash.
  2. Your FICO rating, relationship with these apps, and different factors will decide if you are qualified for a credit line or not.
  3. Deferring the payment could bring about a critical late expense and different charges, like an excessively exorbitant loan fee.
  4. In any event, missing a solitary payment could bring down your FICO rating, restricting your future getting choices.
  5. Most of the buy now pay later apps will appear on your acknowledge report as credits. So having such a large number of them open can adversely affect your FICO rating.



Most importantly


EMI Schedule: EMIs are free for a couple of months, in the event that one pays the due sum inside this time period, it will be with practically no interest except for on surpassing this period one will be charged ostensible interest (ostensible in contrast with other landing devices).

Safety measure: Users should be reliable in the payments of these EMIs as defaulting would hamper their credit score.

Lift to Credit Score: For a superior credit restrict one necessities to have a superior credit score, yet organizations truly do furnish this office to individuals with unfortunate credit scores too. With slow utilization, your credit limit is expanded.

BNPL can likewise be utilized to further develop your credit rating as paying your EMIs consistently will win you a superior score, particularly for individuals who have defaulted in the past by repaying their credits and credit card bills.

Where to Use: This office BNPL can be utilized at accomplice organizations of the specialist co-op; more the quantity of accomplices better for customers.

Charges: BNP organizations may not charge any interest assuming the payments or EMIs are paid on time however in the event that not, an interest charged is exacted; which is in the vast majority of the cases more than the interest charged by private credits. None of these organizations have a yearly charge and a couple have a joining expense.

Late expenses and different charges: Most BNPL suppliers possibly charged late charges in the event that you neglected to make your portion payment on time. Nonetheless, some likewise charged comfort expenses when you apply for a new line of credit.


Is BNPL For You?


BNPL is just for the people who are sure of repayments as per the standards of the organization. Inability to do so will draw in punishment charges, which could surpass assumptions. As currently referenced, a non-payment might actually destroy the credit score of an individual subsequently making it hard for them to apply for future loaning valuable open doors.


BNPL is great for those under the accompanying conditions:
  • Borrowers with a specific compensation or pay from a decent source.
  • Money managers who are shy of liquidity.
  • The individuals who wish to further develop their credit scores.
  • The people who need to involve it as a credit-only device for problem-free exchanges and afterward pay the specialist co-op in full.

It isn’t by any stretch suggested for individuals who are unsure about their pay and the people who see no ordinary progression of cash in the approaching future. Such individuals ought to rather select individual advances, in view of explicit standards and necessities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Which Buy Now Pay Later App Is Best In India?


Ans. There are many buy now pay later apps accessible in India. We have recorded some fabulous day later applications like LazyPay, shot pay, Paytm pay later, amazon pay later, and so on. You can likewise peruse the key features of these later applications above.

  • How Safe Are PayLater Apps?

Ans. Pay later apps approved by the RBI are just about as protected as any bank app. Large numbers of them stick to PCI DSS norms to defend their customers’ very own data and security.

  • Could I at any point Use Pay Later Apps Without The Internet?

Ans. You can’t utilize pay later apps without a functioning web association. To utilize the pay later apps, you want a functioning web association.

  • How To Pay Later On Zomato Using Pay Later Apps?

Ans. Go to or the Zomato app. Request from an eatery of your decision. Then, select ‘UPI’ as your payment technique and information on your PayLater VPA, or choose ‘Net Banking’ and PayLater as your payment strategy.

  • What Is The LazyPay Pay Later App Limit?

Ans. Clients of LazyPay can get to a credit cutoff of up to Rs a million. Utilize your credit breaking point to shop online across 100+ apps and sites, take a fast credit to your financial balance, or make a huge buy on any accomplice trader and pay in simple EMIs.

Is LazyPay RBI Approved?

Ans. Pay U’s auxiliary, Lazy Pay, has been approved by the RBI as an NBFC.



It’s simpler than at any other time to get things and administrations you need now and kick the ball down the line. While credit cards generally Buy now, pay later plans have become well-known payment techniques throughout recent years – – yet what are these plans and how would they function? As an option in contrast to exorbitant interest credit cards buy now, pay later apps to offer a method for bearing the cost of what you want now and repay the equilibrium after some time, typically inside six to about two months.

BNPL apps may appear to be appealing, especially as costs for regular basics keep on climbing. These administrations let you split payments into portions to be reimbursed in weeks, months, or years. Most BNPL apps charge no expenses for utilization, however, some might charge late expenses or limit the utilization of the app assuming portions are missed. Some BNPL plans charge interest, while others don’t.


These are India’s top BNPL (buy now, pay later apps in India) applications. Amazon Pay Later and LazyPay are two of my top picks. Regardless, which one is your #1? Do you lean toward BNPL administrations or Mastercards? We’ll be happy assuming you told us your perspectives in the remarks area underneath. Remain tuned for additional articles like this.

We suggest paying for things forthright, whenever the situation allows, BNPL apps can be utilized to overcome any issues between paydays – – simply ensure you can stand to repay your equilibrium in full to keep away from punishments. Assuming that you’re keen on attempting BNPL apps, here are our top picks. (Note that all of the beginning yearly rate rates, or APRs, that are recorded depend on a high credit score of 800 or above.


Comment your queries below. Thank you! Visit again.


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