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Have you ever thought that you could earn money just by running? If not, then you read it right. Now, you can earn a very good amount just by following a healthy walking lifestyle. All you have to do is just check out the best 5 Move2Earn apps mentioned below:

Best 5 Move2Earn Apps To In 2023: Try It

App ListUniquenessDownload
StepnEarn NFTs, cryptocurrencies
Fitment Earn badges and rewards
SweatcoinGet referral bonus
Step App Earn financial rewards
GenopetsFree-to-play, move-to-earn


1. Stepn

Stepn is one of the best move-to-earn applications for just walking and jogging and you need an NFT shoe in this app to earn money. The main purpose of this application is to earn money by living a healthy lifestyle and making people aware of Web3 technology.

Best 5 Move2Earn Apps In 2023

  • The token you earned here is in the form of a GST (Green Satoshi Token) or GMT (Green Metaverse Token) token.
  • The Stepn NFT application works on the Solana (SOL) blockchain.
  • Also, in the months of August, October, and December, Stepn ventured into their launchpad, and many users earned a huge amount from this.
  • You can trust this application in terms of earnings as it is featured by many famous brands like Insider, Coin Desk, Forbes, Nasdaq, Binance, and many more.

How can you earn money through the Stepn app?

  1. You can earn just by running and jogging. All you have to do is choose a sneaker that suits your fitness level, and for each step, you will earn GST or GMT tokens.

So, you can choose shoes from:

  • Trainer Category: For 1 km/hr to 20 km/hr, you will earn 4-6 tokens.
  •  Runner Category: For 8 km/hr to 20 km/hr, you will earn 6 tokens.
  •  Joggery Category: For 4 km/hr to 10 km/hr, you will earn 5 tokens.
  • Walker Category: For 1 km/hr to 6 km/hr, you will earn 5 tokens.


Here, you will get 25% energy every 6 hours, and the more energy you have, the more you can run and the more tokens you can collect.

Every shoe has different speeds, specifications, and GST tokens, so you can choose according to your preference.

  1. You can buy NFT shoes when the market price is low, as NFT shoes are important to earning money from this app. Initially, to start with this app, you need SOL to purchase sneakers, as 1 sneaker costs 1.25 SOL or more, so you have to invest some money to get some SOL tokens in your Stepn wallet.

Buying NFT shoes at a low price will help you to save some money.

  1. Buy those NFT shoes in the market when the price of these shoes is high, as it will give you a profit.
  2. You can also earn through the rent feature, which will be updated soon. So, if you don’t want to buy NFT shoes, you can take them for rent from some other user and pay them to rent on a daily or weekly basis. Also, you can rent your NFT shoes and charge another user according to your requirements.
  3. You can get some token or NFT sneakers rewards through daily, weekly, or monthly quests.

An important thing to remember is that you can’t earn money through moonwalking, which includes moving inside your room, riding bikes, driving cars, or through weak GPS signals.

How to earn NFT shoes for free?

You can also earn NFT shoes through Shoebox, which is a mystery box or an airdrop. By opening this box, you will get a random NFT shoe. So, this is also a great way to save money. Also, the shoe that comes in the mystery box totally depends on your luck, as you will also get high-featured shoes or low-featured shoes.

How do I transfer money to my wallet from the Stepn app?

stepn nft price

Here, you can collect your amount by transferring it through a metaverse, Binance, or any wallet or using that earned token in trade exchange in the Solana network only.

How can you use those earned GST/GMT tokens?
  1. You can level up your sneaker quality to earn more, as leveling up is very important as it makes your shoes more efficient.
  2. You can sell your NFT sneakers on the marketplace using these tokens.

2. Fitmint

Fitmint is another Web3 application based on the Ethereum blockchain that motivates us to work out and burn calories, and in return, they reward us with some cryptocurrency. The native coin we earn using this app is a Fitt token, and currently, the value of this token is $0.0055, and it increases and decreases depending on the market price.

fitmint app

To start with the Fitment application, all you have to do is:

1) Download the fitment application from their official website.

2) Buy sneakers, and the rate starts at 30 Matic tokens. There are varieties of shoes available in their marketplace, and every shoe has different power, durability, stamina, and comfort. So, choose the shoe that works best for you.

3) Then you have to work out and earn money from that.

  • The best thing about this move-to-earn app is that it is an India-based application, and more than 1 crore users are already using this app to earn money by burying their calories. Also, more than 1.5 million dollars are earned through Fitt tokens.
  • With every workout, we get some energy, and from that energy, we can get Fitt tokens.
  • The Fitment app also has features like personalized workout plans, fitness challenges, exercise videos, the ability to track your health progress, monitor your fitness metrics, and community support like leaderboards.

What are the ways to earn money using the Fitmint application?

fitmint token

  • Here, we can earn Fitt tokens by walking, running, playing sports, or lifting weights. You can also use this token to upgrade your shoe.
  • You can stake your 1 Fitt token daily and, in return, get free sneakers, which help you to earn more tokens.
  • You can solve challenges provided by this app, and in return, they reward you with their native token.
  • By playing games, you can earn their tokens, which can easily be transferred into real cash.
  • You can also sell your NFT shoe in the market and earn money from that.
How can you withdraw their token?

So this app works only on Ethereum and the Polygon network. And you can withdraw them in any crypto wallet like Metaverse or Biance within these two networks only.

The Fitmint app is also going to tie up with gym memberships, dieticians, trainers, health insurance, and fitness camps, which will make this application more successful.

3. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin is the best no-investment application that works on the Ethereum blockchain, and here the user can earn almost Rs 500 to Rs 2000 daily by just doing physical activity like walking, running, jogging, or any other outside task.

sweatcoin app

  • The reward coin we earn from this application is sweatcoin, and its value is $0.008955.
  • The main motive of this application is to go towards adopting a better and healthier lifestyle.
  • This app tracks a person’s steps throughout the day and converts those steps into sweatcoins.

How can you earn money through this application?

You can earn money by:

  1. Running, walking, and other physical activities. Here, if we compete for 3000 steps, we will start getting sweatcoin.
  2. Daily rewards by watching a short video. By watching the full video, sweat coins will be directly transferred to our SweatCoin wallet.
  3. In the Refer and Earn program, we can earn 5 seat coins by referring one person.
  4. Going with the Spin Challenge, we just have to play a spin game, and in return, we will be rewarded with any number of sweatcoins.
  5. Through the Battle and Earn program, which will be soon updated in this application. Here, you can challenge any of your competitors, and the one who wins will be rewarded with sweatcoin.
  6. You can earn coins through the monthly challenge, here, you have to complete certain walk steps mentioned in that challenge, and in return, you will earn some coins.

how to use sweatcoin

How do I use the sweatcoin?

We cannot transfer the sweatcoin to real cash but can exchange or use it as a reward for Sweatcoin-partnered brands, gravity yoga classes, buying Apple watches, Amazon vouchers or discount coupons, and many more.

You can also donate some sweatcoins to charities and non-profit organisations.

How do I withdraw coins from the Sweatcoin application?
  • You can withdraw your sweat crypto coin by using Sweat Wallet by just clicking on the transfer option available on Sweat Wallet and transferring the money to the Kucoin app. After that, you can stake that coin.
  • You can also exchange your sweatcoins for cash through PayPal. And after that, you will be able to convert your sweatcoins to cash and transfer the funds to your linked PayPal account.

There can be some transaction fees when you withdraw coins into rewards or real cash.

 4. Step App

Step App is another move-to-earn app that works on the Avalanche blockchain. Here, we have to buy NFT shoes and can earn their native token, FitFi, from that. And we can also sell their coins or NFTS shoes in the marketplace and earn a huge amount from that.

Step app free

  • We just have to move and make every step count, and with every step, we earn their native coin.
  • It is important to buy shoes and upgrade their features through gems to earn more coins from this application. Every shoe has a different price, so we can choose according to that.
  • Here, we can also see our energy, calories, running capacity, and many other features like these, which we can see directly on their dashboard.
  • It is very important to have a good connection, as it does not count steps if there is no proper internet because it uses an in-built GPS to track your steps and then converts those steps into points and rewards you according to that.

How can we earn from the Step application?

We can earn money through:

step app earn money

  • By just running, walking, and jogging.
  • We can buy their native tokens from the marketplace and stake them. And in return, we will get a loot box. In the loot box, we will get their NFT shoes.
  • We can also sell our NFT shoes in the marketplace.

Initially, we can start with a trial version of this application, and once you get comfortable, you can start investing in it.

This application is still in the development phase, but it will be a great success in the move-to-earn field.

5. Ganopets

Genopets is the world’s first non-fungible free-to-play and free-to-earn token game that works on the Solana blockchain.

  • Here, the player has to engage in physical activity to earn a token.
  • To start with this game, players have to coin a free Genopet, which is an NFT character. In the beginning, your Genopet will be an infant, and slowly it can be leveled up and upgraded with a customization character according to you.
  • Here, we can personalize and improve our virtual characters.

genopets app download

How can we earn money from the Genopets application?

We can earn money by:

  • Using the free version, we can play the person-to-person battle, and with every move and win, we will be rewarded with their coin.
  • We can also rent our pet to another player who doesn’t want to buy their own.
  • Completing daily step challenges
  • Fighting in PvE (player vs. environment) battles against bosses
  • By taking your Genopet (NFT dog) for a walk or a run.
How can we use this app token?

This application offers two types of tokens, ‘Ki’ and ‘Gene’. We can use Ki tokens for buying and upgrading the characters used in Genopets, and Gene tokens can be converted into real cash.


It’s important to note that every move-to-earn application should be carefully evaluated before we use it. Also, all the applications mentioned above are totally legitimate and will help you reach your goals while earning cryptocurrency. Additionally, the primary focus of all these fitness and wellness applications should be on improving your own health and well-being rather than earning money.

Overall, Move-to-Earn projects are very innovative and engaging and combine physical activity and cryptocurrency by offering a fun and interactive way for players to improve their health and earn rewards at the same time.

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