Best Credit Card Against FD In 2023 – OneCard Review & Eligibility

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Best Credit Card Against FD In 2023 – OneCard Review 

OneCard has no yearly charges and is given by FPL – another age of credit worked with full-stack tech and supported by the standards of effortlessness, straightforwardness, and offering back control to the client.

So if this sounds great to you, read on to become familiar with OneCard – the credit card is stirring up the business and causing disturbances among wise shoppers.

This card is offered to students at the college level. Any student beyond the age of 18 years is eligible to apply for the credit card as it does not have an income eligibility limit. These credit cards have lower interest rates and have a validity period of five years.

Let’s get started to learn about this credit card in detail.

OneCard as Credit Cards For College Students

In college life students want to have a personal credit card for their own uses, OneCard is one of the most important and convenient digital tools students will need while at college and at University. 

OneCard will be students’ official identification and it will grant them access to campus services easily and immediately. 

Students can also use it as a payment method to purchase products and services on campus. 

OneCard is a transformative initiative designed to consolidate many on-campus solutions into a single digital app that is both easy to use and secure.

The Across the board Card consolidates every one of the elements that make an exceptional metal credit card. This is another age of credit considered utilizing full-stack innovation in view of standards of effortlessness, straightforwardness, and client strengthening.

Also, if you in all actuality do at any point lose your OneCard, you can sit back and relax realizing that it accompanies OneCard top-notch client support and assurance.

Best Credit Card Against FD In 2023

Credit Cards Against FD

Credit cards against fixed deposits are an optimal choice for those with no credit history or poor/no CIBIL scores.

While getting a customary credit card expects you to have steady month-to-month pay, a decent credit score, and others, for a got credit card, you basically need a base fixed store with the bank.

We should really look at different insights concerning profiting credit cards against fixed stores, their benefits, bad marks, how to apply, and other data exhaustively.

A credit card is a variation that can be profited against an FD with the bank.

Each bank indicates a base fixed deposit add up to apply for a best credit card against FD in 2023. The amount in your FD account is straightforwardly connected to the absolute credit limit on your credit card. This implies the higher your FD sum is, the higher would be your credit card limit. Banks ordinarily give 75% to 85% of the FD sum as the credit card limit.


How Does a credit card against FD Work?

At the point when you open a FD with the bank and apply for a credit a the card is against it, you need to present no other pay confirmation to credit card.

The FD fills in as the security store against the credit card. In the event of default on the credit card payment, the bank or the credit card guarantor claims all the authority to break your deposit.

Notwithstanding, prior to starting such an activity, the bank would insinuate you through all conceivable correspondence channels.

Then again, a got credit card on favorable terms for a specified measure of time, suppose one to two years, would incite the bank or the guarantor to delink your FD.

Holding your credit card on favorable terms infers keeping it dynamic, utilizing it inside as far as possible, reimbursing the levy on time consistently, and having a steady spending design.

OneCard Credit Card Eligibility

OneCard Credit Card Eligibility

OneCard credit card accompany loosened up eligibility thus, any person who is new to credit can likewise apply for a credit card. Be that as it may, the eligibility might differ according to the bank. Below referenced is the normal eligibility that is pertinent to all credit cards:


The candidate ought to be at least 18 years old to apply for OneCard.



Both employed and self-employed can apply for any of the credit cards presented by OneCard.


How To Get Credit Cards For Students?
  • Get an invitation link from friends or an Individual who has a credit card. 
  • Download the Application From PlayStore
  • Enter fundamental details Like mobile no., Address details, Email ID, Mother name, and father name.
  • A qualified individual gets an instant virtual credit card.


A Promise To OneCard Holders by OneCard 

OneCard promises to routinely consider their clients for a higher credit limit in the event that they get supported for the charge card as well as to naturally apply as far as possible if they are considered deserving of it. 

That is an undeniable impetus while spending power is popular, as will in general be the situation with unstable credit cards for awful credit. In any case, it’s neither something exceptional to this OneCardVisa nor an assurance.

Most credit card providers make it a habit to consider clients for higher credit limits; they simply don’t necessarily promote it. Furthermore, the OneCard credit card doesn’t unveil either the recurrence with which cardholders will be assessed for an increment or the rules used to make the last assurance. 

This shouldn’t prevent you from making your card as dependable as could really be expected (i.e., continuously covering your bill on time and keeping up with sensible credit usage) in order to procure a fantastic line. In any case, you shouldn’t rely on it, by the same token.

One card is valuable for people who need to encounter the metal structure factor and the low markup expense, the two of which are conceivable just on really premium charge cards. Discussing rewards, the ordinary prize rate is shallow however they think of the designated offers occasionally that positively serve to a degree


Best Credit Card Against FD In 2023

Most banks permit ATM withdrawals. Credentials against fixed deposits are given credit cards against a candidate’s fixed deposit. The credit limit on these cards is generally 80%-90% of the FD amount.


About OneCard FD

Image result To lay it out plainly, the FD is only a refundable security fund, which likewise brings in cash for you. So it’s as a matter of fact a one-two punch! You procure interest in the FD and become a happy OneCard owner.


EMI Options On Onecard

The EMI option is available to choose Cardmembers. FPL/Bank claims all authority to choose the capability according to the inward approach and rules.

No Expense EMI will be presented on 3-and-a-half-year occupancy as it were. valid once per client, per item, per card, and each month during the deal time frame. The proposition is legitimate just on affirmed Homegrown and Global Flight appointments.


How  to Deal with the OneCard EMI?

Utilizing the OneCard Application, you will actually want to do the following:

– Convert exchanges to EMI

– Track the status of all EMIs

– Specific designation of charges

– Check the number of EMIs are paid/pending

– Leave EMI


Frequently asked questions


  • What could one at any point use Onecard for?

Ans. ONEcard Money is acknowledged as payment for taking part in feasting, allocating, and dealer areas on (and closing) campus. While certain regions might charge an exchange expense while paying with charge or credit, you won’t ever be charged a charge to pay with ONEcard!


  • What is ONEcard in college?

Ans. OneCard is the authority-recognizable identification card for students at college. OneCard purposes imaginative innovation to give simple and direct admittance to Bi-college assets.


  • Is OneCard lifetime free?

Ans. No Joining Expenses. No Yearly Expenses. No Prizes Reclamation Expenses. Control all parts of your Mastercard from the strong OneCard application – exchange limit, homegrown/global use, on the web/disconnected use, contactless installments, and significantly more.


  • Is OneCard interest-free?

Ans. The interest-free period from the beginning of the charging cycle date will be at most 49 Days. The installment Due Date on your Card is 18 days after the Proclamation Date. Thus, the free credit period can go from 18-49 days relying upon your payment Due Date.


  • Which is better OneCard or slice?

Ans. OneCard is India’s easy-to-use metallic Visa. It is planned for first-time charge card clients. Cut Charge card, then again, is intended to give purchasers a 2% moment prize on each exchange.


  • Is OneCard a visa?

Ans. Picture result OneCard is a passage-level Mastercard sent off by FPL technologies that work on the IDFC bank stage through the Visa (Mark) organization. While it flaunts a metal structure factor like the Amex Platinum or Centurion it resembles giving you a thing that “looks” like something high outwardly.


  • How one can switch one card over completely to EMI?

Ans. Onecard holder converts spending to EMI at level charges

Spend Rs 2,500 and to a greater extent toward your number one vendor.

Go to the EMI dashboard.

Select your settled exchange, and choose occupancy from 3 to a year.


Summary and conclusion

On the off chance that you’re searching for a credit card that offers extraordinary advantages and is given by an organization that you can trust, then look no further than OneCard!

In this review, we learned that OneCard is another player in the metal credit card scene, and they’re getting going with a bang. The OneCard Metal Credit Card is smooth, and strong, despite everything being somewhat uncommon in contrast with plastic cards.

Ordinarily, it’s just a greeting premise credit card, yet OneCard is making it accessible to everybody. The OneCard Metal Credit Card is more strong than your typical plastic card, so you don’t need to stress over it breaking into your wallet.

Comment your queries below! Thank you visit again.


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