Best IPL Fantasy App In India – Striker App Review

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The Striker application has created a huge fan base in the gaming area since 2023 and is now one of the best IPL fantasy app in India. And here, the payer can win up to Rs 20 crore by winning the gaming rounds. Apart from this, the player can also earn money by refer and earn programs, collecting sign-up bonuses, or through prediction games.

So, now start with the full details of “STRIKER APPLICATION”.

Refer Code: Techi350

Striker App Review:

best IPL fantasy app in India 2023

  • The Striker game is one of the most popular and playing mobile applications. The player who loves playing cricket can easily earn up to Rs 20 crore as a winning prize by competing in the contest.
  • The “Striker” application is all about cricket; you can choose your team in the form of cards, see live scores, match schedules, player status, and many more features like these.
  • Once you choose any of the competitions or challenges, you can bet on your card player, and if your team wins, you will be rewarded with cash. You can also go for the head-to-head contests, which are a high-winning challenge with less investment.
  • The token used in the game is GGT (Good Game Token) which you can use later by buying the cards or other activities in this application only.
  • The Striker application has already been installed by more than 1 million users, and more than 1 lakh users earn some money daily from this application.
  • The other best part of this application is the withdrawal mode. We can withdraw money from the Striker wallet through Paytm, phone pay, UPI bank transfer, or any other mode. This application is 100% safe and secure, and many users have already earned a lot of amount by playing and winning in this application.

How to start your earning journey from the Striker App?

To start earning, you just have to first download this game from the Play Store or from someone’s referral link to get extra bonus points.striker app review

  • Once this application gets installed, go to the dashboard and click on “Claim Pack.”
  • Here you see five types of packs that contain some cards that have crickets’ photos on them. The packs available are the common pack, rear pack, epic pack, legendary pack and striker pack. 
  • You can use the common and rear packs in future challenges, too. But for epic and legendary, you have to update your pack according to the challenge or requirement. Some challenges choose players from different packs, while others choose from the same pack.
  • Also, it is not always necessary that the entire pack of players you have chosen be available for that particular challenge. If the players are not available, then you have to buy more players to meet the challenge’s demands.
  • Every pack has some entry charge, so if you buy any of the packs, you will get some cricket in the form of a card. You can see your purchased players in the form of cards under the “My Squad” column. And with the help of these cards, you can play the game further.
  • Join any contest and make your team from the given cards. If you get more points than the opponent’s team, you will win some money that is directly transferred to your wallet. 
  • Every challenge has different rules and pack values, so you can choose according to your convenience. 
  • You can also sell your cards and get that money in your wallet, which you can convert into real cash.

Ways to earn money from Striker App

So, you can earn money from Striker Application by:

  1. Fantasy game mode
  2. Mini Fantasy game mode
  3. By selling your player card in the marketplace
  4. Earn through bonus money
  5. Through rental your player card
  6. Refer and Earn Program

What are the modes available in the Striker app to earn money?

So, the Striker app has two modes:

  1. Fantasy game mode
  2. Mini Fantasy game mode

In the fantasy game mode, the players have to use cards to build their virtual teams of five players. If their team wins, they will win the prize. Later on, they can also sell their player cards in the marketplace to earn some real money or use that money to play in paid mode.

In Mini Fantasy mode, the player has to give some answers by picking up cards based on the questions. Players’ winnings amount depends on their right answer. The answering scheme will depend on the real-life match. The more questions the players answer correctly, the more amount they will collect.


How can we sell our player cards on Striker Marketplace?

how to play fantasy on striker club

Selling your player card in the marketplace is very easy. All you have to do is upload your card in the marketplace, and then the player who gives a higher amount for the particular card can buy it from you.

In the Striker app, common cards are traded at Rs 30, rare cards are traded at Rs 150, and epic, legendary, and striker cards get a value of more than Rs 200. But the values of all the cards increase and decrease in the marketplace, so we can sell according to that.

About the bonus money from the Striker app

The best part of this game is that you get Rs 300 as a sign-up bonus, and you can use that sign-up money by playing the paid version of the game it means you can use 100% bonus in fantasy app or can withdraw that money into any of your wallets. 

How you can earn money without playing a game?

So, you can rent your card to other players who needed, you can fix the price of the card according to your choice and the other player can use your player card and give you the rent for that particular card.

You can easily withdraw your rental money into any money wallet as real cash.

About the Striker apps refer and earn program:

A player can easily earn some money from the Striker refer and earn program, all you have to do is 

  • Go to the “main dashboard” of the Striker game, then click on theProfile Icon,” and then select the “Refer & Earn” option from that.
  • After that, a “Referral Code” will be shown to you. Then, all you have to do is just copy that code and share it with your friends through different social media platforms.
  • If any of your referrals install this app, you will get Rs 25 to Rs 55 as a winning price directly in your Striker wallet. And if any of your referral friends play their first game, you will be rewarded with Rs 30.


Yes, these cricket fantasy games are a good way to earn money if you love playing cricket or are good at prediction because these games require good knowledge of the cricket area. Also, it is very important to review the application in all its terms, including the requirements, privacy policy, and any other relevant information, to understand the earning opportunities associated with all the conditions mentioned in the game.

Also, you have to do proper research and understand the risks and rewards before participating in any of the earning fantasy games.



1. How do players buy cards to earn money from the Striker Application?

In Striker, you can play challenges only by using players’ cards. You can buy players’ cards in three ways:

  1. By buying a card pack directly from the striker application. So, there are five types of packs available in this application: the common pack, the rear pack, the epic pack, the legendary pack, and the striker pack. You can buy any pack according to your budget and the challenge in which you are participating.
  2. You can also rent some cards from the marketplace if you don’t want to buy the whole pack. The rent price will depend on the rarity of the card that is in the player card pack you have chosen. The common pack has the lowest rarity, and the striker pack has the highest rarity.
  3. You can buy cards directly from the marketplace of the striker according to your requirements.

For every player, there is some limit to buying cards. Once the limit crosses you can’t buy more player cards from that pack.

Also, all these player cards are with you for a lifetime and you can use these cards in any of the leagues going on. If you are not participating in any of the leagues going on, you can sell that player card in the marketplace.

2. What is the crafting and burning concept in the Striker Application?

Crafting is the process by which we increase the value of our player cards. For example, if we have a player card from the common pack, so with the concept of crafting, we can switch that card to the Epic pack.

Taking about what is the need for this? So by using crafting, we can increase the market value of that card. If we have an X player card from a common pack and its value is 50 Rs, we can change the rarity of the card using crafting and make it an epic pack card. After that, the value of that card will be increased to Rs 150 because of its pack.

So, we can go to the “My Squad” option available on the top right of the dashboard. Here, you see two types of Crafting:

1) Classic Crafting: You can craft your card according to your choice, but first you have to see the requirements of that card. If you are fulfilling all the conditions, then only you can convert your card according to your preferences. In classic crafting, you can only change the pack, not the player. The player will remain the same; only the value of your card will increase.

2) Surprise Crafting: In surprise crafting, your card will be converted to any pack or any player. You don’t have any choice in surprise crafting.

When you do crafting, your older cards will be burned, which means your older cards have no value in the marketplace. You can go with any crafting process according to your requirements. You can do crafting using the GGT token which you can earn by selling the card in the marketplace or by winning challenges.

One player card can be only with one participant, if the owner will burn that card then only the other person can use that particular card.

3. How can you play in paid leagues without investing any money?

Yes, you can play the paid match on this platform without paying any amount by using your referral or bonus money. You can use that money to play the paid version, but if you are left with none, then you have to recharge your wallet.

4. Is the free version available to earn money?

Yes, the Striker application also has free fantasy earning contests where we can make a team of five players according to our chosen card pack.

We can participate in any of the free contests according to our preference, and if we contest, we can win up to Rs 1 lakh. 

5. What are the age criteria to play this game?

The most important thing to remember when installing this application is that you must be at least 18 years old to play this game.

6. Why Striker Club App is more famous than other competitor games?

Striker Application has gained a lot of popularity because of its amazing user interface and features. Also, Striker gave their users multiple opportunities to earn money.

In Striker, we just have to make a team of 5 instead of 11 players using the player card which is a new concept in the game market.



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