Best Personal Loan App In India 2022- Paytm Personal Loan Review

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Paytm Personal Loan Review

Paytm is presenting a personal loan in Paytm of Rs 2 lakh to its client in only 2 minutes. The non-banking financial organization has digitized the whole cycle of loan applications. There is no actual documentation or confirmation of the client expected to get the loan. The asset is dispensed when it is funded.

Personal Loan In Paytm

Paytm sent off new Instant Personal Loans on its foundation recently. With this, Paytm hopes to extend its range to additional people. Paytm’s loan regime is accessible to salaried people, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

The new Instant personal loan in Paytm is probably going to draw in new clients and increment the combination of clients. The organization is offering an adaptable repayment residency of 18-36 years to return the loan amount. The compared regularly scheduled payment is still up in the air as per the decision of occupancy by the borrower. Here you will get to know the personal loan interest rate also.


Instructions To Apply For The Best Personal Loan App In India 2022

personal loan in paytm

Clients can apply for a loan from Paytm through the Personal Loan option. 

The option is offered under the Financial Service area. Paytm has collaborated with a few banks and NBFCs for its loan sanction. Clients can deal with their loan account straightforwardly from the Paytm application.

Steps To Apply For Paytm Business Loan

  • Step 1: Download the Paytm App on your mobile phone.
  • Step 2: check out the Business Loan icon on Paytm App.
  • Step 3: Next page will open that will request the loan amount.
  • Step 4: Select the loan amount from the slider and pick the repayment time frame.
  • Step 5: After choosing the loan amount, click on ‘Start Loan Application’.
  • Step 6: Complete your KYC dealings by visiting the closest KYC focus.
  • Step 7: After the KYC is finished, a Paytm agent will begin the loan dealings.
  • Step 8: Once the submitted documents are checked and authorized, the loan amount will be granted to your Paytm reserve funds/current account.

Advantages of Paytm Business Loan

Offers options to open a current account for business reasons

The basic loan process requires:

  • Practical following options
  • Redone passbook
  • Can dispense cash to client’s Paytm’s bank account
  • Following of exchange report is feasible
  • Can progress business on Paytm for Business App
  • Pre-qualified loans for merchants that will help them in extending their unions
  • Adaptable repayment options for working equity loans
  • Get cash limits from providers with forthright payments.
  • Merchants without any defaults are qualified for a higher loan limit when the current time frame debilitates

The Most Well-Known Key Variables For Paytm Personal Loan Qualification Are:

  • Age
  • Pay
  • Geographic area
  • Credit score
  • Credit/obligation history
  • Work association or Employer
  • Private status

The greatest amount of personal loan on Paytm that you can acquire depends on Rs. 2 Lakh

Paytm Personal Loan Interest Rate

paytm personal loan interest rate calculator

  • Loan amount Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 2 Lakhs
  • Rate of interest0% interest for up to 30 days
  • Tenure18 – 36 months
  • Activation fee – Nil
  • Late payment fee  – Up to Rs. 500
  • Fee for extending the due date by 1 month  – 3% of the outstanding amount
  • Turnaround time  – 2 minutes
  • Age required – 25 – 60 years

You can get a Paytm instant personal loan interest rate beginning from 0% for as long as 30 days. Paytm personal loan interest and material EMIs will be displayed to you during the loan application before benefiting the Loan.

In this Paytm personal loan review if you are searching for a  personal loan in Paytm apply online through the Paytm application. You can get an instant loan from Paytm by applying for a loan from Paytm through the Personal Loan option. The Personal Loan option is offered under the Financial Types of assistance tab. The whole Paytm loan process is on the web. It’s the best personal loan app in India 2022

Note: You can close the Paytm personal loan before the finish of the possession according to the agreements of the Lender. Select the Paynow Section of the loan passbook on the Paytm loan application utilizing your net banking or debit card to close the account.

Personal Loan in Paytm Features and Benefits

Loan amount: You can get at least Rs. 10,000 and greatest up to Rs. 2 Lakhs as Paytm personal loan.

Adaptable occupancy: The occupancy for repayment of the loan shifts from 18 to three years.

Attractive financing cost: You can get Paytm personal loan financing cost beginning from 0% for as long as 30 days. Nothing actuation expense: There is no enactment charge for acquiring the Paytm bank loan.

Fast disbursal: The loan amount is dispensed internet-based instantly inside only 2 minutes.

Online documents sharing: All documents are shared online via email, for example, Welcome Letter, Loan Agreement, EMI Repayment Schedule, Statement of Loan Account, GST Invoices for Charges paid, and No Objection Certificate.

Further, develop credit score: Paytm bank personal loan assists you with building or potentially further developing your credit score and profile.

Numerous payment options: You can repay the loan through EMIs with an assortment of installment modes.

Online interaction: The whole Paytm personal loan process, from application to disbursal, is 100 percent advanced.

24×7 assistance: The Paytm loan administration is accessible 24×7 for each of the 365 days per year, including public occasions and ends of the week.

Committed client care: You can call the devoted Paytm personal loan client care number whenever for any questions.

Paytm Personal Loan Eligibility


Eligibility for the personal loan in Paytm:
  • KYC documents, like PAN or Aadhaar Card.
  • Occupation and pay evidence.
  • Different documents as expected by the moneylender.


You will get the Paytm personal loan online moved to your supported bank account that you pick during the loan application. Each for EMI repayment must be set up from a similar account and the EMI be deducted from a similar bank account after the loan is dynamic. In the event that you were unable to set up the Each from your current account because of any issue, you can attempt after some time or select another bank account for a personal loan interest rate. Each is required to get an instant personal loan in Paytm.


Under this deal, Paytm has reported cashback for vendors and clients in India, for each exchange that they make through the Paytm application. In this way, by filtering the Paytm QR code, one can get cashback for every one of their exchange.


The help is accessible 24×7 for 365 days a year remembering public events and ends of the week. Anybody can apply to get a loan up to Rs 2 lakh. The organization affirms that it takes under 2 minutes to finish the interaction for disbursal of the loan amount.

This proposal by Paytm will be carried out in 200 regions the nation over with exceptional drives in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. Notwithstanding an ensured cashback offer, Paytm is additionally offering its enrolled vendors a brilliant opportunity to win other tempting awards.

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