Best Student Credit Card in 2022 – OneCard Review & Benefits

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Onecard–Best Student Credit Card In 2022

There are entry-level cards with a Zero joining fee and afterward, there are exceptional cards with a high joining fee that accompanies a metal structure factor. 

Imagine a scenario where you stir up the two portions and issue a free card. That is OneCard. Here’s the beginning and end you want to realize about the OneCard metal credit card benefits:

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What is OneCard?

Onecard–Best Student Credit Card In 2022

OneCard is an entry-level credit card sent off by FPL Technologies, While it flaunts a metal structure factor like the Amex Platinum or Centurion. 

It’s an advertised item as it were, yet assuming that you will probably flaunt the metal, it is yet a decent decision besides.

On the off chance that this sounds great to you, read on to dive deeper into OneCard – the credit card that is stirring up the business and causing disturbances among astute purchasers.


Advantages of  Best student Credit Card In 2022

  • OneCard is rapidly acquiring prominence because of its many advantages. 
  • First off, OneCard offers 1% cashback on all buys made with the card. That implies that each time you utilize your OneCard, you’ll bring shortly of cashback – which can accumulate over the long haul!
  • Onecard is valuable for the people who need to encounter the metal structure factor and the low markup fee, the two of which are conceivable just on really premium credit cards.
  • OneCard has no yearly fees and is given by FPL Technologies – another age of credit worked with full-stack tech and upheld by the standards of effortlessness, straightforwardness, and offering back control to the client.

The standard prize rate without income proof credit card

Discussing rewards, the standard prize rate is excessively low however they concoct designated offers from time to time that surely serves to a degree.

As you see, it’s preferably a lifetime free credit card with practically no joining or recharging fee. That is great given that it’s coming in metal variation.

So as you see, the ordinary prize rate differs anyplace between 0.2% to 2% and if you get 5X then your award rate could be anyplace between 1% to 10%

While those are the numbers in principle, in commonsense, the prize rate is 0.2% to 1% for moment recovery for articulation credit.

Something About OneCard Metal Credit Card Benefits

Best Fd against credit card

OneCard is another player in the metal credit card scene, and they’re getting going with a bang. The OneCard Metal Credit Card is smooth, strong, regardless somewhat uncommon in contrast with plastic cards

Typically it’s just a greeting premise credit card, however, OneCard is making it accessible to everybody. The OneCard Metal Credit Card is more strong than your typical plastic card, so you don’t need to stress over it breaking into your wallet without income proof credit card.

What’s more, assuming you in all actuality do at any point lose your OneCard, you can sit back and relax realizing that it accompanies OneCard’s top-notch client assistance and security.

Joining and Renewal Fees

  • Joining Fees/Renewal Fees: Nothing
  • Welcome Gift:  Nil

Benefits Of One Card

Structure Factor: Metal Card

Visa Signature Privileges (relax honors not affirmed at this point)

Points are given INSTANTLY

Points that won’t ever lapse

Partial award points

How to Apply?

OneCard is given by FPL Technologies, an organization that is devoted to giving basic and straightforward credit items. FPL Technologies is focused on giving clients back control of their funds, and OneCard is an incredible illustration of this responsibility.

In the event that you’re searching for a credit card that offers extraordinary advantages and is given by an organization that you can trust, then look no farther than OneCard!

Before the send-off of OneCard, the organization sent off the OneScore that gives you a free credit score and report (Experian) through the App.

Inside the application, they have a choice to show interest in the OneCard. You get into shortlisting and you will be educated when it’s free.

Update: They’ve quit taking new clients. You might get a choice to pick in after at some point.

OneCard is right now accessible in 15 urban communities including Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, and Delhi. Different urban communities perhaps added soon. Best credit card for students.

OneCard – another age of credit worked with full-stack tech and upheld the standards of straightforwardness, straightforwardness, and offering back control to the client.

Elements of one card

Without salary credit card

The All-in-one Card consolidates every one of the highlights that make a superior metal credit card. This is another age of credit imagined utilizing full-stack innovation and given standards of effortlessness, straightforwardness, and client strengthening.

Most Credit cards don’t give rewards points on Utility Bill, Fuels, and Insurance installments, however here are special cases. OneCard credit gives rewards points on all class costs.

The rundown of LazyPay isn’t restricted to the above-given names. All things considered, numerous different names were included in the new past. You can click here to know the whole rundown of LazyPay traders.

Most reduced Forex Mark Fees

This credit card has the most reduced forex mark fees for making any exchange. It additionally offers 1% fees on forex exchanges abroad or Foreign costs. We are regular voyagers and have utilized a few cards. Being a metal card, OneCard is certainly the most ideal choice in the event that you are searching for a free credit card with low forex mark fees.

Different Benefits

  1. It’s a Metal Credit card, ordinarily, Metal credit isn’t given.
  2. OneCard is given with the VISA organization.
  3. Points are given immediately
  4. Smooth In-App Points Redemption
  5. Zero Rewards Redemption Fee
  6. Points Never Expire

At the point when you spend on your current credit cards, the award points are credited subsequent to adjusting the sum according to the chosen rate. If you a spend of 100 is eligible for 1 point and you burn through 225, you get only 2 focuses, missing out on the leftover, however, this credit card is an exemption. It likewise gives fragmentary points.

Refer And Earn On Best Credit Card For Students.

  • Get an Invitation interface from Friends or a Person who has a credit card. (Presently Join shortlist straightforwardly)
  • Download App From PlayStore
  • Enter fundamental details Like PAN No, Address Details, Email ID, Mother name, and father name.
  • An eligible individual gets a moment virtual credit card.
  • We believe relationships with HDFC manage an account more productive and fulfilling.


This is the very thing that one of the clients needs to say regarding getting everything rolling,

That is all there is to it, the cycle is finished and the application shows the virtual credit card in a flash with a qualified credit limit. It’s 1,80,000/ –

While the application is smooth and all simple to utilize, it appears to be the help/support isn’t up to the imprint. Some have revealed that they get automated reactions to their questions. In any case, this might change as they advance, after some time.


Step-by-step instructions to pay for One Card

You can pay the One Card remarkable levy from App itself, through the accompanying strategy.

  • Check Card
  • Net-Banking
  • UPI
  • CRED

In the event of any debates, you can arrive at the Onecard backers through the below strategy.

  • Talk with OneCard client Care from OneCard App.
  • Email your inquiry or worry to [email protected]
  • Approach OneCard helpline number at 080-4557-5559
  • Keep in touch with FPL Technologies Private Limited D-27, Bootstart, versa park, Baner, Pune-411045.
  • One Card Grievance redressal Escalation Mail ID: grieva[email protected] or Nodal official mail [email protected]
Who Should Apply for One Credit card?

The prize pace of this credit card is low. The card is an ideal fit for clients who are looking lifetime free, metal structure factor, every one of the advantages of an Indian credit card. Assuming you are remembering to apply for this credit card just for cashback/rewards, then you are off-base. This card has a drawn out offer, which is not the same as other credit cards in the Indian market.

Main things

Card expert Rating: 3.7/5

As you see, it’s an entry-level credit card for certain extravagant highlights yet the extremely low prize pace of 0.2% on customary spending makes it less appealing. However, the 5X compensations on the top 2 classifications are a decent choice in the event that you can utilize them.



It’s great to see the low markup fee, which is superior to most credit cards however recollect the prizes aren’t adequate for it to rival very top-notch cards. 

Assuming you’re new to credit cards, we would profoundly recommend going with Flipkart Credit Card or Amazon pays Credit Card or OLA SBI Card which is part better both as far as remuneration rate (~1.5%) and administration.

Generally, the Visa signature stage, metal structure factor, free forever, and simple to utilize application are the significant benefits of the card.


Having seen enough of entry-level cards in the most recent 2 years we barely have any energy for them. We rather wish somebody send off a very top-notch credit card with enhanced highlights.

Moreover, OneCard has no yearly fees, so you can utilize it as frequently as you like without agonizing over any secret expenses. Besides, OneCard charges just a 1% unfamiliar markup on exchanges made abroad. This is a fantastic advantage for incessant explorers, as it can get a good deal on worldwide exchanges.

Do you have the OneCard by any opportunity? Feel allowed to share your involvement with the remarks below.


Comment your queries below. Thank you visit again.

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