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To empower students to purchase things of their choice, mPokket, a perceptible digital lending platform, thinks of the best student loan app which is short-term individual loan offers for students that might be profited in a problem-free and consistent way.

The tech-driven processes mPokket to dispense loans in a proficient, advantageous, financially savvy, and instantaneous way in just 30 minutes. To benefit the credit, a potential borrower needs to transfer documents, for example, address evidence, character details, college details, and other fundamental individual information to finish the KYC interaction.

The credit amount can run anywhere between Rs 500 and Rs 30,000, contingent upon factors like for what reason a student needs the money, whether he/she makes some part-memories work, or any such wellspring of substitute pay, and so forth. The loans are dispensed for a reimbursement time of as long as 90 days.

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Key Feature Of mPokket Loan App:

  • Instant advance up to Rs 30,000 For Student
  • Join with mPokket reference code to Get Free Rs.50 Credit

mPokket Reference Code Offer

  • Get a Loan up to Rs.30,000
  • Join Bonus up to 50 mCoins
  • Reference Bonus up to 50 mCoins
  • Eligibility College Students, 18+, Aadhar and Student ID
  • Repay Time up to 90 days

You can get instant loans just by making a profile by adding some essential information and sharing a couple of documents, and you can demand loans beginning from 500INR up to 30,000INR once your profile is supported. Additionally, you can begin procuring by Sharing your mpokket Referral Code with friends.

Let’s get started!

What is a mPokket Loan App?

easy student loan app

(An instant student loan app) mPokket permits any college student, through its instant-loan application, without any past history of your loans, to borrow cash, disposing of the requirement for the tedious as well as the paper-weighty course of getting loans from conventional sources.

With its demand in more than 5000 colleges and 200 urban areas of the nation to get an instant student loan app, the digital fintech platform desires to accomplish a yearly disbursal run rate of Rs 1,000 crore or more than that in the future.

Get Everything Rolling About an Easy Student Loan App!

mPokket is an old instant, loan application that offers loans to students, employees, and other experts. Additionally, you can acquire free Mcoins on every reference. Moreover, this application has three choices which are Activity, Mcoins, and Get the cash which makes it the best student loan app.

In the Activity preference, you can really take a look at all your courses of instant loans. In the Mcoins preference, you check all your information exchange and reference rewards. Also, in the Get cash choice, you can apply for instant credit of up to Rs 30,000.

Moreover, you can utilize the Mcoins balance to diminish advance interest in the mPokket application. Likewise, you need to return the borrowed cash or credit with some revenue in 30 days or less.

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Method To Signup For mPokket Best Student Loan App

The registration method is very basic; the loan candidate simply has to fill in important individual information and submit documents on the web. When the information is confirmed, the client is allocated a specific credit limit to begin borrowing.

The loan is not entirely set in stone based on segment, social, behavioral, monetary, and conditional factors. Borrowed sums are conveyed instantly to the student’s bank account or mobile wallet. Moreover, the loan limit of the client can go up after some time with great utilization. Follow the steps mentioned below:

1) Firstly, download the mPokket application on your cell phone from the Offer Page.

2) Then, open the application and make another account by entering your qualifications.

3) Now, enter your mobile number to get a check code.

4) Now, utilize this mPokket reference code: ………………..

5) After that, you need to sign in with your Google account or Facebook account.

6) After effectively signing in, you will be diverted to the dashboard.

7) Now complete your KYC.

KYC can be done by the following methods:

  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Give details of your Aadhar Card.
  • Provide your PAN card details.
  • Share your pictures with them for assurance.
  • To get more borrowing limit you can also provide your job information, offer letter, bank statements, etc
  • Provide your company Id card if you are an employee in any company.
  • You can also provide your salary slip which is totally optional.

8) Fill your profile completely, and get 50 Mcoins in your mPokket wallet. 

Note: This app not only gives you Mcoins but also ₹100 as cash on your bank account or as an Amazon voucher worth ₹100

9) After that, your instant advance check will be handled within 24 hrs.

10) Now, you can apply for a credit of up to Rs 30,000 through the mPokket application.

Again it’s important to know that at first, you will be eligible only for ₹500 as a loan.  After that, the limit increases gradually depending upon your analytics of loan repayment. 

Steps To Share mPokket Referral Program:

Best Student Loan App, mpokket loan app refer and earn

  1. Firstly, to share the reference code of an instant student loan app, you need to tap on the mPokket application Icon.
  2. Secondly, click on the Hamburger symbol from the upper left corner, and afterward, the menu bar will show up.
  3. Then click on the Refer and Earn preference.
  4.  After that, copy your referral code or referral link and afterward share it through WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on.
  5.  The client will get Rs 25 Mcoins when they make another account on the mPokket application.
  6.  Also, the referrer will get Rs 50 when their friends utilize their referral code.
  7.  The worth of 1 coin is equivalent to Rs 1, and the Mcoins will consequently be deducted from the wallet subsequent to borrowing cash.
  8. Users need to pay the credit amount inside the residency time frame, in any case, it gives you a punishment

So, here you can refer and earn unlimited mcoins.

Eligibility Requirement from mpokket.

  • One should be a college student or an employee.
  • One Should be over 18years old enough and additionally be new alumni from college or company and have gotten a proposition for employment or began working.
  • One should be an Indian college student or among Indian employees.
  • One can apply for cash whenever however support will be moved to your bank account during working days as it were.
  • Documents expected for Instant loans and pay loans:

     __College ID evidence.

    __Address evidence that can be any record given by the govt. of India.

If you’re an employee, I-card is needed for the company.

Rewards To Get

Refer your friends to mPokket application and acquire mCoins as well as ₹100 cash on your bank account or ₹100 Amazon voucher worth₹100 to be qualified for cashback on the expenses and so forth.,


Interest On mPocket And Returning Money Time Details.

Thinking about many factors, mPokket chooses the pertinent pace of interest on a case-to-case premise that begins at 3.5 percent each month onwards, when the refund is within the concluded time period. Thus, the base viable yearly loan cost will be around 52%.

On the off chance that the loan isn’t returned inside the refund period, a punishment gets added. 

Thus, profit the loan provided that you are ready to return it on time. It is on the grounds that, on the off chance that you can’t take care of anything, the credit amount will turn out to be twofold in the span of 1 year 8 months if by some stroke of good luck the base financing cost of 3.5 percent each month is applied. In the event that a higher corrective pace of interest is applied, the sum to be reimbursed will become considerably quicker.

Maintain Your CIBIL Score

CIBIL score is basically the 3-digit credit score. It is now also known as TransUnion CIBIL. This generally gives you your credit score of yours. A score above 750 or more is considered to be a good score. You should check your CIBIL score regularly to maintain your score.

 So basically this app is going to help you out in creating your CIBIL score using your PAN card if you are a student. This will help you better in the future if you want any loan from this app.

mPokket HelpLine and Support:

Email: [email protected]





To avail of a student, small loan app benefits just download the mPokket application to your Device, make a Profile with Some fundamental information like degree type and name, details, joining year, college year, college, pin code, city, state, and work status.

Sharing some KYC documents like Student ID, Aadhar card, and so on, Once your Profile gets endorsed, you can now demand cash, and you can borrow up to Rs.500 for a very long time. By returning the loan amount in the chosen return period, you can go through the cart to Rs.30,000.

The cash will be transferred to your Paytm Wallet instantly, and on the refund date, basically, sign in to your Paytm and make the Payment.

mPokket presently likewise gives fast private and pay loans to students who have as of late moved on from college and found a new line of work offer or began working as an expert as of late.


In this mPokket mobile application, everything is 100 percent on the web and paperless cycle and safe interaction; for extra security to your own loans, you will be alarmed by SMS to your Device. You ought to give admittance to your camera and storage with an area for getting loans and for security purposes. The instant key element permits you to decide to bring in cash in your bank account or Paytm wallet to get credited instantly. You can borrow any sum up to your supported borrowing limit, which can keep on expanding over the long run with great reimburses inside 61 to 90 days.

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