Can I Earn Money From YouTube Shorts Fund?

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Introduction– Youtube Shorts Fund

With the launching, you have the opportunity and significance to figure out how can I earn money from youtube shorts and maybe earn some cash. Here we will discuss the Youtube shorts payment method also. The earnings from YouTube Shorts will rely on the number of perspectives and commitments accumulated by a channel. 

Youtube Shorts Payment Method

YouTube Shorts has declared a $100 million acquisition for creators, which is the initial phase in monetizing the short video stage. It will be used to boost creators for sharing. The payments to creators have started from August 2021 and YouTube will notify eligible creators of the equivalent via email. 

Creators might get a Shorts to reward somewhere in the range of $100 and $10,000 from the Fund – regardless of whether they are not at present in the YouTube Partner Program! they have extended qualifications to more nations, so check whether your nation/territory is allowed.

can i earn money from youtube shorts

How to Claim YouTube Shorts Fund?

  • Eligible creators can choose CLAIM BONUS in the email or in-application notification to go to the Shorts Fund page in YouTube Studio. 
  • From this page, creators need to finish two stages to guarantee their reward:
  1. Acknowledge the bonus terms.
  2. Set up or link an AdSense account.
  • For channels with functioning and linked AdSense accounts or those that get payment from an MCN or network, your reward will be guaranteed next to finishing these two steps.
  • Qualifying creators with a linked AdSense account can hope to get payment 4-6 weeks from the time they guarantee the reward. In the event that you don’t have an AdSense account linked to your channel, you’ll be approached to pursue AdSense or link a current account.
  • When the arrangement is finished, payment is generated using AdSense between the 21st and 26th of the month.

Can I Earn Money From Youtube Shorts

Yes, YouTube has helped a developing community of Indian creators and professionals to change their inventiveness into feasible organizations. Alongside the YouTube Partner Program, which is our remarkable plan of action that shares most of the income produced on the stage with makers, YouTube has kept putting resources into new transformation options for creators past publicizing, including Merchandise, Channel membership, Super Chats, and Super Stickers. Here are a few ways to make money on youtube.


Advertisements have been at the center of creators’ income streams, and keep on being the principal way that makers can bring in cash on YouTube.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid membership choice that empowers individuals to appreciate advertisement-free satisfaction, foundation playback, downloads, restrictive substance, and premium admittance to the YouTube Music application.


The merchandise rack permits channels to exhibit their authority-marked products right on their watch page on YouTube.

Super Chat

Fans watching live streams and Premieres can buy a Super Chat: a featured message in the visit stream that stands apart from the group to settle the score a greater amount of their #1 maker’s consideration.

Super Stickers

Another way devotees can show support during live streams and Premieres is with Super Stickers, which permits fans to buy a great sticker that sticks out.

Channel memberships

With channel memberships, creators can offer select advantages and content to viewers who join their channel as a regularly scheduled following through one part at costs set by the creator.

Super Thanks

Viewers can offer thanks and appreciation on transferred videos also through Super Thanks, the most up-to-date individual from the Supers family.

So this was about how can I earn money from youtube shorts?

How to Add Music and Text to YouTube Shorts?

The most awesome aspect of making Shorts is the TikTok/Instagram charm of adding music. YouTube has cooperated with music names to ensure well-known tunes can be utilized in brief videos. As a creator, you will not get a copyright guarantee or strike for involving music in your content, particularly assuming you’re adding tunes by means of Shorts beta.

The text included is a great extra; it assists viewers with rapidly getting jokes, images, or the instructive worth of a Short.

Instructions to Add Music to a Short Before You Record

  • Tap the plus symbol on the landing page of the YouTube application.
  • Select Create a Short.
  • Tap Add Music at the highest point of the screen.
  • Utilize the search bar to find and peruse music tracks. On the right half of the screen, you can “number one” tracks to put something aside for some other time.
  • At the point when you find the best way, tap it once to hear a see. Then, at that point, tap the blue button with a dark bolt to add the music to your Short.
  • YouTube will return you to the record screen. Press the red button to begin recording, and the music will play as you film. You can move to the beat of the track or accomplish something completely unique. It really depends on you!

Instructions to Add Music to a Short After You Record

  • Record your Short and advance to the following screen. Tap Music in the base left corner.
  • Use the search bar back to find, peruse and review music. Tap the blue button with a dark bolt to add the track to your Short.
  • The music will not synchronize impeccably, so you’ll need to do some altering. Tap Adjust at the lower part of the screen to pick the specific piece of the melody you want. Then, at that point, you can slide the whole track to the right position, causing it to synchronize with your developments or other activity in the video.

Instructions to Add Text to YouTube Shorts

  • Record your Short and go to the following screen. Tap Text in the base left corner.
  • Utilize your mobile keypad to type a short message.
  • Change the shade of your text or its featured foundation utilizing the shading range over your keypad.
  • Change the textual style of your text at the top focus of the screen.
  • Give your text a foundation involving the image in the upper left corner. To one side of that, tap the passage symbol to switch between focused text.
  • Utilize the slider on the passed on side of the screen to shrivel or extend the text.

Step by step instructions to Upload a YouTube Short

Whenever you’re done adding music and text to your Short, click Next in the upper right corner of the screen. The following thing you’ll see in the video details screen. Here, you have three chores to finish:

  • Write an attractive title
  • Set the video’s visibility to the public, unlisted, or private.

Public: Anyone can look for the video and view it.

Unlisted: Anyone with the link can see the video.

Private: Only individuals you pick can see the video.

  • Plan your video to circulate from here on out, whenever wanted.
  • Select a group of people for the video (made for kids or not made for kids).
  • Tap Upload in the upper right corner.
  • You can’t add a video thumbnail, labels, or portrayal at this stage, so make the most of your title.
  • Likewise, consider adding #Shorts to the furthest limit of your title. That is the very thing YouTube suggests, and it could make your Shorts more apparent on YouTube.

Adding a Video Description and Tags to Your Short

  • At this point, you need to add video descriptions and tags after a Short is shared. This is how to do it:
  • Go to the YouTube landing page and tap Library in the base right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Your Videos.
  • Observe the video you need to alter and tap the three spots close to it. On the menu that shows up, select Edit.
  • On the screen, you can add a description and tags.
  • Thumbnails are a piece interesting. You really want to utilize a desktop or the YouTube Studio application to add thumbnails to your Shorts.

youtube shorts how to useStep By Step Instructions To Increase YouTube Shorts Views

Making a Short is an interaction all its own. The following thing to focus on is views. The portion of individuals who watch your Shorts will rely upon how engaging and appealing they are; the following are four strategies to assist you with succeeding at those things.

1. Think about Adding Thumbnails to Your Shorts

Thumbnails are significant for ordinary YouTube recordings, yet what might be said about Shorts? Do watchers truly have to see a thumbnail to watch a concise video?


Everything relies upon where individuals watch your Shorts in the YouTube application. Go to the YouTube Studio and investigate the traffic hotspots for your Shorts. More often than not, individuals watch these videos on a showcase rack inside the application. Those perspectives are named Shorts traffic. Be that as it may, watchers can likewise watch Shorts as a customary YouTube video – one with promotions remarks and recommended recordings close by. When seen outside of a showcase rack, the traffic source could be named as:

  • Browse highlights
  • recommended videos
  • YouTube Search

Furthermore, other traffic sources

Thumbnails aren’t as significant for the Shorts rack, however, they are for the sources above. Assuming your Short shows up in search or as a proposed video, it needs a thumbnail to convince viewers to click. You don’t need to stress over this on the Shorts rack; around there, viewers swipe through a merry-go-round of videos without seeing a “real” thumbnail. It’s simply an irregular freeze outline from the video.

2. Make Your Shorts Vertical

Did you realize you can make a Short that is square rather than vertical? It’s something we tried quite some time in the past yet wouldn’t suggest. Whenever a Short is square, YouTube adds dark bars to the top and lower part of the video. It’s a bit unattractive and not the most ideal experience for the watcher.

That is the reason you ought to generally post vertical Shorts that fill the whole screen.

3. Exploit Pinned Comments

Suggesting more videos to a Shorts viewer’s hard. The Shorts beta player doesn’t uphold information cards and end screens – two elements that can support your perspectives.

For the time being, exploit the capacity to stick remarks. Post a remark on your video, pin it to the top, and add a connection to more videos and playlists.

4. Keep Viewers Entertained

Since Shorts are very short videos, keeping your audience engaged is basic. All things considered, to make serious, exceptionally watched Shorts. That is the reason a few makers are circling their videos. Viewers will watch a similar video two times in the event that they can’t figure out where it closes or starts.

The Following Are Three Additional Tips To Improve Shorts:

Recognize the viewer technique. What sort of involvement are individuals searching for when they watch a Short? Contingent upon your niche, viewers need to be engaged, motivated, or educated – once in a while each of the three.

Try not to make each Short 60 seconds in length but the default length is 15 sec. A few stories can be told in seven or eight seconds. The film is bare to the point of making yourself clear and keeping viewers’ consideration.

Make passionate content. Well-known recordings build up some forward movement since watchers simply need to enlighten somebody regarding them. That is the manner by which content turns into a web sensation – through shareability. Intend to make individuals giggle or cry so they have the motivation to share your Shorts. Making a YouTube Short is a brilliant method for dilating your content.

Creators will be informed that they qualify through email and notification in the YouTube application after the main seven-day stretch of every month. Both the email and warning will remember how much the reward is and directions for how to guarantee it.

To be qualified for a reward from the YouTube Shorts Fund:

  • Channels need to have shared something like one skilled Short over the most recent 180 days.
  • Channels need to comply with YouTube’s Community Guidelines, copyright rules, monetization policies, and adaptation approaches.
  • Creators 13-18 years of age should have a parent or guide acknowledge terms and set up an AdSense account for payment when one isn’t linked to their channel.
  • Creators should be in one of these nations/districts:
American SamoaFranceLuxembourgRussia
ArgentinaFrench GuianaMacedoniaSenegal
ArubaFrench PolynesiaMalaysiaSerbia
AustraliaGermanyMartiniqueSaudi Arabia
BangladeshGuatemalaMontenegroSouth Africa
BermudaGuadeloupeMoroccoSouth Korea
BelgiumHondurasNetherlandsSri Lanka
BoliviaHong KongNew ZealandSweden
Bosnia and HerzegovinaHungaryNicaraguaSwitzerland
CanadaIndonesiaNorthern Mariana IslandsThailand
Cayman IslandsIraqOmanTunisia
Turks and Caicos Islands
Costa RicaJamaicaPapua New GuineaUganda
CyprusJordanPeruUnited Arab Emirates
Czech RepublicKazakhstanPhilippinesUnited Kingdom
Dominican RepublicKuwaitPortugalU.S. Virgin Islands
EcuadorLatviaPuerto RicoUruguay
El SalvadorLibyaRepublic of IrelandVietnam

Channels shouldn’t be presently monetizing on YouTube to be qualified. Creators in the YouTube Partner Program and channels that are affiliated under a Multi-Channel Network (MCN) are likewise allowed.


Using your phone’s camera, you can record short videos and share them right away. The default length is 15 seconds and you can add additional time up to 60 sec as long as a moment.

The YouTube Shorts highlight is currently accessible in excess of 100 nations including the US and Canada. Clients can find these particular recordings by tapping Shorts at the lower part of the YouTube application, on the YouTube home page, or on their channel page. Since YouTube Shorts is as now giving bonuses to their creator and you can earn $100 to $10,000.

Besides, with intriguing short videos, your channel is probably going to get more subscribers, along these lines bringing about gathering the base limit for becoming eligible and applying for YouTube’s Partnership Program.

Conclusion On Youtube Shorts Fund

In view of the all-out Shorts performance of a channel from the earlier month, the stage will permit clients to guarantee a reward. From this week itself, YouTube will send notifications to qualified accounts and clients will have to claim a bonus until the 25th. 

However, the amount will be paid one month from the current month, for example between  21-26 of the next month. To ensure the Shorts reward, a creator will accept the agreements and link a working Adsense account.

No matter what the way that the income might appear to crumble conversely, with the number of perspectives and play a season of the videos, the addition in the number of subscribers and paid individuals would fundamentally see the value in your pay.

Also, the most hopeful part is, that Google is as yet chipping away at and investigating YouTube Shorts. With that, the possibilities are, that even the short videos could be adapted from here on out.

Thank you! Visit again.


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