Coinswitch Kuber App – Buy & Sell Easy Bitcoin In India

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coinswitch kuber app review
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Coinswitch Kuber Review

CoinSwitch Kuber is India’s most trusted online trading app. If you want to earn money by online trading you can download this app and moreover, you can gain an instant Rs 50 bonus if you download this app via referral.
You can get Rs 50 worth Bitcoin on your first sign up or you can get Rs50 worth of Ethereum i.e. you can get your rewarded cryptocurrency instantly as a bonus if you download this app via any referral link.
CoinSwitch app is India’s most trusted and secure trading app for earning cryptocurrency.
You can buy or sell your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many more options you will get there once you sign up for this application.

About the Referral Program By CoinSwitch Kuber:

Here nowadays CoinSwitch is offering a very great deal of referring and earning. Simply if you refer it to your family and friends you will instantly get a bonus worth Rs 50 Bitcoins and when you register with any new account you will get the same. Also, you can sell your Bitcoins or Ethereum i.e. your cryptocurrency, and transfer that money to your Paytm account and then to your bank. To get rewarded with money the user has to complete KYC on the CoinSwitch app to get their earned money.

Get Rs50 Bitcoin
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How To Use the “Refer And Earn” Feature In CoinSwitch Kuber?

  • For referring CoinSwitch Kuber with your friends just click on the middlebox icon on your screen and copy your referral link on the dashboard of the CoinSwitch app.
  • Now you can easily share that referral link with your friends and family members by using your WhatsApp or any social media platform.
  • Once your friends or family members register to the app via your referral link and complete their KYC, then instantly you will get your Rs 50 and your friend will also get Rs 50 as a bonus.
  • For completing KYC you will need your Aadhaar card, pan card, and signature or if your friends are using it, then you can suggest them for the same.

Also, one point to keep in mind is that per day only 3 referrals are allowed,  you cannot do more than three referrals in a day and you will get your cryptocurrency according to the current market value of the currency.

How to Earn Bitcoins Online?

You can earn bitcoins in the CoinSwitch Kuber app as Bitcoin gives you an opportunity to earn digital currency. In 2021, Bitcoin is going to turn 12 years old. Since 2009, Bitcoin has been launched but millions of people did not know anything about it. So in this article, you will be able to know all about digital currency earning from Bitcoin. Also still more and more people are not sure about making money with Bitcoin. So here we are going to help you out via this post.

Let’s dive into it.


What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is sometimes called cryptocurrency or it’s simply a digital or virtual currency, we can say that this is completely digital money.

In simple words, we can say that Bitcoin is virtual cash or online cash and this can be sent from one person to another

.Its value in rupees currently is i.e one Bitcoin = Rs 20,39,535.46 & this price is depend upon a market conditions.

How To Get Bitcoin With Refer & Earn Program?
Earn Bitcoins Online by Easy Bitcoin Earning Apps min

There are three main ways to get Bitcoins.

  1. Bitcoin can be earned with real money as you can purchase it using your real money.
  2. People can sell things and get paid in the form of Bitcoins.
  3. Bitcoins also can be created from computers as Bitcoins can be mined using power computers by calculating complex algorithms.

How To Mine Bitcoins On a Computer?

Bitcoin is digital money sending and receiving platform but this digital currency cannot be created for free.

  • There are a lot of miners who mine Bitcoin by using a large community of computers also it’s not an easy task to the mining of Bitcoins as it consumes a lot of electricity and that is about 1% of the world’s total electricity is consumed over here on solving the complex algorithms of Bitcoins.
  • Bitcoins are mined by the miners on the computer by solving complex algorithms, not an ordinary computer can do so it needs a hugely powerful computer to solve mathematical coding, it takes about 10 minutes to solve a complex algorithms using computers and the miners get rewarded in the form of Bitcoins after solving the algorithms.
  • After solving a algorithms a new algorithms is formed and the whole process occurs like this.
  • Bitcoin prices are hiking every single day. More and more people are working on computers to mine Bitcoins.
  • The Bitcoin mining software is designed such that it will always take, for every single person, about 10 minutes to solve any algorithms.
  • It work is all fixed, depending upon the difficulty level of the mathematical calculations as the number of people try to solve the Bitcoin algorithms using the Power computers.
  • There are a lot of different Bitcoin mining computers also many companies focus only on Bitcoin mining.

All these mining companies run a lot of powerful computers so this is true that the Bitcoins network, this year, has consumed up to 100-120 gigawatts (GW) per second which is when converted in years came about 62-63 terawatt- hour  (TWh) per year.

Points To Remember By Beginners 

Beginners can join a mining program to earn Bitcoins in the beginning. Also, they can use a software wallet as a secure way of earning Bitcoins as their Bitcoins are safe on the software wallet but as now hacking is also in a great way, there is a need to be more careful to manage your mined currency because currency mining is very tough as you have to solve many complicated algorithms while mining Bitcoins on your computer.

People can download a wallet to their computers easily and can operate it on their system.

How To Join as a Miner in this App?

It’s very simple, these days there are a lot of companies who work only for mining Bitcoins with their powerful computers. They search for workers so if you are interested then you can join them and help them out by solving complex algorithms to mine a Bitcoin. Mining companies provide power computers to their workers and when the algorithms are solved and Bitcoins are earned those Bitcoins are distributed among all the working members on it.

How to mine Bitcoins yourself?

To do so you will need to run a programmer on your computer and make your computer more powerful so that you can also solve the complicated algorithms to earn your own Bitcoins.

There are many free programs that are basically designed to mine Bitcoins. Beginners can use Nice Hash Miner, as it’s very easy to use and can mine so many cryptocurrencies because its working is automatic and it works on its algorithm to get the most profitable things.

Investing in Bitcoin in India:

Indians can invest in Bitcoins by doing some easy steps. The price of one bitcoin in India equals Rs 20,39,535.46 currently.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to earn bitcoins

  • Through the exchange of cryptocurrency, one can invest in Bitcoins.
  • People can invest in Bitcoin transactions also.
  • Bitcoins can be earned through mining.

All the past records of Bitcoin transaction is recorded in the chain of blocks or you can say blockchain. Bitcoin is very easily available in all modes of cryptocurrency exchange so one can start investing and trading on it you can invest in a smaller amount as well depending upon you. P2P transaction is also a secure way of earning Bitcoin. In this, you simply have to look for the Bitcoin selling offers and once you’ve found them you need to get in touch with the seller to transfer the money.

Once there was a time when Bitcoin trading is banned in India but now it’s legal to use Bitcoins in India as the supreme court gave its decision in favour of it.


Online trading in India is legal now. CoinSwitch Kuber app is new in India these days but it’s a secure way of online trading also Bitcoin is legal in India. You can also start your Bitcoin investment online by opening your account with CoinSwitch Kuber, but first, try to get more and more information about this platform before investing in it. Just understand all the cryptocurrency marketplaces but for sure be comfortable learning anything about it and I hope this post has helped you a lot and you must have gained more and more knowledge about Bitcoins so that you can also go for investment in Bitcoins.

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