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Making Money With Rozbuzz We Media

In this article, we are going to collect all the information regarding we media creators app. We might have thought this thing that, is there any other way of earning than on YouTube or blogging? We must have searched for several time these things in Google too.

But using rozbuzz we media also, we can earn by article writing .

Now we will define it.


What Is Rozbuzz We Media?

So this is a platform where content can be shared in form of videos, as well as text format like videos o

n YouTube and text on blogs. Here millions of people are sharing their posts daily.

You can also post your content in it on any categories like technology, healthcare, medicine, businesses, lifestyle, knowledge, sports, entertainment, etc.

You can post your content in any of the Indian languages including Hindi and English.

This platform allows you to earn by article writing. Your revenue will be given to you based on your popularity and the frequency of articles published. This platform is not that much popular as blogging or WordPress or another writing platform.

rozbuzz wemedia

How To Join We Media Creators?

We media creators can be joined by having an email address and phone number. Once you download we media app, you will simply register in it by giving your email address and phone number, and an OTP will be generated that will be sent to you in your message inbox. You have to verify it then you can easily join it.

Now when you open the app again, you will find options for getting registered with an account, if you are not registered before.

After filling all the details with an OTP number which they will send you on your given mobile number.

Then you will be clicking on the terms and conditions after reading them to complete your sign-up.

After the completion of sign up on rozbuzz we media you are eligible to log in to your account on that.

You will see a dashboard on your screen when you will log in to We media by entering your email address and password.

On that you will be submitting;

  • Your account name
  • Avatar
  • Description
  • Email
  • Preferred language
  • Category

If you are a blogger then you can link your website to get approval easily. As we media do not give access to the articles to be published on the  immediately. It does not allow you to publish your articles. It firstly verifies your details and then sends you an email informing you about whether you are a publisher or not.

How To Earn By Article Writing In We Media?

Once you get your account approved by we media via email that is they will inform you by sending an email to your email box informing you that you are eligible to publish your article not. You can start working if you become a publisher on we media. Here if you know all well about article writing then you can easily earn with we media.

You will become a great We media creator, once see you publish attractive and nice articles. When you learn to work with we media you should publish at least seven articles per week to influence your audiences or readers.

There is one thing to keep in your mind is that your article should be original content. It should not be copyrighted content.

Condition For We Media Creators

Working with we media gives you a piece of great knowledge and article writing experiences.  Some conditions which are as follows:

  • The account in which you are working that account must be 2 weeks old.
  • You must work for two weeks continuously but publishing articles on at least 3 posts per week.
  • For influencing greatly you must have at least a score of 100 points in your account.
  • If you are a multitasker, you should have at least a score of 300 points.

after the completion of all these required fields, you will be an advanced user and start earning from that. You will get more opportunities to be a great publisher, and We media creator will appreciate you.

You can share videos, publish articles, and you will be rewarded for that so in this way you can earn money by writing articles on We media.

How To Earn By Publishing Videos In We Media?

For we media creators, it’s a piece of great news that not only articles or text, videos can also be published in this platform to make money. As you write articles by collecting knowledge of different fields and write about it similarly you can do for video content also in place of writing. Here you have to record your video and publish it.

On this platform for publishing any video follow these guidelines:

  • The size of the video which is to be uploaded must be within 30 MB.
  • Videos to be published should be in MP4 format
  • Do not try to apply any other company’s logo or any other application’s logo to your video.

This platform could be a great source of income as a part-time for many students and ideal peoples who sit ideal in their home. Without wasting your time you can utilize your time here.

To earn money in we media just remember the guideline explained in this article, before joining we media platform you will be a great creator.

Withdrawal Of Money In We Media

We media gives you money for your work, if you work according to the guidelines of we media, you will earn a good income.

You know that the process of withdrawal of money starts when you have Rs 1,000 in your media account. It’s the same process as other earning methods. So to make a withdrawal, you need to work with dedication. Once you hit the target of Rs 1,000 you can easily transfer that amount to your bank account.

Now we will discuss important terms for transferring money to your bank account.

  • Firstly you will be asked to add a bank name so there you will select the name of your bank in which you have your account.
  • After that provide your bank account number which is written in your bank’s passbook given to you.
  • Then in this step add your bank’s IFSC code which is also given in your bank’s passbook.
  • And here is one last option for your PAN Card payment method.

So in this way you can easily withdraw We media money to your bank account.

We Media Article Competition

This factor is the most influencing one of we media, here a lot of people post their articles and publish videos but to be a good performer of we media you need to follow all the rules of we media as you cannot go against we

Wemedia rozbuzz

media’s role. Sometimes you will find complications too but be motivated.

Article competition starts from Monday to Sunday. We media will provide information first. All the competitors provide their articles and we media go through all of them, and winners are informed via email till next Friday.

During the competition, you have to submit at least 7 articles in a week. You can post a maximum of 45 articles in a week. Remember to keep your articles original because your content must be yours it should not be a copy-pasted content.

We Media Video Competition

It is the same as of article competition, but video publishing frequency must not be less than 7 videos in a week and keep the size of your video to be within 30 MB and it should be in MP4 format.


This is true that we media could be a great source of part-time income for you, as it gives you money as well as experience in the field of article writing and publishing videos although it is enhancing your performance level, so be positive while working with we media and work with passion.

Therefore keep not to be distracted by other things and by following all the guidelines of we media and if you are active enough to do your work you will move ahead of all the others so this makes you different from others.

If you have any doubt regarding this post you can leave a comment below, we will be happy to discuss your problems.

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