Earn From Google Web Stories 2022 & Monitize Your Stories

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Introduction– Earn From Google Web Stories 2022

Google launched a platform called Web Stories which gives a new format of websites to increase the more traffic and engagement for earnings.

It provides in-depth information that how one can succeed with this using a new platform and new format along with some benefits that Google web stories provide.

A 100-page long document can be of a very short time to have an overview and then proceed progressively to get more advanced benefits and designs that encourage more engagement of the views it gives more traffic to the website and leads to a best-earning method.

Here in this article, we will learn in detail about the overview of earning from google web stories 2022.


Google Web Stories– Earn From Google Web Stories


What Are Web Stories?

We will discuss this in detail so moving on further we notice that web stories are a new format that Google has launched to provide their users with a very simple and easy way by just overviewing the web stories in Google search or discovering the area.

The basic motto behind this format that Google wants to show in the search or discover section is to provide very “snackable” content to the customers that read Google or that use the Google search engine.

With the help of Google web stories, consumers can engage more visitors on their website so that they can increase their earnings just by advertising or even putting affiliate links on their content. This makes the publishers make their websites very cool and charming to engage visitors.

Web stories basically play the role of providing publishers to get new visitors to their websites. They also can keep the visitors on the site for a long time so that they can view more advertisements on their site that have been showing on their website and this format can be used to get visitors into a sale or by inspiring them to click on the affiliate links. 

The publisher just has to make the content like this, the visitors keep on reading and clicking on the affiliate links provided on the website to get more engagement or earnings.


Reason For The Launch Of Web Stories

Aside from having full responsibility for stories, facilitating them on your site is the main reason! They are not limited by a 24-hour time limit, unlike Instagram and Facebook. It assists you with contacting a more extensive crowd. You can likewise help your Web optimization with simple ordering. One more advantage is you can follow the exhibition of your web stories on Google Examination. You can likewise send continuous warnings to your clients utilizing the Live Story highlight.

Yet, many brands and advertisers don’t know that Google Web Stories are likewise a wellspring of income! let’s go deeper into this.

How to earn from google web stories 2022?

The explanation is very short that web stories can be monetized in many ways:

  • To monetize one can use affiliate links, can use sponsored content, and programmatic ads, that take links to their content and can directly sell the advertisements.
  • To Create web stories Google also provides support in the form of a WordPress plugin.
  • The playbook which is new is intended to teach publishers how they can link their web stories to a website.
  • Since the web stories playbook is around 100 pages long which is never possible for a reader to read, therefore this contains two paragraphs of less than of words which makes it easier to understand and readable. The readability count is very large on this platform.

Overview of web stories playbook.

So basically we can say that Google web stories are a short form of the whole article. For example, a full YouTube video can be seen in a short form like “youtube shorts” in the same way Google web stories are a short form of the whole article.

Where These Web Stories Can Be Seen On The Google?

Where These Web Stories Can Be Seen On The Google?

Web stories can be seen

Web stories can be seen,

  • When you open the Google app from your phone,
  • You scroll down on the discover area,
  • Then you find a section where you can see the stories which are web stories.

Note: The web stories shown in the discover section are related to what you searched on Google previously.

So you just have to click on the story and it takes about 10 to 20 seconds to explain the whole thing.

This is how web stories can be seen.


Things To Consider Before Creating Web Stories

If you want to make web stories you must have a blog of WordPress.

And to make blogs on WordPress you must have a domain and hosting of WordPress.

Now under this topic, the very first thing that we will know is:

How to create web stories?

Here is the professional way which is explained step by step to create web stories.

In this article, the ways of creating professional web stories are very simple so a non-technical person can also use this method to create their web stories.

  • To create the story you just have to open your WordPress,
  • And on the dashboard of WordPress, you will see an icon of stories you have to click on.
  • After that, you have to click on a category so the first thing that you need to do is to create a category for your web stories.
  • On the next page, you just have to mention the categories on which you want to work i.e. you can go for health, you can go for a workout, yoga, beauty and fashion, study entertainment, or whatever you want you can select the categories from the options. 
  • Furthermore, you just have to click on the new option to create the categories.
  • Now you have to choose which category that story you want to create just click on the article related to that web story on Google.
  • Select the image related to the category in which you are creating a web store.
  • The image you can download them from Google or you can also select the images from the image option provided on the dashboard. 

For example, if you are searching for a category, you have selected the category related to health, in that you are creating this web story like stomach pain. Now you have to select the image of stomach pain from the insert image option from the dashboard where you can sell the image or select the image from your gallery also.

  • After selecting the image you can also adjust the image just size of the image according to your choice.
  • After uploading the photo or image now you have to add the text.
  • For adding the text you have to click on the text icon and whatever heading you want you can select from the options provided there. Adjust your text within the frame which is in the rectangular form you can large the size of the text or decrease the size of the text according to your need.
  • Now you can adjust your text by aligning them or making it bold italic or changing the font or whatever you want, you can do the changes according to your choice.
  • Also, change the color of the text as per your choice.
  • Like this, you can create your first slide now to make your other slide you have two options.


How to make 2nd slide?

  • The first option is the plus icon which is shown on your dashboard. On clicking the plus icon you will see a blank slide on your screen.
  • The second option is just below the icon of plus which is the duplicate icon. If you want to create a similar slide you have to click on the duplicate icon then your slide will be duplicated on another slide. On the other hand, the next slide will be a duplicate of your first slide. 
  • And if in the second slide you want to change the background you just have to double click on the background side and press the delete button so that your background will be deleted and you can see the new background like you did before. 

So if in the next slide you want to change this text or explain what you want it in your story to be you have to write that text within the given text frame.


Things you can do with your slides

  • You can give animations to your text.
  • You can adjust the image just the size of the image according to your choice.
  • Similarly, you can add more slides to your web stories.
  • In the last slide, you can add text like “read more” and provide the link to your article so that somebody who wants to read the whole of your article can go to your article through the link you provided on the last slide.


What if you are a blogger?

With the help of making stories, a blogger can make their web stories.

Another method for creating your Google Stories for different site pages is by utilizing MakeStories, one more remarkable Web Stories creator with an intuitive proofreader.

The stories editor has various customization choices. You can vivify any component of your Story to make your experience more extravagant. It likewise gives you a chance to make a Story Promotions 

To begin utilizing the MakeStories, follow these means:

  • Join and make an account in MakeStories
  • Click Make Story and utilize the options to make the story slides
  • Once got done, click View or publish your story, and you start making stories.


Things to consider for publishing your web stories 

After doing all these steps you have to add a title and click on the public button which is provided in the right-hand corner.

Here you will see a screen in which you have to put the cover preview. So for that, you have to click on the added icon and you can put on the covered preview of your web stories and just there you will also see the story title story description.

And for visibility, you can keep the visibility public and you have to write the story title around 200 words. 

And similarly, you have another option of publishing immediately or if you want to publish after some time you have to add a logo also. 

After doing all these you just have to click on the publish icon and if you click on the publish icon you will see a popup notification. So here you have to click on the dismiss so that you can publish your web stories 

For publishing your web stories, you just have to click on another setting which is monetization. In monetization, you have to click on the Google AdSense option and you have to enter your publisher ID if your channel is monetized already, also provide your slot ID in the form of a number.


Types of Story ads

Right now, there are various kinds of story ads that a brand can launch on web stories.

Display ads – These are advertisements that direct people to the publicist’s site. They can be pictures, videos, text, or sound.

Affiliate links  – These are ads with either a source of inspiration like ‘swipe up. You can add this utilizing the page link option. affiliate Links

You can utilize the page links highlighted in Web Stories to make swipe-up links that take clients to affiliate sites.

On the other hand, you can blend links straightforwardly on a story page to tap on the content.

However, it’s best not to add links to each page of your story as this can corrupt the client experience and Google won’t allow users to earn with AdSense. One to two links for each story furnishes a decent offset with client experience.

If you are using affiliate links try not to use AdSense at the same time.

Online Story. Another way is to add unequivocal links to guide the client to the offshoot sites. It is fitting not to utilize member joins in that frame of mind but rather keep them restricted.

Brand Renditions – Make a singular story that seems like a promotion. Do as such by featuring your services.


The most effective method to follow your Story ads performance

Following your advertising story performance relies upon the advertising network you use. It resembles the following Google ads on Google Examination. On Google AdSense, you can see the visual promotion report to dissect how your promotion story is performing.

You can follow the exhibition of an Internet Story Promotion in view of the accompanying rules:

Estimated Income

Online views

Page RPM


Impressions RPM


All out income


Summary and conclusion

Web Stories ads is an income-age course that brands ought to investigate. Like Instagram ads, advertisement stories show up while a client is perusing Web Stories on Google. There are a couple of ad network gizmos like Google AdSense and Google Advertisement Chief. They assist with adapting and following your promotion stories. Google suggests utilizing outsider apparatuses like MakeStories. They give you a stage for anything Web Stories related. You can get a lot of traffic via web stories.

Comment your queries below. Thank you! Visit again.

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