What are the smart ways to earn money from a Credit card?

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Did you already know how to earn money from credit card in India? so that we can earn money with a credit card before you started reading this topic? If not, you’ve come to the right place.

So yes, you see it right. Now, you can earn money easily from a credit card if you use the advantage of a credit card in the right way but before using any credit card it is very important to do well research and know both the benefits and disadvantages of using a credit card.

Now, let’s just jump into the credit card world.

How to earn money from credit card ?

The credit card offers you a scheme where you can pay for your expenditures for a month for every payment using a credit card, and after 30 days, they give you a time of 15 days to pay back the amount that you spent using the credit for your monthly expenses.

But how does the process work? So, it works like this: for example, you take a loan with a credit card on January 1, and you pay your electricity bills, restaurant bills, shopping bills, and everything else with a credit card only. And the bill for all your monthly spending will be generated on February 1; you have to pay back that amount until February 15. So, you have 45 days to pay back the amount that you borrowed from your credit card to pay bills. But before going through this process, always remember that you should already have that amount with you beforehand if you are paying with a credit card. If you don’t have that much money to pay after 45 days to the credit card company, it becomes a loan for you. So try to avoid getting into these types of situations.

 earn money from credit card in India

But, still, you are thinking, “How can we earn money from credit card in India?”

So, you can earn money through FDs or mutual funds. With the money that you already have, you can deposit all that money in FDs and get a profit from that. And when, after 45 days, you want to pay back the amount to the credit card company, You can liquidate those FDs and pay back that amount to a credit card company, and you can also earn some extra money in terms of profits from FDs or mutual funds. For example, if you spent 3,00,000 in a month on all your monthly expenditures on a credit card and you already invested your monthly expenses amount of Rs 30,000 in FDS. And when you liquidate those FDs to pay the amount back to credit card holders, you get an interest rate of 6% on those FDs as a profit. And after 30 days, when you broke those FDs, you got Rs 3,01,500, and your profit will be Rs 1500 in a month that you earn without much effort. And then you can pay Rs 3,00,000 back to a credit card company.

So, Rs 1500 is your extra income for a month. And if you calculate it for a year, it will be a huge amount.  So in this way, you can earn money from a credit card.

credit card rewards

About Credit card reward points?

If you pay your bill using a credit card, then the credit card company gets a 2% to 3% interest rate from the merchant where you are using the card for payment. And from that 2% to 3%, they gave you some percentage in the form of reward points. And you can use that credit card reward point while booking your flight tickets, e-commerce store cashback, hotel booking, and many more. You can also convert the cashback into gift vouchers for different brands. 


How credit card benefits you while taking the actual loan?

When you use credit for monthly expenses and pay back that money on time your Cibil score got increased. So the CIBIL score is calculated when you take a monthly loan and if you pay that loan on time, your CIBIL score increases. And the good CIBIL score helps you to get a home loan, car loan, and other loans very easily and with a very less rate of interest.


How to get cashback from a credit card?

You can get various cashback by swapping credit cards in different shops and with every swap, you get some cashback and you can use that cashback in different ways, like:

  1. You can apply it to your credit card balance, and with the help of cashback, your credit card payment amount got reduced. 
  2. You can redeem it in various places like restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, cafes, online merchants, and many more.
  3. You can also store all your cash back for future purchases. And use all that cash back together in one go.
  4. You can also donate your cashback to charity through various cashback programs.

What are some life time free credit card?

Some of free life time credit cards are:

Credit CardFeeBenifits
Amazon Pay ICICI Credit CardLifetime Free & No Renewal Fee3% to 5% cashback on Amazon for Prime users
Flipkart Axis Bank Credit CardFee ₹500 but some exclusive user this card is lifetimefree

5% Unlimited Cashback on Flipkart & Maynta

Rs. 1,100 worth of joining

1 Airport Lounge Access Per Quater

Axis Bank My Zone Credit card500 +GST but at this time this card is Lifetime FREESwiggy offer (40% discount)

1 Airport Lounges Access Per Quarter

One card Credit CardLifetime free but you can applied as against a FD & Use Invite Code: HARKES30 5x reward point & use any time
Hdfc Bank Millennia Credit CardJoining/Renewal Membership Fee – ₹1,000/- + Applicable Taxes5% cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Uber, Zomato

8 Airport Lounge Access & Use 2 Per Quater

  • Amazon Pay ICIC Credit card

    Amazon Pay ICIC Credit card

In this card,

    • You will get a discount of almost 15% on your dining bill at partner restaurants of Amazon pay ICIC credit card.
    • This card is lifetime free as there are no joining fees, annual charges and expiry dates.
    • We can earn unlimited reward points from this card.
    • If you do purchase from Amazon, you will get 5 % of direct cashback, if you are an amazon prime member. And if you are a non-prime member, you will 3% of cashback.
    • If you do purchase apart from the Amazon website, you will get 1% cashback.
    • If you do a Product EMI, you will get no cashback.
    • Here, you will get cashback as a reward point which will directly transfer to your Amazon wallet. And these reward points are for a lifetime and we can use these rewards in paying the electricity bill, other purchases and many more.
    • You will get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver which means you have to pay extra tax from paying from this card.
    • If you do a bill payment with this card, you will get 2% of cashback. 
    • If you withdraw money from ATM, you have to pay a 2.5% extra charge.
    • Talking of age criteria, you have to be 18 +.
    • About payment dues, if you have:
    1. Less than Rs 100 is due, you have to pay none.
    2. Between Rs100 to Rs 500, you have to pay Rs 100 charge.
    3. Between Rs 501 to Rs 10,000, you have to pay Rs 500.
    4. For more than Rs 10,000, you have to pay Rs 750.
  • Flipkart Axis Credit Card

In this card, you will get: Flipkart axis bank credit card

    • A cashback of 5% on purchasing from Flipkart and Myntra.
    • Get 5% cash back on other purchasing websites.
    • Get 1.5 % cashback on bill payments.
    • Here, you will get welcome benefits of Rs 1100 with some terms and conditions like you will get Rs 500 on Flipkart, Rs 500 on Myntra and Rs 100 on Swiggy. But for that, you have to do a purchase within 30 days.
    • Talking about joining fees, you have to pay Rs 500 and annual fees of Rs 500. And if you do the purchase of Rs 2 lakhs within 1 year, then you don’t have to pay any annual fees.
    • There is no cashback, if you purchase an item from Flipkart using EMI or if you buy any precious metal.
    • You don’t have to pay any extra tax if you use this credit card while paying for fuel.
    • If you do purchases from partnered brands of Flipkart Axis credit cards, you will get a 15% to 20% of discount.
    • Here, you will also get airport launch axis free for 4 times within 1 year.
    • Talking about the requirement, you have to be 18+ age and should have the latest salary slip, bank statement and passport-size photo.
    • And if you have your own business, then you should have profit and loss statement, return copy, and photography
    • Talking about payment dues, if you have:
    1. You have to pay Rs 100, if your due is between Rs 301 to Rs 500 
    1. Pay Rs 500, if your due is between Rs 501 to Rs 10,000
    2. Pay Rs 750, if your due is Rs 10,001 to Rs 25000
    3. Pay Rs 1000, if your due is Rs 25001 to Rs 50000


    • Axis bank My Zone Credit card

Axis bank My Zone Credit card

In this card, you will get benefits like:

    • The credit card limit for this card is Rs 1,87,000.
    • The cash withdrawal limit is Rs 37,400
    • Talking about, joining and annual fees, you have to pay Rs 500 + tax.
    •  If you do convert the money into foreign exchange, the deducted fees will be 3.5 % of the transaction amount.
    • The welcome benefit you get with this card is, you will get Rs 1000 off or 25% off on Myntra, and 25% cashback on a movie ticket if you buy the ticket through Paytm.
    • You will get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver if you pay using this card.
    • You will get complimentary domestic airport lounge access per quarter for 4 times, in this you will get free food, drink, wifi and many more services like these.
    • Here, you will also get sony live premium annual subscription worth Rs 999 on the first spend within 30 days of card transaction, and if you spent 1 lakh 5000 rs in 1 year you will get a subscription-free the next time.
    • You will get 40 % off on Swiggy and you can use this discount 4 times in 1 month
    • Get a Rs 600 discount on Ajio, if you do a minimum spending of Rs 2000.
    • If you pay for a product through EMI worth Rs 2500, you don’t have to pay any extra amount.
    • If you spend Rs 200 using a credit card, you will get 4 reward points with every spending.
    • If you are 18+ years old, you are eligible to use this card.
    • The document required for this card is a pan card, identity proof, income proof and salary slip.
  •  One cardOneCard Credit Card Eligibility

    • One card is a form of Fixed deposit credit card.
    • In this, we don’t need to open a bank account as it is a NEO Bank.
    • Here, you can make a fixed deposit by depositing Rs 2000 or more. 
    • With this card, you will get great offers like 
    1. a) In the book my show, you will get a buy 1 get 1 free ticket offer
    2. b) On Amazon, you will get a 10% instant discount.
    3. c) In Swiggy, you will get 50% off
    4. d) In Blink it, you will get a 10% instant discount
    5. e) In the real me product, you will get cashback up to rs 4000, 
    6. f) In Boat products, you will get 10% off on select headsets and more amazing offers like these.
    • The requirement to buy this card is, you need a pan card and another bank account. Here, you can also break your fixed deposit within any month but you have to pay a penalty of 1%.
    • Here, there are no joining fees, annual fees and rewards redemption fees.
    • If you invest money in a Fixed deposit, you will get a 7.1% to 8% interest rate.
  • Hdfc Bank millennia credit card card

Hdfc Bank millennia credit card card

    • You will get 5% cashback on partnered brands like Amazon, Myntra, uber, Zomato, Swiggy, sony liv, Flipkart, and Bookmyshow. Apart from this, you will get 1% cashback online and offline on other brands.
    • You will also get Rs 1000 cashback from partnered brands if you purchase within 1 month by using this card.
    • The best part is you will get 1% cashback if you purchase a product using EMI.
    • Here, you will get a Welcome reward of 100 cash points and 1 cashpoint cost Rs 1. And if you do purchasing of 1 lakh within 3 months, you will get Rs 1 lakh cashback as a gift voucher. Also, you have to use this reward point within 2 years as it will get expired.
    • You will also get zero lost card liability feature, if you face any type of fraud or if your card gets lost.
    • Here, you will also get Airport lounge access 2 times every 3 months.
    • 1% fuel surcharge waiver benefit, if you pay Rs 400 to Rs 5000 transaction on fuel using this credit card. 
    • Talking about fees, joining and annual renewal fees is Rs 1000 and if you do a transaction of 1 lakh within 1 year of issuing this card, you don’t have to pay any renewal fees.
    • You will get a 20 % discount on partnered restaurants via dine out 
    • Talking about criteria, if you come in the salaried class, you should be 18 + and max of 40 years, your salary income should be a minimum of Rs 35,000, identity proof and you should have salary slips for 3 months. And if you are self-employed, your minimum age should be 21 years and maximum 40 years, should have an ITR of Rs 5 lakh per annum and Identity proof.
What are the things to remember while using a credit card for extra earnings?

Things to always keep in mind while thinking of earning from credit cards,

1) You should have the full amount beforehand while doing payments from a credit card.

2) Always return the payment that you spent from the credit card on time.

3) Don’t spend extra money from a credit card, if you don’t have that much amount with you. 

How you can earn through credit card offers?

You also got various offers if you are a regular credit card user and have a good CIBIL score. You can use that offer while purchasing anything online. You also get huge discounts during the festival season. For example, if something is Rs 15,000, so you get that item for Rs 10,000 only through a credit card offer. And that Rs 5000 that you save through the offer will be your saving or earning money from a credit card.

how to earn from credit card

What is the application that we can use for extra earnings from a credit card?

You can use an application like CRED, Uni, or many more like these. As these credit card applications help us to earn extra rewards if you use their application for payment. 

In the CRED application, you also get cred coins with every payment and use those cred coins in playing online games, jackpots, shopping carts, and many more activities like these. You can also use that cred coins while purchasing items online as it will low down some prices according to your cred coins. Also, this application helps us to manage your credit card payments, track your records, give the alert message when your payment gets dues, and also has some additional features like these.

In the Uni application, you can pay your amount back to the credit card company in three parts that are three months without paying any extra tax or charges. And if you pay all the payments in one go, you also get a cashback of 1% which you can use later. 

How student can apply from a credit card?

As a student, you can earn through

  1. Using NBFC registered app like Postpe, Lazy pay card, Slice, One card and many more. Also, these app offers a “Buy now pay later” feature which helps a student a lot. 
  2. Some credit cards also offer FD against a credit card & using credit card create your cibil score.
  3. You can also make a fixed deposit by using One card as they offer amazing features with extra cashback.

But the student should responsible enough to pay off their balances on time every month.


So, by using a credit card, you can easily earn money without paying any additional interest or fees. Also, earning money from a credit card is a smart move without any risk. So, using a credit card to earn money is a must-try technique, but always conduct thorough research before using any credit card services.

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