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Microsoft Rewards App – Review

Microsoft rewards is an internet-based digital points framework that collects points whenever a Microsoft reward member operates a Microsoft item, administration, or set.

There are various ways of acquiring Microsoft rewards, including looking through Bing, messing around on an Xbox gadget, and making buys in the Microsoft store.

There are three methods for retrieving Microsoft rewards: trading points for Microsoft items and different outsider gift vouchers, entering sweepstakes to win rewards, or giving points to a noble cause.

While the Microsoft rewards program seems broad in principle, it just advantages a restricted gathering, to be specific to energetic Microsoft clients who can earn a free amazon gift card.



What Are Microsoft Rewards?


Microsoft rewards is a digital points framework that gathers whenever a Microsoft purchaser utilizes a Microsoft item, administration, or set. The more a Microsoft client draws in with Microsoft devices, the more rewards they can earn.

Setting up a Microsoft record to start procuring rewards is straightforward. Sign in to At the highest point of the page, click “signup for free.”

Clients can sign in to their Microsoft account, and the page will bring them to their rewards back landing page, where they can begin earning. There are no beginning expenses or agreements to join Microsoft rewards, and clients can begin acquiring points after signing up. To earn extra, just complete the survey and earn money.

On the off chance that you were a past Bing reward member, this framework presumably sounds recognizable. They’ve made the change from Bing rewards to Microsoft Rewards totally consistent: Your Bing rewards Participation consequently moved into a Microsoft Prizes account, and your points moved too.

microsoft rewards app review

Levels in Microsoft Rewards App – Review

There are two levels in Microsoft rewards, marked “Level 1” and “Level 2”. The main differentiation between Level 1 and Level 2 is the number of points an individual has procured. When you arrive at 500 points consistently, you become a Level 2 worker, which permits you to get more points with every movement. Level 2 hirelings are likewise aware of selective offers that other Level 1 hirelings are not.

Something significant to recollect prior to attempting to acquire any points: Ensure you sign in to your Microsoft account that Microsoft rewards India is available. On the off chance that you’re not, any point-collecting action won’t follow, so you will not procure credit for those points acquired.


How Would Someone Get Microsoft Reward Points?


On the off chance that different methods have the same result, all virtual streets lead to Microsoft Reward Points. There are numerous approaches to rapidly aggregate your Points balance, contingent upon how you utilize Microsoft’s items and stage.

  • Stretch out to Develop and earn

The most straightforward method for beginning to acquire your Microsoft rewards is to install the Microsoft rewards program extension. This extension is your centre point for following and gathering your Microsoft rewards. The reward extension shows your ongoing point equilibrium and you can likewise go for  Microsoft rewards reviews and status tracks your points accepted every day and permits you to get your rewards whenever. It likewise fills in as a send-off point for alternate ways of procuring rewards.

  • Search to earn

Just marking onto your Microsoft account with any program and involving Bing as your web browser procures you five points per search. It’s basically a survey earning website You’re restricted to 150 points procured through Bing every day on a PC and 100 points each day on a cell phone. Procuring up to 250 points each day while looking through the terms you ordinarily would, in any case, allows you to arrive at the Level 2 edge very quickly. You can likewise utilize your Microsoft Edge to acquire 600 extra points each month when you search with Bing.

Introducing the Microsoft rewards app extension makes Bing your default web browser, so you don’t need to stress over inadvertently utilizing another web browser and forfeiting expected points.

  • Shop to earn

The greater part of the buys you make in the Microsoft store increment your point balance, acquiring you one point for each dollar spent in the Microsoft store. Some Xbox content can procure you 20 points for each dollar spent. Also, Microsoft has an exceptional month-to-month presence in their store to assist clients with acquiring points.

  • Play to earn

Microsoft additionally assists you with acquiring points for having a good time. In the wake of signing in to your prizes dashboard, look about halfway down the page, and you’ll see a lot of exercises you can finish to procure focuses. Taking a test, partaking in a survey, and playing virtual games are a few different ways you can play to procure as Microsoft rewards India available.

  • Xbox to earn

Download the free Rewards application on your Xbox gadget and sign in to your Microsoft account. There, you can acquire points on your Xbox gadget by finishing week after week difficulties to make movement streaks, messing around on the Xbox Game Pass library, and purchasing the most recent games.

  • Get Prizes

Bring Prizes is another cashback rewards program that assists you with acquiring awards for shopping. You basically take your paper or e-receipts and transfer them into your Bring rewards application. It’s totally a free gift card-earning website.

You can likewise procure points by buying things from partaking brands straightforwardly on the Get application or by finishing extraordinary proposals through getting. Also, referring your friends to the Get application can assist you with acquiring points. Here you can complete the survey and earn money.

Redeem your points for earnings as gift vouchers at retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Panera Bread. At least 3000 points are expected to redeem most rewards like earn free amazon gift card, yet no worry— this is a somewhat simple add-up to gather. For instance, one reference of a companion to get an application gets you 2000 points.


How Would Anyone Redeem Microsoft Reward app points?

complete survey and earn money


Presently comes the tomfoolery part — trading out your points for rewards.


While signing in to your record on the Microsoft reward landing page, you’ll see your level, a measure of points procured that month, accessible points given, accessible points donated, and the points you have gathered along the highest point of your screen in microsoft rewards reviews section. Tapping on the points breakdown empowers you to see a more definite investigation of what plies you have finished to gather your points.


You can recover your Microsoft Awards in three ways: shopping, winning or donating.


  • Shop

Use points to reclaim gift vouchers from Microsoft and different outsiders, including Amazon, Target, and the NFL shop. If you want to collect a ton of points to do this, in any case. For instance, one ₹2060.5 Hulu E-Gift voucher costs 28,000 points, and one ₹824 Amazon gift voucher is 13,000 points. You can likewise buy credits for Roblox, Microsoft’s virtual reality stage.


  • Win

Use points to join sweepstakes to win things like Surfaces, Xboxes, and higher-worth gift vouchers from different retailers. The points collection edge is a lot lower to enter sweepstakes than to reclaim gift vouchers. All things considered, it can in any case cost many focuses even to enter a sweepstake. At the point when just five or so people win those sweepstakes, the profit from that reward speculation is small.

  • Donate 

Browse more than 1,000,000 philanthropies — including classes like creature protection, human expression, climate, medical services, psychological wellness, religion, and science and innovation — to give a portion of your places.


Frequently asked questions

microsoft rewards india available


  • Is the amount of the Microsoft Rewards app Really Worth it?

Ans. As may be obvious, there is definitely no immediate highlight cash comparable for Microsoft rewards. Microsoft concedes that points don’t have money esteem, truth be told. All things considered, it ordinarily takes around 1000 points to reclaim something worth ₹82.40


  • Do Microsoft points Lapse?


Ans. Indeed, make a point to follow how long you’ve been putting away your points on the grounds that unredeemed points lapse the following year and a half.


  • What Are the Best Choices from Microsoft’s Reward Point of view?


Ans. Microsoft isn’t the main web-based stage that permits clients to amass points while shopping and perusing on the web. Lots of web-based stages offer a comparative idea — here are a portion of our top picks.


  • Rakuten

Rakuten has collaborated with north of 3,500 stores that compensate for Rakuten to send online clients to their sites. The shopping site imparts the installments from accomplice retailers to their purchasers as cashback rewards.


To begin procuring cashback on buys, go to and make a free account. You can get to Rakuten by downloading the application to your phone, introducing the program expansion on your PC, or shopping on their site. On any of those choices, look for the store you need to shop at the highest point of Rakuten’s landing page. Tapping on the retailer will take you straightforwardly to their site, where you can procure somewhere in the range of 1% to 10% cashback while shopping. You can easily use a free gift card-earning website.


Like clockwork, you’ll get a paper check or store it in your PayPal account with your cashback rewards, whichever you like. Make sure to add your personal residence or PayPal data to your Rakuten account to get your money.


  • Is Microsoft’s reward Worth The effort?


At this point, you may be contemplating just whether Microsoft Rewards really helps its clients. It could — however, provided that you’re as of now a colossal Microsoft buyer. The chances to gather points on Microsoft’s foundation are perpetual, and it’s basically a survey-earning website, having the option to trade them for more Microsoft items would be perfect for somebody somewhere down in the Microsoft environment.


Be that as it may, for most others, Microsoft Prizes is basically a racket. There are a lot more productive assets to get cash back, explicitly Rakuten, which pays you in real money for buys you would make at any rate. Returns utilizing any of these internet-based rewards programs are restricted, with the biggest we’ve seen at around 10%.


Summary and conclusion


The principal method for procuring points is via looking with Bing on desktop or mobiles. Furthermore, here’s a more careful rundown of income potential open doors…


  • Search on Bing
  • Purchase Items through the Microsoft Store
  • Complete surveys
  • Search with Microsoft Edge Program
  • Take Fun Quizzes
  • Purchase Items through Xbox Live


This client rewards program boosts clients to remain inside Microsoft’s system. Then, at that point, whenever you’ve developed an adequate number of points, you can open a few cool awards and cash…


Microsoft Rewards Program is a pleasant reward framework. It’s a genuine program that is not difficult to add to your day to day daily practice. You won’t make a fortune from it (except if you win the significant sweepstakes passages)… however it’s free and worth an attempt.


There are bunches of earnings programs that accumulate over the long haul. Focusing on these little motivators can work on your monetary well-being and prosperity.


Comment your queries below. Thank you! Visit again.


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