FamPay Review- Use UPI & Debit Card Without Bank 

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Teenagers Use UPI & Debit Card Without Bank 

The age today has a place with neo-banks, and you would find that there have been a few neo-banks that have mushroomed. While not every one of them might be dependable, and it is very right on time to offer a particular expression about them – whether positive or negative – may not be that easy at this nascent stage, we considered looking at a couple of excellent choices that can end up being very handy in accomplishing improved proficiency. One such substance that has been creating news is FamPay. 

In this review, we will learn all the details in deep. How teenagers use UPI & Debit Card Without Bank?

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Teenagers Use UPI & Debit Card Without Bank 

What is FamPay?

FamPay is a neo-bank and is explicitly designed to serve minors and teenagers as an effective approach to making payments. The neo-banks came into being after the demonetization drive that was attempted in 2016, and FamPay is one of the fantastic choices according to this perspective.

FamPay is not your normal bank but rather a Neo Bank. Neo banks, as we have known them nowadays, is a bank that doesn’t have actual branch. They offer their administrations completely online. You may have the option to store or withdraw the cash just through online mode.

FamPay is an Indian-based payments application administration that has been designed for teenagers and their families. The task is finished through the explicitly designed FamPay unique pre-loaded cards, which are alluded to as FamCards. As long as the minors have the permission and assent of their parents, they will actually want to bring in cash transfers, withdrawals, P2P payments, and even card payments. It helps additionally lets the parents send money to their child’s FamPay account so they can spend the cash according to their inclinations. Peruse ahead to know all aspects of the platform in this nitty-gritty Fampay Survey.



How does FamPay function?

FamPay works similarly to other neo-banks or customary banks. The main distinction lies in the way that FamPay is a neo-bank-designed minor. Of course, the application needs the assent of the parent so the minor can operate the account easily.Parents pursue the FamPay administration utilizing their Aadhaar number and telephone number and welcome their teenagers to the application. The teenager consequently gains admittance to the application. Subsequently, your minor teenager will get a protected FamPay IDFC First Bank account, and the account will be overseen by the parent or gatekeeper. The card or the account is not connected to the typical bank account of the parent. The parent will approach how much sum the teenager can spend. Students can use UPI even without opening a bank account.

FamPay Visa Card – What you ought to be aware of?

FamPay Visa Card

FamCard is India’s first innumerable card with doodles. Designed exclusively for teenagers, the card is what might give independence from the rat race an adequate limitation for minors. The card comes with a lot of choices and features that would incorporate tap and pay usefulness, worthiness for all intents and purposes anyplace, and a protected card choice of all time.

FamPay and has cooperated with Visa for furnishing youngsters and Gen Z with Doodle cards. The first personalized Visa card comes with modified doodles that minors and teenagers will see as very intriguing and one-of-a-kind with regard to their way. The FamPay Visa card allows youngsters to make NFC-enabled payments on the Visa network in India.

The card is made available with two designs – the FamCard and FamCard Me. Teenagers will actually want to design their doodles with the goal that the card would look like their personality. FamCard gives you admittance to 4X rewards on each purchase or spending that are made utilizing the card. The FamCoins you acquire can be redeemed to get restrictive offers, cashback, gift vouchers, and more.

FamPay Card Expenses

The FamCard is made available to you in two unique modes or structures. The evaluation of the card will be reliant upon the kind of card that you pick. 


FamCard is available at Rs. 99.

The features that you stand to get with the card would comprise

  • 2X FarmCoins rewards
  • Modified name
  • Tap and pay feature
  • FamCard Me
  • FamCard Me is available at Rs. 299

The features would comprise

  • 4X FamCoins as rewards
  • Modified name
  • Tap and Pay enabled
  • Design with doodles
  • Subscriptions of top brands

What are FamCoins?

FamCoins are FamPay’s method of paying users and account holders. You can gather 2X FamCoins for every one of your purchases assuming you are on the customary FamCard and 4X Famcoins in the event that you are utilizing FamCard Me.

You can gather as numerous FamCoins as you would need to and reclaim them for getting giveaways, participating in the challenges, getting elite offers, gift vouchers, and a lot more different advantages. The Famcoins will likewise be substantial at your #1 stores soon. The feature is yet to be sent off and can be a treat when it is made available.

How to create a FamPay account?

How to create a FamPay account?

It shouldn’t require over 15 minutes to open your FamPay account. The account you create will be a zero equilibrium account, and that comes with a couple of limitations. You will actually want to keep just Rs. 10000 in your account. When you are north of 18 years old enough, you will actually want to keep more than Rs. 100000.

You can create two kinds of accounts with FamPay – min KYC and Full KYC.

Minimum KYC Account

The min KYC account is the most ideal for you on the off chance that you are a minor. The account is connected to your Aadhaar number and is connected to your portable number. You should give the Dish card to your gatekeeper.

The account will have the accompanying limitations –

  • Account limit – Rs. 10000
  • Exchange limit – Rs. 1000
  • Full KYC Account

On the off chance that you are over 18, you will actually want to open a full KYC account. The account will require you to have the Aadhaar number and required card number to open the account. The account is connected to your mobile number.

The account comes with an Account breaking point of Rs. 100000, and there is no exchange breaking point of any nature.

You can basically download and install the application from your official application store and pursue the account.

Frequently asked questions

  • What amount of time does it require for the FamCard to get handled?

     Ans. You ought to preferably get your FamCard to get handled within the range of around 10 to 14 working days.

  • What are as far as possible on the FamPay account?

      Ans. In the event that you have a Full KYC account, there will be an account cutoff of Rs. 1 lakh and no exchange limit. On the off chance that you have a min KYC account limit, it will be 10000, and the exchange limit will be Rs. 1000.

  • Where might I at any point utilize FamCard?

      Ans. FamCard was before dealing with the RuPay organization. The specialist co-op now works with Visa and gains admittance to a great level of involvement with terms of exchanges. You ought to have the option to utilize your FamCard at any retail location that acknowledges RuPay and Visa cards.

  • What is FamPay utilized for?

        Ans. Powered by IDFC First Bank, the FamPay administration is centered around giving a payment platform to teenagers. Anybody under the age of 18 years can open an account and use it for sending or getting cash. The payments and different exchanges are finished through pre-loaded cards or UPI.

  • Can I use FamPay after 18?

      Ans. No, you should be around 35+ to use Fampay.

  • How to use Fampay refer and earn on Fampay? 

Ans. The process is simple. Just download Fampay and sign up for it. After providing all basic details you can go for the refer and earn section and then easily you can refer it to your friends and family & you can earn upto Rs5000.

Summary and conclusion

FamPay is a novel choice that is designed to help minors and youngsters endeavor their funds all the more proficiently. Supported by RBI, the help accompanies a kind of safety, and you can be assured of a fair plan of administration quality, particularly in the event that you are a minor or a teenager.

We would recommend it to you on the off chance that you are hoping to inculcate a feeling of monetary freedom subject to specific limitations. It is an incredible help, and you would track it down as a seriously innovative monetary item. We trust this Fampay survey would be valuable in assisting you with coming to a conclusion about the best banking and payment answer for teenagers.

With the FamPay card, make contactless payments through the FLASH pin. Can be profited from IDFC First Bank with no pre-requirement of opening a bank account. The Card can be requested online stopped or through the FamPay application. Experience gadget lock-safeguarded exchanges.

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