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Flipkart Launched A Creator Studio Review

India’s number one e-Commerce company Flipkart is soon going to launch a new feature by which you can earn money sitting at your home in your comfort zone. In this, you can share your favorite products with followers and earn money. This feature is going to be a huge earning platform for the creators in the creator program of Flipkart and help them earn better.

The innovative ideas of Flipkart make it a successful company so it had beaten Amazon India which is a well-known and very big online shopping platform in India. Basically, the users that are very famous on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, or YouTube social media handles, can register to the Flipkart creator program.

So, If you guys literally don’t know what Flipkart actually is? We will help you to know.

flipkart creator studio app in 2022

Image source by Flipkart

How to register in Flipkart Creator Studio?

flipkart creator studio option in app

Follow these simple steps:

1- Open & Login Flipkart App

2- Click the menu top-left side

3- Open account option

4- In the below creator program & submit

As soon as the program launches all the terms and conditions will be mentioned by Flipkart on their main application or website. You will have to register on the Flipkart app on the Flipkart website to get into this Flipkart creator studio.

To register yourself on this program you will have to provide your mobile number email id and all the details regarding your social media platform like all the links on your social media handles. If you are on social media and use Facebook, Instagram, blogs, then you can share those links, you can provide your link in this detail section if you are a YouTuber you have to provide your YouTube channel link and if you have followers on Twitter then you can also give the details of your Twitter handle and like this you can submit your registration form.

Once you submit all the details of the social media and submit the form after the Flipkart team manually checks out all the social media links provided by you if they found everything to be ok then you are approved for the further steps.

How To Apply For Flipkart Creator Studio?

  • Open the Flipkart app.
  • Click on my account section at the bottom of the menu.
  • After clicking the account you can see many options like Flipkart plus, my order, choose language my wish list, etc you have to scroll down to open Flipkart creator studio in this section. 
  • Now if you find out the Flipkart creator studio icon click on the view your studio icon.
  • After clicking you will reach the next screen and in it, you have to click on the start earning icon.
  • Here, you can check your eligibility whether you are eligible to apply for program or not.
  • It will take around 2 to 3 days to get verified your account.


So the basic thing you must have should be is one of your accounts on Instagram or YouTube.

If you have a good number of followers or subscribers, then only you are eligible for applying to the creator studio. With The help of this, you can start earning.

  • It’s your choice whether you want to click on Instagram or YouTube you have two options out there.
  • If You choose YouTube you have to click on that and here you have to enter your YouTube account link,  you just have to copy it from your YouTube account and paste it on this screen.
  • Or if you want to choose your Instagram ID you have to enter your Instagram details after clicking on the Instagram icon you simply have to copy from your Instagram account and paste it on this screen.
  • After mentioning the ids you have to click on the following icon.
  • Now the next interface will open on your phone or desktop, that your application is being verified they will get back to you once the verification is completely done, and they will send you a notification.
  • On the same screen there is a note regarding the same i,e  if your verification has been pending for 3 days or more comment ‘Hello Flipkart’ on the below YouTube video with the YouTube link which has been provided the screen you have to click on that and go to the YouTube and type on the comment box hello Flipkart.
  • Once all the formalities are done you want eligible to use creator studio on Flipkart.


This is how it works and how you can apply it to this.

How does the works?

When you will get the approval of Flipkart, then you will be directed to a dashboard where you will log in by providing your details and you will generate the product link, and then you will have to share that product link to your YouTube, blogs, Facebook or Instagram and you can sell the product like this on your social media handles.

Your link then the lead will be shown to your dashboard and if the product is purchased by your follower by completing all the payments and all then after that you will get a commission related to your sale and this will be added to your earning section.

Note: Flipkart creator studio will give you a commission only if all your sales are complete.

Before this Flipkart affiliate marketing was there but now it is discontinued so now nobody can register for Flipkart affiliate marketing. Flipkart affiliate marketing is a proven marketing strategy where the sale increases and people or companies from around the world follow this strategy which can help out the sale of the products and this is one of the best strategies followed by Flipkart.

Earlier this service was provided to only selected users of Flipkart but now it has been provided to all the users in the Flipkart app and recently Flipkart pay later has given the EMI facility to their users with which the customers can shop online on EMI.

Flipkart Referral Program

Apart from this, there is another Flipkart program which is the Flipkart referral program which runs on Flipkart if you refer any of your known ones to shop online you will get Rs. 100 as a referral bonus. Flipkart has a large number of users that shop online but a lot of people really don’t know about online shopping so in this where you know a person does not shop online you can refer that person and earn from that.

When Flipkart Creator Studio Will Launch

Till now there is no update given by Flipkart on its program so that’s why we cannot say anything about this when it will be launched but it will be launched soon keep updated with us.

Center your content around assisting your audience with anything connected with your item. Answer their inquiries, show your ability regarding the matter and make content that is truly intriguing for your audience.

Flipkart Creator Studio Is For Whom

This is for those whose social media followers are very large. This means they have a very large following on the social media handles so that people can use Flipkart creator studio and earn money from it by suggesting the products of Flipkart and selling them to their followers.

Commission Rates 

For all the different categories available in the Flipkart app there are different commission rates for different products. The product that had a great margin will get a good commission from Flipkart. The commission percent in Flipkart will vary from 1% to 10% depending upon the type of product sold.

As an example, the category of gifts will have a great commission rate in comparison to electronic products.


Basically, Flipkart is an e-Commerce platform for shopping online. Many new e-commerce companies use many effective methods to boost their products using affiliate marketing programs in which normal people can increase the sale of the company and get paid for that sales. So, this program is also a type of affiliate marketing program.

To increase their sale Flipkart is going to launch a new feature known as the Flipkart creator studio.

In this program the creators which are very popular on the social media platforms will promote and sell the products of Flipkart and Flipkart will give a commission of that sale to the creators. Like this, the creators can earn money from the Flipkart creator program.


Until now Flipkart creator studio is not launched so we cannot explain to you the commission rates but we can assume the rates depend upon the margins. So literally, we cannot say anything about or we cannot assume anything regarding the commission rate. You will be paid if you will sale the product on your social media and your followers will make a purchase from it.

So if you are a social media sensation and you have a great number of followers or we can say that you have a good number of your followers so literally this program is only for you can earn a lot of money from this program.

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