Passive Income Honeygain Review – Payout Jumptask To Binance

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Full Review On Earn Money From Honeygain

Honeygain is the application that makes your fantasies materialize by earning cash in your rest. Everybody ponders bringing in cash while they are sleeping, it’s us all fantasies to get increasingly more income in a passive manner. In the event that you’ve looked for passive income methods that don’t require exceptional abilities. Then unquestionably, you’ve probably known about Honeygain. 

 Honeygain has its new association with online microtask business management, JumpTask i.e, Honeygain payout in Jumptask.

We figured we could take a look at the restored application ourselves and see what’s going on! So we can compose this article for you. Let’s begin

Things To Know About Honeygain

It’s a passive income application that permits you to share your overabundance data as a trade-off for an income as cash. As of late, delivered a new business organization that will engage its clients to obtain more Honeygain payout in Jumptask, and investigate the crypto world as a little bonus.

Honeygain is a world-driving openly supported online network that has its clients all around the world with a potential opportunity to passively acquire.

So read the total article cautiously to get every one of your questions clear so you can likewise begin earning cash from it for sharing your abundance of data.

Download from here and get $5

Get Income By Selling Internet on Honeygain

Before entering the Honeygain application, let us first provide you with full clarification of how Honeygain functions, and which idea it utilizes for its entrance.

So essentially you probably knew about happy conveyance networks i.e CDNs

If you have not caught wind of any of these sorts of networks then this article will be your manual for making sense of for you about CDNs. So CDN is a network that permits quick web execution by just facilitating duplicates of sites starting with one end client and then onto the next fastly so that is the reason CDNs are otherwise called an edge server.

Its networking is disseminated geologically to give quick conveyance of web content, its utilization is for conveying content.

Utilizing this idea Honeygain works similarly and Honeygain gathers the influence of different mobiles and PCs and PCs from the clients who use Honeygain application and sell their web in this so that, its speed gets supported and this way Honeygain makes a CDN and runs a server fastly, so this is how you can bring in cash with honey addition and how it functions.

We think you understood the concept.

Honeygain Referral Program

Earn Money Through The Honeygain Referral Program

At the point when you get the Honeygain application by any referral program then you get a $5 reward for you that you can payout whenever you have finished your objective of $20 by 

Honeygain application and it takes a limit of 48 days to reach $20.

Likewise, it has an element that assuming you’re referring the Honeygain application to additional individuals or to your loved ones you can get 10% a greater amount of your earnings.

So you can utilize the referral code to get an amount of $5 in your Honeygain application’s dashboard.

Honeygain App Download Procedure

The following are a couple of steps to download the Honeygain application for earning your passive income from it and you need to not do anything simply open the Honeygain application and it will begin its work consequently. 

You simply need to share your remaining data and begin going about your responsibilities. Then permit net sharing by tapping the settings choice in the dashboard of the Honeygain application. When you login into it, it begins working. It’s an extremely reliable application and a simple approach to earning a passive income by not putting any cash in it. So continue to share your abundance net and begin earning for your utilization. 

Everybody can utilize it.

That is simple, it is to bring in cash and you can make your payment without any problem.

Methods To Get Your Payout Honeygain Point To Bitcoin & PayPal

honeygain payout bitcoin

  1. The minimum payment you can get out of it is $20 and if you have seen the dashboard showing this much sum, you can demand your payment.
  2. You need a PayPal and Bitcoin Address.
  3. It’s an extremely simple interaction from where your PayPal address of yours is gathered and on the off chance that you get your most memorable payment, for the following time this cycle happens itself.
  4.  And if you want to withdraw via Bitcoin so enter your valid Bitcoin address and withdraw your amount.
  5. You also withdraw your Honeygain point via Jumptask token, paste your JMPT address and get instant withdrawal.

You don’t need to give anything then and it requires very nearly 2-3 days to get your payment in your record.  That’s something about how to payout in Honeygain to Jumptask wallet.


Honeygain Earning Modes

The essential objective of the JumpTask application is to change the gig economy by chopping down the part bar, empowering more individuals overall to profit from simple income open entrances, and equipping organizations with a significant chance to overview their microtasks to an overall workforce rather than over-disturbing their clients or choosing new gatherings on an impermanent trust.

This is a truly new fragment that has been added. There are two earning modes at this point present in the stage. Permit us to discuss both of them.

Passive Income Honeygain Review

  1. Honeygain Wallet Mode

This is the default earning mode in the stage. Anything that you snatches stays in your default wallet and you get different withdrawal decisions which we will analyze later in the associate Honeygain payout bitcoin.

In case you want basic payout decisions, we will suggest you use this one.

JUmptask Earning Modes

  1. JumpTask Wallet Mode

Lately, Honeygain worked together with JumpTask (JMPT) crypto to give additional prizes. Expecting you to utilize this mode you will make an additional half compensation on the total of your income. You can change your mode just by a singular snap on your landing page Honeygain payout in Jumptask. If you want a lift in your income, this mode is certainly going to help you.

Honeygain clients can either continue to get Honeygain credits and thereafter pick JMPT as a payout choice or change to a brand new Honeygain payout in Jumptask mode in their Honeygain online dashboard and begin obtaining JMPT rather than credits continually.

The new features have been mentioned since the earliest reference point: 15,000+ Honeygain clients have changed to the JumpTask mode in the fundamental 24 hours after it was shipped off.

Note: Paypal charges a 15% cost on payments.

payout Jumptask Tokken

What Is Jumptask In Honeygain?

Honeygain’s new accomplice JumpTask is a gig economy-based marketplace that licenses associations and relationships to make the most out of the total capacities moved by an overall dissipated workforce. JumpTask additionally plans to help Honeygain payout bitcoin, gig workers find and examine the crypto world by using its advanced cash (JMPT) for all stage-related payments.

JumpTask is a gig business focus that grants associations to make the most out of online specialists’ capacities. As an additional prize, it outfits gig workers with the amazing chance to explore the crypto world, as all of the portions are made in the stage’s own cryptographic cash – JumpToken (JMPT). And you can convert your earnings from Honeygain to Jumptask and it is your choice.

Honeygain clients can either continue to get Honeygain credits and thereafter pick JMPT as a payout choice or change to a brand new Jumptask payout mode in their Honeygain online dashboard and begin earning JMPT instead of credits continually.

Another huge advantage is that with JumpTask mode engaged, the exchange costs will be lower than any time in late memory. Every one of the credits you procure on Honeygain will be moved to the JumpTask wallet with simply the normal expense of the blockchain involved.

You will keep on earning effectively incredibly, notwithstanding, your earnings will as of now fall into your JumpTask wallet as JumpTokens, and the charges will be held constantly to the base of Jumptask payout.

Honeygain clients can at this point have their most memorable taste by either picking JMPT as a payout decision or changing to a new JumpTask mode in their Honeygain web dashboard.

Joining face up with JumpTask and adding JMPT as a new payout decision will allow Honeygain to not simply manage quick payouts with no must-show up at cutoff points to its clients yet in addition limit exchange costs whatever amount as could sensibly be anticipated.

jumptask token to Binance

How To Payout In Honeygain To Jumptask Wallet?

JumpTask is a gig that produces bunches of occupations in a neighborhood or territorial region. It grants associations and relationships to make the most out of the aggregate capacities moved by an overall dispersed battle force.

jmpt tokken price in 2022

The linking of Honeygain with Jumptask

  • Honeygain cast a new business association with a remote work stage JumpTask – and its advantages to Honeygain clients are different.
  • JumpTask is using its computerized cash called JumpToken (JMPT) to fuel the stage as Jumptask payout, just Honeygain payout in Jumptask because Honeygain is presently offering it as a payout decision, too.
  • The cost of one JMPT is 2.17 dollars which is around Rs.162.07.
  • “With PayPal or Bitcoin, their clients are expected to trust that two or three days will gather their earnings, which can be unexplainable nowadays.
  • The exchange costs were higher than we would have delighted in. With JMPT, each exchange is quick and costs cash,” says Joe Pireiko, CMO at Honeygain.
  • Clients who choose to payout in JMPT are quieted by the need to show up at a particular cutoff (20,000 Honeygain credits, or $20) basically to get a payout.
  • Now, Honeygain clients can either keep on getting Honeygain credits and a while later pick JMPT as a payout decision or change to a brand new Jumptask payout mode in their Honeygain online dashboard and start earning JMPT rather than credits constantly.
  • The new elements have demonstrated to be demanding since the earliest reference point: 15,000+ Honeygain clients have changed to the JumpTask mode in the 24 hours after it was sent off.


Ways To Payout Jumptask Tokken To MetaMask

They involved MetaMask for payouts, which had precisely the expected impact and expected minutes to set up. Changing to JumpTask mode is a simple choice right now since it offers a Jumptask token to Metamask, a confined-time deal that adds half to your earnings. Endeavor to get payment of Jumptoken(JMPT) to your MetaMask wallet.

Honeygain enables clients of desktop and mobiles to make passive income by sharing their additional net.

Since the application was sent off, the gathering of Honeygain has worked madly to make Honeygain payout bitcoin, the entryway to procure open to a greater circle of clients: application structures for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS were sent off, and Bitcoin was added as a payout decision to help those inadequate to utilize PayPal.

How To Get MetaMask On Your Smartphone.

  • Open Google play store on your gadget.
  • Look for MetaMask and download it.
  • After it gets to your gadget, you are presently ready to make your record.
  • You just need a secret key to work the application.
  • You will get a mystery key, keep it as a screen capture or whatever suits you.
  • You can initiate your record utilizing these keys on any gadget yet in a sequenced request.
  • Look for the Binance network in the application, on the off chance that not found, search in google for joins expected to get the Binance network.


Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

  • If Jumptask isn’t displayed in the network choice inside the application, essentially visit Jumptask’s site and duplicate the necessary connections to the MetaMask application.
  • Presently your document is enacted,
  • Then, you want to duplicate the address of Jumptask and interface it to Honeygain through OTP.
  • To see this large number of connections in the MetaMask application, go to your work area and add an Extension. That is the reason it doesn’t function admirably on mobiles.

How To Get MetaMask On A Desktop

How To Get MetaMask On A Desktop

  • To enact MetaMask wallet on work area, add Metamask expansion and open it.
  • You can without much of a stretch track down the expansion for MetaMask on Google Webstore in your work area.
  • Enter every one of your subtleties including passwords.
  • Again you can initiate your record utilizing your keys.
  • Additionally, you want to change your network to a Binance network by duplicating every one of the subtleties where expected from Jumptask’s site.

Note: If you need to erase your record then additionally you want your keys. To protect them.

  • This is the way to payout in Honeygain to Jumptask wallet utilizing Metamask.
  • There are three payout decisions available: PayPal, Bitcoin, and JumpToken.
  • Moreover, at the ongoing time, there is a +50% augmentation to your earnings while using the JumpTask mode, and that infers that you get an additional portion of your earnings.
  • There were similar trade costs applied during the payout cycle. Concerning, you would have known Honeygain payout bitcoin kept it together for around seven days now and again altogether more, as a result of the extraordinary proportion of trades and weight in the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • From time to time this could have even achieved getting less money than you referenced considering a drop in Bitcoin’s expense. With JumpTask mode, that is as of now not an issue: the credits you obtain are in a brief instant moved to your JumpTask wallet as JumpTokens, discarding the long and upsetting hold on for your payout to appear.


Relation Of Jumptask Token With Binance Network

In this article, we will discuss how to pull out the Jumptask token from the Honeygain application. Assuming you have your tokens stuck on your Jumptask wallet, you can pull out them to your Binance network or any network that you believe they should pull out.

Essentially, this video is for those whose sum is stuck on a Jumptask wallet and who need to pull out it to any network that is suggested by them as a Honeygain payout in Jumptask, yet you should go through a long cycle so keep your eyes open and begin reading this article. To find out about Jumptask payout in Jumptask read our recently distributed article on these themes.

Assuming any of the focuses are skipped, you can miss the token so it’s a modest solicitation to read this article till the end,

Presently the withdrawal will be exceptionally simple.

Essential Things On The Most Proficient Method To Get Jumptask Token To Binance
  • On Binance, you should have the choice to change over the BNBs that you had as of la`te different over from JMPT to officially sanctioned cash of your choice.
  • While the JumpTask mode is enabled on your Honeygain account, every one of the profits that you get are given in JumpToken – cryptographic cash used by Jumptask payout, and they are moved to your wallet.
  • To do accordingly, you would need to change over the JumpTokens (JMPT) amassed in your wallet for money of your choice.

You would need to change JumpTokens over to official kinds of cash (like USD or INR, for example) as it can’t be straightforwardly taken as cash.

  • So as a matter of some importance go to your Honeygain’s site
  • In the dashboard, you can see your Jumptask earnings.
  • On the off chance that your dashboard is associated with your Jumptask, go to it.
  • The sum you see on your Jumptask dashboard you can move by tapping the ‘move to my wallet’ symbol
  • In the case open on your screen you can see how much the gas expenses and the completion of your JMPT tokens. The gas expenses will be charged when you do any of the exchanges.
  • From that point forward, you need to tap the exchange button.
  • After an effective exchange, you can look at the sum that will be added to your wallet
  • From that point onward, you should go to the Metamask wallet, enter the secret phrase and open the Metamask.
  • In the wake of opening the Metamask, you can see your Jumptask tokens accessible in your Metamask.
  • Additionally, your BNB token is accessible there.

Swapping Jumptask tokken to BUSD Process With Pancakeswap

Swapping Process With Pancakeswap
  • On PancakeSwap, they recommend changing over your gathered JMPT to BNB (Binance Coin) and moving those BNBs to your Binance wallet.
  • Benevolently note that you need to add a JMPT token to your Pancakeswap profile to have the choice to trade it.

Instructions To Add BNB Tokens To Metamask
  • To add your BINANCE tokens you need to visit your Binance site and then set up a record on that site.
  • Without setting up the Binance account you can’t sign in to it.
  • Essentially you need to actuate your confirmation by giving your telephone number and email.
  • After that, you will give every one of the subtleties like your security confirmation will be there.
  • A confirmation code will be shipped off the versatile number you need to enter that OTP or check code into your dashboard then after that you need to tap the submit button.
  • In the wake of presenting the subtleties, your record will be open before your screen. So assuming you have any sum in your wallet, that additionally, you can see on your screen
  • After that snap on the purchase button to go further.
  • Since right off the bat you need to purchase your coin as for your situation it is your BNB token. To have it on your INR sum you need to look on the hunt bar to get the INR symbol.
  • Enter the sum on the spend area to purchase.
  • You will purchase BNB of anything that you want. It tends to be 400 or 500 anything you desire. You can enter the sum on the spent symbol and it will be switched over completely to your BNB.
  • If you enter Rs.400 as your sum, you will get 0.011840 BNB.
  • Then click on keep on going further.
Account Linking Process With Binance Account
  • After the above cycle is finished, go to your Metamask wallet, copy the BNB address’s connection, and paste it to your BINANCE account.
  • Presently your screen should refer to the WITHDRAWAL sum and you have two options: spot wallet and financing wallet.
  • After doing as such, simply click on the pull-out button and affirm and you should address some confirmation questions accurately.
  • In the wake of presenting all your right responses, your sum TRANSFER will find actual success.
  • A warning box illuminating you about your withdrawal will be open and you should tap on proceed.
  • After doing so you have a decision to enter your telephone number for the confirmation code to get the code on your telephone number or you can do such by email additionally so you need to refer to both the telephone number and email check code to enter those codes.
  • After doing everything during these cycles your withdrawal demand is submitted and click on the Complete button to go to the following screen.
  • So from your record, the charge for 0.001 BNB is how much 0.005 BNB will be deducted.
  • And in the span of 12 hours, your sum will arrive at your record. Be that as it may, your sum will contact you in only 5 or 6 minutes.
  • In the Metamask, you can see your BNB tokens that will be expanded.
  • You can mind the new withdrawal choice for affirmation of your interaction.

So like this your leap tokens are changed over completely to your Binance account.

Methods  To Pull Out Tokens From Your Account 
  • Go to the
  • In that snap on the purchase choice on your next screen.
  • Then you will see a trade symbol. Ensure your record is associated. If it isn’t then you should interface it to your Metamask.
  • After tapping on the trading symbol simply click on the maximum token.
  • Convert it to BUSD.
  • Presently click on the trade button and affirm trade after that your affirmation will be there and you will get a notice.
  • After the notice, you get you will see a warning that a gas expense as a BNB token is charged.
  • Your tokens are traded with the assistance of a Potcake trade.
  • In the wake of affirming the trade, your exchange will be submitted and should add BUSD to Metamask.
  • Presently your Metamask account has zero impact tokens and some BUSD tokens expanded.
  • It will be extremely intriguing since you need to know what you should do with the BUSD tokens that you have in your wallet.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

a) What is Honeygain?

It’s a free application available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, that permits you to acquire online by selling your additional information that stays unused to an openly supported online application.

You ought to just make a profile (which requires seconds since you simply have to enter your email and think about a secret key) , download the application, sign in and leave the application running on your gadget.

The iOS variation is an exceptional case since Apple doesn’t allow applications that don’t play music or use GPS to run behind the scenes.

This suggests you need to leave Honeygain running on the foundation of your screen, which isn’t ideal, yet they truly offer an energy-saving mode that covers the screen, so you can essentially leave the application running while you rest.

b) What are the basic earnings on Honeygain?

On the off chance that you’ve never had some huge attention to Honeygain, here’s a catalyst abstract. It’s a free application accessible on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, that grants you to secure online by selling your additional data that stays unused to a straightforwardly maintained web-based application.

This recommends you want to leave Honeygain running on the groundwork of your screen, which isn’t great, yet they genuinely offer an energy-saving mode that covers the screen, so you can on a very basic level leave the application running while you rest.

With such endless fraud flooding the electronic world, it’s thought to be not unexpected to be mindful of applications that give free cash.

In any case, from what we’ve seen, Honeygain is genuinely unambiguous with how they work, and it continually embraces new thriving strides to guarantee the two its clients and affiliation are defended.

Honeygain’s system is really clear: it rents out the acceptance to its transparently sponsored online entertainment connections and offers a piece of its advantages to its clients to pay them for taking an interest and sharing their abundance of information that stays unused. With the help of Honeygain, these affiliations can rapidly and securely make directly open information from the net that they need for things like brand security missions or advancement checks.

c) Is it safe to use or not?

With such innumerable stunts flooding the web-based world, it’s common to be cautious about applications that give free money. Regardless, from what we’ve seen, Honeygain is truly unambiguous with how they work, and it consistently adopts new prosperity steps to ensure the two its clients and association are safeguarded.

Honeygain’s game plan is truly clear: it rents out the admittance to its openly subsidized net connections and offers a piece of its advantages to its clients to compensate them for taking an interest and sharing their web that stays unused. With the assistance of Honeygain, these affiliations can quickly and safely make transparently accessible data from the net that they need for things like brand protection missions or advancement checks.

d) Do Honeygain increases passive income?

Essentially you need to follow a means to enter the Honeygain application and procure passive income with this. Simply get the Honeygain application on your device and PCs and find in the dashboard, the choice for sharing your web and you need to not do anything with it pass on the application to run behind the scenes of your versatile and work areas and you unreservedly take care of your responsibilities with tolerance and it will work itself that implies this application associate consequently and you will get compensated for it based on your web utilized.

e) What is Jumptask in Honeygain?

Basically with JumpTask mode being focused on Honeygain, several obscure advantages make it worth using.

Conceivably the fundamental advantage is that you at absolutely no point in the future need to come to the $20 payout limit to demand a payout.

Every one of the credits you gather while on JumpTask mode will be changed over into JumpTokens and added to your JumpTask wallet. Tell us how to payout in Honeygain to Jumptask wallet

At the point when you sign in to Honeygain, you can pick one of two modes: Honeygain or JumpTask.

With the first, the application works in a comparable style as it performed for north of two years: you can likewise utilize Honeygain payout bitcoin, Honeygain credits, and use it to acquire something from somebody a payout once you show up at 20,000 credits ($20).

The rate is 1,000 credits for each 10GB normal (you can procure 6 credits/hours on top of that using the Content Delivery incorporated).

f) How to payout in Honeygain to Jumptask wallet?

Honeygain holds clients of work areas/workstations and mobiles to make simple income by sharing their additional information that stays unused. In the JMPT wallet mode, anything you secure is placed away on your JMPT wallet which you can take out using some trade. We will likewise look at Jumptask payout.

g) Directions To Payout Jumptask Wallet to MetaMask

They included MetaMask for payouts, which made exactly the normal distinction and anticipated that minutes should be set up. Endeavor to get payment of Jumptoken(JMPT) to your MetaMask wallet.

  • To get MetaMask on mobile.
  • Search for MetaMask on the google play store and download it.
  • Presently you are ready to make your record.
  • A mystery key to work the application is required.
  • A Secret key will be conferred to you, take a screen catch of it.
  • You can establish your record including secret keys on any in a sequenced demand.
  • Straightforwardly your record is begun,
  • Then, you ought to copy the area of Jumptask and interface it to Honeygain through OTP.
  • All of the credits you obtain on Honeygain will be moved to the JumpTask wallet with just the typical cost of the blockchain involved as Honeygain payout bitcoin.
  • This is the way to payout in Honeygain to Jumptask wallet. Joining face up with JumpTask and adding JMPT as a new payout choice will permit Honeygain.

h) Honeygain application secure or a scam?

Honeygain isn’t a fraud application; numerous clients are working for it; it’s everything for making the sites to be facilitated on different areas to work fastly Numerous clients should not concur with this yet you need to trust it as a decent kind of revenue.

It doesn’t take any of your details from your mobile or PC and it’s a solid approach to earning your income once you get into this application.

You will understand that this application enjoys many benefits and it is protected to work with as it gives you cash by utilizing your overabundance of web and as it chips away at the idea of CDNs made sense of above and you can trust as per it you can go for numerous kinds of research before entering the Honeygain application or downloading it.

It’s anything but a trick; it appears to be an approach to earning for you. So turn your phone on and download the application and use it trustly.

Here one thing is essential to be aware of the Honeygain application is that it gives you cash for the net you give to them it chips away at the premise of your service.

Additionally, it’s essential to realize that you can associate a limit of 5 devices from one account, if you add the 6th gadget, any of your recently added gadgets won’t permit a Honeygain Earning.

I) How to get your BUSD tokens out?

  • Copy the address of BUSD.
  • Again go to your Binance wallet and snap-on Fiat and spot symbol.
  • You will look through their BUSD and then click on the store button, you should store a BUSD coin you will utilize BSC which is BNB brilliant chain because the last time the address you have duplicated is BNB shrewd chain, you will duplicate that address and go to your Metamask and you will see your BUSD snap to duplicate the address to send tokens Max sum and gas expenses restrict you choose.
  • Then go to the following screen after that snap on affirm and your BNB will be charged.
  • After some time it will be affirmed and in that wallet, you can see your BUSD tokens.


As digital currency can not be saved to your PayPal account or your bank balance, you would need to change JumpTokens over to official sorts of cash (like USD or EUR, for example).

So it depends on you whether you need to take that token on your Coindcx wallet or Coinswitch wallet. Since it’s digital money, you folks can pull out it at any of the trades. The withdrawal is so natural. This is how it works.

As of now, the most effective way to change JMPT over to fiat is through PancakeSwap and Binance. On PancakeSwap, you should have the choice to sign in using your Metamask wallet (particularly while enabling the JumpTask mode on your Honeygain account!). Assuming no one minds, note that at this point, the slippage for JMTP is 0%, and that suggests that no charges are applied when you change JMTP to substitute cash.



Honeygain is an application that assists you with bringing in cash by sharing your web which is exorbitant for you. It utilizes the idea of cloud conveyance networks to run facilitated sites in numerous areas significantly quicker.

The minimum payment that can be mentioned to payout is $20 and it’s an extremely simple method for earning your passive income.

The essential target of the JumpTask application is to change the gig economy by cutting down the part bar, engaging more people overall to profit from passive income open entryways, and outfitting associations with a significant opportunity to review their microtasks to an overall labor force instead of over-troubling their clients or enrolling new gatherings on a fleeting conviction. It is additionally wanting to prepare more people with the universe of advanced monetary forms, as all of the exchanges on the stage are made utilizing its digital currency called JumpToken (JMPT).

So we trust that this article assists you with understanding every one of your questions cleared and presently you are ready to get income from the Honeygain application.

Comment your queries below. Thank you! Visit once more.


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