How To Choose A Blogging Niche? Best Niche For Blogging In 2021

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best niche for blogging in 2021

This article is especially for bloggers in 2021, and it will let bloggers know about how to choose a blogging Niche? So basically here you will learn how to choose a niche that will help you to select less competition blog niches to rank fast and know the best niche for blogging in 2021.

To start writing a blog in 2021 is quite interesting as this is the era of the online world.So with the best niches for blogging in 2021 and with an awesome strategy plan, you can start your blogging career and make money online as a blogger.

Before sharing best niches ideas, this article will let you know something about blog niches.

A  blog niche is a blog that elaborates on small topics and the knowledge about topics is given in detail which comes out to be very useful and you can grab a lot of traffic in your website with the help of nice keywords and rank fast with fewer competition niches.

Before choosing blogging as a career, it’s a dilemma that can we make a living with blogging? Or it’s just a myth?

What good is you can earn money with blogging but the thing is that you have to do it in the right way.

being a blogger you have to be completely dedicated to your performance and need to put tons of hard work into how to make your blog useful? And provide relevant information to your readers.

To do so you need to choose the right niche.

To become successful as a blogger does not take a lot of years, just stick to your work with proper dedication and hard work.

You decide to start a blog but you do not have ideas about what to write in your content or if you have some ideas but you are not sure about whether that Idea will work or not? Isn’t that true?

As a beginner, you must have found that the hardest part of blogging is how to choose a blog niche?

You might have a lot of ideas in your mind that must be bouncing, isn’t it? or you are not able to select one out of those millions of ideas that are bouncing in your head.

In this blog post, you will be getting ideas with some less struggle to come up with blogging niche ideas.


You must be thinking how does this matter to choose a blog niche? It’s that important or can’t we write any random content for our blog post?

No; this is an important part to know and select before setting your career as a blogger, it helps your blog to rank fast and attract more audiences.

The reason to pick out only a single niche is that there are readers who are fond of your content and visit your blog post surely. If you are regular to a niche and well that’s true that there is no internet police that will come to your door and grab you if you don’t write about your niche. But it’s not a guarantee of your readers that they would be interested in the topics of your niche every time but most of the readers if once found your blog post to be useful and productive will surely visit your other blog post. That’s why sticking to a single niche is quite important for grabbing an audience.

A blog niche is exactly a specific topic that is written in detail about your blog post.

Ideas To Stick On The Niche Of Your Blog

Once you’ve decided on a niche for your blog post you have to do the one more important thing, that is you must think about if blogging is your passion not just it’s a way of earning profit.

Sometimes bloggers choose those topics in which they get a lot of traffic but they do not gain money.

Writing a blog post in the beginning is fun, the toughest part of blogging is to stick to a particular topic for a long time.

Many of the new bloggers stop writing on one topic and jump to the next one, for example, if you write on a topic related to technology for some time and then you end up writing on the same topic and starts writing on the topic related to health and lifestyle but this setup creates a huge loss to bloggers as they failed to get targeted readers.

As same this blog post gives knowledge about earning from internet marketing and for new bloggers to give them complete guidance.

There are several different topics when seen but at the end when you will conclude all topics you will definitely find them related to a particular niche.

So in this way, your blog post must have niches the same from day one.

Some topics that give you a lot of traffic but no income are:

  • Free quotes
  • Free tips and tricks
  • Free wallpaper download
  • Free image download
  • Free song download
  • Free download of movies etc

How To Pick The Best Niches For Blogging?

Best niches are basically those that are irrelevant to the topics that you like most and help to get good traffic to your blog post and also a source of good income.

So further, you will be knowing a few tips to select the best niches for blogging in 2021.

1) Write your interesting topic.

2) Search for its business value.

3) Check out for its monthly/yearly searches in Google.

4) What’s the Trend and future of your topic?


We will go into detail about each tip further and surely this will help you a lot, to pick up a niche for your blog post.

If you have already chosen a niche for your blog post then also you can change your niche. It’s not a thing to worry about, but then you have to stick to that niche for your blogging career.

Let’s dive deep into this.

best niche for blogging in 2021
Make a List of interested topics of yours
how to choose a blogging niche

Cool down with a good mindset, this will help you to decide a topic in which you are interested to write about like just thinking whether it is of:

  • earning online, 
  • Blogging,
  • Internet marketing,
  • Bollywood,
  • Lifestyle, 
  • Cricket,
  • Music, 
  • Education, etc just make out a list of the topics that seem to be interesting to you.

Maybe the length of your list will be short or long but the thing that matters is that it’s your opinion and your list of interests, it may contain 20 or 50 or any number of topics.

The business value of your topic

Not just for passion or profit, blogging is something, if set up good, that can make you as rich as you do hard work in this field.

Everyone searches on Google for the hottest topic for blogging but it’s a good point for them too. As an example, the most searched topic on Google is always about technology. It’s hard to believe that over 90% of bloggers write about technology in their blog posts. This shows that people are crazy about writing a tech blog.

But you must not start writing a tech blog as it seems to be the hottest topic if you have zero knowledge about it. Although it’s not totally impossible to write a tech blog, if you give time to get knowledge for the technical world you will surely be able to write a blog post about technology. Also, it’s not that easy as it seems to be, it may take a lot of time and hard work to achieve success as a blogger.

At first, you won’t find more than 2 or 3 visitors on your blog post for a few months. This will discourage you for sure, but just keep writing quality content for your blog post and do not back out. One day surely you will have a lot of audiences visiting your blog post every day but this may take one or two or even more than that years.

An important tip here is to select those topics which are interesting to you.

Monthly/Yearly Searches Of Your Topic

Suppose if you have a topic like “current affair” in your interest list then it’s an obvious topic that is in trend always. It’s daily searched by millions of people worldwide but a topic like an election or something related to this will not be a long-term current affair. So do not hold this topic, choose the topic that must be less time taking. Write on evergreen topics and that has a good monthly/ yearly search on Google.

So like this, take time to search all your topics on Google and then select a topic that has a great number of searches on Google.

Aware of the thing that holds you back and always check out that whether you are going in the right direction or not as blogging is not always about earning money it’s about spreading good knowledge to your audience also.

Check Out The Future And The Trend Of Your Topic

Check out the level of competition of your topic and the popularity also. This will let you know the demand of your topic for the future. Provide relevant information on your site and make your hard work into achievement for the future.

Best Niches For Blogging In 2021

So now we’re going to discuss few best niches for 2021 blogging, that will surely let you get success in the future, and here are some trending blog niches list below:

  • Health and wealth niche

This includes topics like weight loss, healthy meals, low carbohydrate diets, keto diet, mental health issues, yoga, peacefulness, exercises, etc.

  • Parenting niches

Includes child’s diet plan, parenting tips for father and mother, the mental health of the child, stages of childhood, etc.

  • Finance niches

Includes loans, financial issues, reducing expenses, cryptocurrencies, reducing debt, investing, funds, etc.

  • Empowerment niches

Includes self-improvement, rights, methods of development, personality enhancement, philosophies, styles, etc.

  • Lifestyle niches

Includes beauty treatment, natural therapies, fashion, clothing, housing, celebrities, health, etc.

  • Website development niche

Includes building a website with WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, setting a theme, etc. related to web development.

Apart from that, there are more specific niches further which you can write easily with interest and start making your career.

  • Travel blog niches

# Guidance tips                        # Learning languages                   # Traveling tips

# Traveling for earning          # Sports travel blog: travel to go for skiing, snowboarding, etc.

#Travel to see your favorite spots         #Food travel etc

Sports and fitness niches

# Cycling for kids                 # Swimming                 # Running                 # Hiking

# Leadership                          # Sports training             # Self-defense training

# Special training for women          # Kids sports       # Yoga and exercises

# Old age sports etc

Hobbies blog niche

# Sports            # Arts          # Crafs           # Gaming             # Fun           # Drawing

# Sketching             # Gardening              # Cooking           # Sailing      # Play musical instrument

# Educational videos      # Makeup tutorial etc

Food blog niches

# Baking recipes          # Cooking meals           # Knowledge about utensils

# Easy breakfast recipes      # Healthy food recipe        # Boiled food recipes

# Wine recipes                   # Pickle recipes                   # Meal planning


# Street food etc

Entertainment blog niche

# Movie reviews         # Funny videos reviews        # Stand up comedian rules

# Upcoming and ongoing Bollywood events     # Reality show reviews etc

Gaming blog niches

# Tutorial for video games      # Gaming reviews       # Earning from gaming

# Playing game strategies       # Cards game tips          # Video game tools etc

Relationship with partner blog niche

# Choosing the right partner        # Wedding            # Life of a wife


# Life of a husband                     # Live after divorce        # Before and after marriage life

# Binding families                       # Get together ideas etc

Ecosystem niches

# Live green with loved ones     # The eco-friendly thing to use          # Sewing clothes on own


# Urban lifestyle in greenery      # Living sustainability                    # Making organic things etc

Educational niche

# Career counseling             # Job advises             # New skill tutorial           # Self-employment tool

# Study plans                   # Motivational articles      # Study video tutorial    # College planning etc

Pet- animal; blog niche

# Rescue injured animals       # Pet farming              # Working for animal treatment

# Getting a cat or dog from near pet Shop etc

Technology blog niche

# Mobile app development         # Building app without coding

# Technical development around us etc

So these are some most searched topics for your blog post and the best niche for blogging in 2021.

best niche for blogging in 2021
Less Competition Blog Niches

Here we will discuss some profitable blog niches that are low in the competition which will help you to fill your pocket with money in the future.There are many less competitive blog niches that help you to grow your blog post fast. You surely would n’t expect to have waited for years.

So here are the top best 20 less competition blog niches:

  • Kids party ideas
  • Car reviews
  • Security system reviews
  • Makeup samples
  • Discount offers
  • Survival hacks
  • Gift cards earning
  • Coupon code websites
  • Video downloader tool website
  • Calculator websites ( like love, age, name, etc)
  • Kundali matching websites
  • Comparison of products
  • Architecture
  • Food recipes
  • Local news websites
  • Farming websites etc.

Before winding up this blog post, we would like to know the niches you are interested in, in the comment box below, and do share this post to help your friends.

So hopefully this article must have cleared all your doubts regarding the selection of the best niches for blogging in 2021 with all details including subtopics for each topic.

For less competition, we would suggest you start with food, health, and lifestyle niches for future scope because these are lifetime niches. So in this way you can start your career as a blogger in 2021 by selecting the best niche for your blog post.

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