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Choose Best Micro Niche For Blogging

Are you trying to find the simplest niche for blogging? If yes, then building an honest website that’s also profitable will be a very frightening task. However, it will be done if you target microniches! Moreover, we will let you know the best micro niche for blogging.

The real value of blogging online lies in making micro-niche blogs. After you select the best niche, you’ll truly dominate Google and make a lot of cash in that particular niche by writing blogs.

We will provide you with some micro-niche blog ideas for your website.

This article will give you information about the best micro niche for blogging in 2021, how we can earn from blogging easily, how to create a micro-niche blog, and much more queries like these. So, let’s begin with this.

What is a micro-niche blog?

A micro-niche blog is extraordinarily specific and focuses solely on one topic. A micro-niche blog may be a super-small website made from just a few pages. 

It’s a niche as a result of focusing on a selected keyword. There are plenty of profitable concepts out there, and in most cases, a micro niche website is a definite match.

If you consider only one topic, it talks about one specific business that is said to be micro-niche blogging. The simplest part is that it talks solely about a particular topic.

What is the Difference Between A Niche Blog And A Micro-Niche Blog?

Before you get to understand what’s niche and micro-niche, you’ve got to know the distinction between Market and Niche.

Some examples of Market are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Sports
  • Sub-Market Category:
    • Health (diet, nutrition, yoga, etc.)
    • Wealth (finance, sales, property, etc.)
    • Sports (athletics, martial arts, soccer, etc.)

There are several sub-heading within the first main heading but as of now, we are taking an example here.

  • In a similar approach below, wealth is finance, sales, and property, and within sports are athletics, martial arts, and soccer.
  • There are numerous of those in our sub-markets. 
  • Thus, currently, we will be able to tell you what’s niche.
  • The niche could be a set of super-targeted audiences within a sub-market. 
  • Here the audience is; they need to scan a selected topic of the blog. We wish to be told about specific subjects; for instance, our blog is about blogging, and our audience is fascinated by blogging.

Likewise, a protein will be about supermolecules, so if the blogger needs an interest in protein, within the same approach, if someone’s blog is on yoga, then they need an interest in yoga, thus one such topic whose audience is that same interest for everybody. Thus, in an exceedingly different approach, we will say that a submarket within the market is named a niche.

  • Market= Health
  • Sub-market = Nutrition

Now, we hope you have perceived what’s micro-niche with the help of Market= Wealth

  • Sub-market = create cash on-line
  • Niche = digital marketing

A niche within a niche that is additionally called a micro-niche, which is equal to blogging,

I hope you want to know what the distinction is between niche and micro-niche.

A niche blog will cover a pair of or three (or even more) topics, whereas a micro-niche site largely focuses on only one topic.

As a beginner, you must have found that the hardest part of blogging is choosing a niche.

You might have a lot of ideas in your mind that must be bouncing around, isn’t it? or you are not able to select one out of those millions of ideas that are bouncing around in your head.

In this blog post, you will get some ideas to help you come up with blogging niche ideas.

You must be thinking, “How does this matter when choosing a blog niche?” Is it that important, or can’t we write any random content for our blog post?

No; this is an important part to know and select before starting your career as a blogger; it helps your blog rank quickly and attract more audiences.

The reason to pick only a single niche is that there are readers who are fond of your content and will surely visit your blog. If you are regular in a niche, well, that’s true, but there is no internet police that will come to your door and grab you if you don’t write about your niche. But it’s not a guarantee for your readers that they will be interested in the topics of your niche every time, but most of the readers who once found your blog post useful and productive will surely visit your other blog posts.

That’s why sticking to a single niche is quite important for grabbing an audience.

A blog niche is exactly a specific topic that is covered in detail in your blog post.

How to Build Links for a Micro-niche Blog?

Building backlinks to your niche website is the most important issue that will make or break your website’s success. 

  • Google doesn’t trust new websites and largely gives prime priority to authority sites for one reason: they need a lot of backlinks.
  • So if you would like to up your niche website game and attract heaps of search traffic, you need to specialise in the building as many quality backlinks as possible.
  • So, start building relationships with alternative bloggers in your niche. This can be a less familiar method, as most people point out when building links. 
  • Most people are usually targeted by links; however, if you focus on networking, you’ll attract links a lot easier.

Write guest posts that educate alternative blog audiences. Confirm that your guest posts are extremely informative and careful; therefore, you’ll simply link back multiple times to your best content rather than posing for only one link from the author’s bio.

You can also post the content on medium.com, reddit.com, weebly.com and many more blogs website like these to generate an authenticate backlink.

No matter what niche you’re in, one effective way to attract links is to make appealing and informative infographics and transfer them into all the free and paid infographic directories besides the introduction section, where you’ll get a link back once others begin using them.

There are so many more ways to help you know how you can earn money from blogging. You can visit our website for more articles like these.

How to Create a Micro-Niche Blog?

There are a few ways that will help beginners learn how to start earning by micro-niche blogging. 

  • Get a website.

If you haven’t had a website before, this step could sound difficult. 

Getting your micro-niche blog up and running requires three things:

  1. Choosing a Web host
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Installing a theme

These are all super easy steps; we are going to walk you through them.

  • Setting up your web hosting account

Getting hosting is like buying a piece of land on the internet, wherever your website can sit. While you cannot host a house, you cannot own a website.

Luckily, web hosting is super reasonable, and even 10-year-olds can afford to own their own blogs.

While there are thousands of web hosts to choose from, not all of them are smart. And if you’re planning to begin a website, trust us, you want an honest host.

A bad host, wherever your website perpetually crashes and is slow and therefore the support team never answers your emails, is hell, and you would possibly also not have a website in any respect.

There is a host we like to recommend currently for brand-spanking-new website owners: Dreamhost.

  1. Super affordable!
  2. Great support.
  3. So easy to use.
  4. They need a fast WordPress install, and you’ll even raise support to merely do it for you.
  5. free domain name!
  6. A great (and fast!) premium to upgrade to if your website starts to grow.

Apart from this, you can also check BlueHost, Hostinger, GoDaddy, DreamHost and more. You can survey these site and choose which work for you best.

Also, they’re one of the official hosting recommendations by WordPress, so if you intend on using WordPress (if you are reading this guide, then yes), they are a perfect selection.

  • Installing WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website software in the world.

If you wish for a quick, secure, and nicely designed website, we would highly suggest using WordPress.

  1. Better of all, it’s 100% free. 
  2. The other great point concerning WordPress is that it’s super easy to use.
  3. No nerdy stuff, no weird programming, or secret writing. 
  4. Simply install and go. 
  5. But if you are really good at coding, you can make your website own by programming only.

If you are hosting with the above-mentioned hosting website, then WordPress can already be pre-installed for you; as a result, they are terrible like that.

If you are using another host or if you forgot to visualise the “pre-install” WordPress button within the previous step, don’t be concerned. 

For instance, if you choose “Dreamhost” as a hosting website, then:

Once you have started your Dreamhost account, move to your dashboard and click on “One-Click Installs” within the left menu.

You will be taken to the WordPress install screen.

Simply select your name from the sink box (it will be a similar domain you selected throughout signup) and click on Install.

Wait for it to try and do its thing, and you currently have an operating WordPress website site.

  • Installing a theme

Now, your WordPress theme

A theme is sort of a premade style for your website. Rather than paying an internet designer thousands of dollars to style a reasonable website for you, you’ll simply install a WordPress theme with one click, and your website can look nice.

If this is often your initial website, we are planning to suggest that you not buy a theme quickly.

Why? You are likely to spend hours searching through completely different themes, and it’ll simply be a distraction from the additional vital tasks. There are a lot of free themes you’ll use in the meantime.

In fact, you’ll simply use the default theme that WordPress provides you, which will fulfil your needs currently.

Once you have written some articles and have a far better idea of how you wish the positioning to appear, you’ll consider investing in a theme. Ever-changing an issue is as easy as mutually clicking, so you don’t have to worry about it this early. Specialise in building your website’s content and traffic.

Of course, if you wish to shop for an issue quickly, that is altogether fine too. 

You’ll need to induce an issue eventually anyway. Once you have written some articles and have a plan for how you wish your website to appear, it is time to start theme searching.

  • Selecting a Micro-Niche

Now that you are geared up, we will work on the positioning itself. First, your microniche What is your website planning to be about? 

There are two things to believe here:

  1. Is it a subject matter you’re knowledgeable about or passionate about?
  2. Is it a subject matter people are finding out about online?

Write quality articles for your micro-niche website.

Now that we’ve found some keywords to focus on, what can we do with them?

A collection of smaller articles to publish frequently (500+ words)

Target your keywords!

To get found in Google, you should focus on keywords in your articles. That is why we have a tendency to spend all that time in the previous step finding smart keywords to use. And for that, you can use, Google Keyword Planner.

The reason to “target a keyword” is to feature that string of words at intervals in your article in a good variety of places. 

Why can’t we do this?

Because this is often the case, however, Google is aware of what your website is about.

So, Obtaining traffic for your website is simply the toughest and least pleasurable part of the method. Why? Because most of the recommendations out there are scammy, secret tricks, and “spam your website everywhere on the internet” kind of stuff.

This is why we have not done a lot of traffic generation; however, after all, it is a necessary part of building your website.

One source of traffic we’re planning to consider is Google; however, this does not happen instantly.

As a result of your website being new, Google does not understand whether or not it’s smart or not. Sometimes gaining traction on Google takes around half a dozen months or more. That is okay; within the steps higher than that, we’ve set ourselves up for Google’s success in the long run.

However, we have a tendency to additionally need to induce results from day one, remember? 

Here are some traffic sources that will facilitate that:

  1. Facebook: If your website is concerning one of your hobbies and it’s something individuals typically raise you concerning, you’ll share your stuff on your Facebook page.
  2. Pinterest: This is truly an extremely great tool for promoting your website. We would suggest beginning a brand new Pinterest account for your website, building some skilled-looking pins in Canva, and then beginning to share them. You’ll share on your personal Pinterest too. Pinterest has been my main traffic driver to this point.
  3. Youtube: You’ll rank videos super simply on Youtube. If you are doing a particular title like “How to treat the infection with tea tree oil,” you will likely rank on the primary page at intervals each day. But the challenge is truly creating an honest video that individuals can watch.
  4. Quora: A lot of individuals raise queries on Quora all the time. If you check for questions related to your niche, you’ll then post a solution and link back to your website. It is a rather untapped resource that you just ought to undoubtedly look at.
  5. Reddit: There’s possibly a subreddit associated with your niche. Post your articles up there; you would possibly be shocked.

Forums are always an excellent place to market your website. If anyone has questions associated with your niche, answer them and direct them to a relevant article on your website. a good way to make backlinks too.

Stumble Upon is super straightforward to use; simply submit your pages and see how they are doing. We would select one or two sources to start with and specialise in those. If you see any success, keep going, and if you do not, strive for something else. That one is the simplest and extremely depends on your promotion vogue and therefore the niche itself; thus, simply keep attempting. only for reference.

How You Can Earn From Blogging?

Now that individuals are visiting your website, we’d like to convert this traffic into money. There are two ways that we are planning to advocate for creating money from a micro-niche blog. One is advertising, and the opposite is affiliate marketing.

  • Advertising

Advertising is most often done through Google Adsense.

  1. Simply check-in for an account, enter your website details, and if your site is not spamming, you ought to be approved. 
  2. Then you’ll begin copy-pasting the ads around your website.
  3. Once a reader clicks on one of those ads, you will sometimes earn between 10% to 25%.

The drawback with advertising is that it needs loads of traffic before you see any results. 

To me, advertising could be an additional long-term strategy once your website and traffic mature. If this is your initial micro-niche website, we would highly suggest using affiliate marketing.

  • Affiliate marketing

If you wish for your website to generate money from day one, we would recommend using affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission for recommending a product or service. You set a special link to a product on your website, and if somebody clicks that link and makes a purchase, you get a commission.

If this is often your initial website, we might suggest using the Amazon affiliate programme. However, this works if you post affiliate links on your website for anything on Amazon (Amazon can offer the links for you). If your readers click that link and buy something, Amazon can pay you a commission of between 1% to 10%.

The programme is especially nice as a result of their affiliate links being valid store-wide. meaning if somebody clicks a link for oil on your website, whereas on Amazon they find themselves buying a laptop computer, you will get a commission for that too.

Once you gain additional awareness of building sites, you’ll begin watching different money-making programmes; however, Amazon could be a nice one to induce sales.

Other things to suppose about, If your niche involves products individuals can obtain (for example, if you created a website concerning vegetable oil recipes, your readers can clearly be shopping for coconut oil), it makes additional sense to legalise with Amazon.

Why? As a result, you’ll link to vegetable oil (or any product) on Amazon and collect commissions. If your micro-niche is additional informational and other people usually will not be shopping for things (for example, philosophy or meditation), then it makes a lot of sense to legalise with Adsense. Lastly, check that you have built your website properly before submitting an application for either Adsense or Amazon’s Associate programme.

Post some articles to your website and build it to look full and active. Once you apply, they’re planning to review your website to see if it fits their criteria.

This sounds discouraging, but it’s extremely not. 

As long as your website does not seem like shit (and it should not if you have followed my guide above), you ought to have no trouble obtaining approval!

If you’re curious about how you’ll truly make money from blogging on niche sites, here are a few steps to follow to be a successful micro-niche blogger that is “Marketing your own stuff”.

So, this is another best way to legalise your niche sites is to sell your own product; therefore, you’ll earn whatever proportion you’d like while not giving the free commission to anyone else. 

Here are a number of the items you’ll sell:

  1. Niche-specific product (If you’re running a niche website for fish storage tanks, you’ll build and promote your own storage tanks and fish filters and sell them at any cost.)
  2. eBooks associated with your business
  3. Making your content premium (so you’ll be attracting an extremely valuable audience who have an interest in paying you to scan your content)

And the list goes on.

how we can earn from blogging easily

Choose Best Micro Niche For Blogging:

Find a distinct segment wherever you have got a foundation of information, experience, or connections.


  1. Acne and Skin Care
  2. Alcohol
  3. Art
  4. Baby and Maternity
  5. Blockchain and cryptocurrency
  6. Books and fiction
  7. Business and Career
  8. Cameras and photography
  9. Cars and vehicles
  10. Cooking and Recipes
  11. Crafts and DIY
  12. Diet and weight loss
  13. Digital promotion and MMO
  14. Exercise
  15. Farming
  16. Fashion
  17. Fishing
  18. Gardening and field care
  19. Health
  20. Makeup and wonder
  21. Martial Arts
  22. Music and Instruments
  23. Outdoors
  24. Pets and animal care
  25. Sports
  26. Technology and gadgets
  27. Travel
  28. Wedding
  29. Technology
  30. Health Related
  31. Travels Blogging
  32. Makeup

And many more.

However, you already recognise that these are broad niches and that we have to be compelled to realise a micro-niche. Some microniches that were equivalent to them are discussed below.

micro niche blog ideas

  • Acne and Skin Care

Acne and skincare may be a topic that’s terribly close to the hearts of plenty of individuals. Since it’s a true drawback, there’s outsized potential for several skin care-connected niches like Acne Cream, Acne Treatments, Adult Acne, Anti Ageing, Anti-Ageing Foods, Baby Lotion, Cellulite Removal, Foot Care, Hand Lotion, Natural Skin Care, Skin Care Routine, Teenage inflammatory disease, Younger Skin, Alcohol and many more like these topics.

From homebrewing to monthly tasting packages of brew, wine, and strong drinks, alcohol is associated with a business with good niche potential for the correct seller.

  • Alcohol

From homebrewing to monthly tasting packages of brew, wine, and strong drink, alcohol is associated with a business with good niche potential for the correct seller.

    • Cocktail Recipes
    • Clubbing on a Budget
    • Homebrewing
    • How to Cure Hangovers
    • How to build Cocktails
    • Making Wine
    • Rum Lovers
    • Run A Bar
    • Wine creating
    • Wine Tasting
  • Art

best micro niche for blogging

From marketing your own paintings to aggregating historical art to teaching beginners, art contains a ton of valid niches. Use one in every one of the alternatives below to begin an internet site and on-line business.

    • Art aggregation
    • Art History
    • Art finance
    • Art provides
    • Cartoonist
    • Fine Art
    • Illustration
    • Learn Sand Art
    • Learn Snow Sculpting
    • Learn To Draw
    • Performing Arts
    • Sculptures
    • Visual Arts
    • Wall Art
    • Wall Hangings
  • Baby and Maternity

Baby products may be a booming business, as there’s nothing a parent is a lot more enthusiastic about than their expected (or existing) kid.

    • Adoption
    • Baby Accessories
    • Baby Bathing
    • Baby Care
    • Baby Development
    • Baby Gifts
    • Baby Shower
    • Babysitting Service
    • Breastfeeding Diet
    • Daycare
    • Dealing with Allergies
    • Dealing with Miscarriage
    • Maternity
    • Pregnancy Diet
    • Stop Bedwetting
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies have verified they’re here to remain, with a large $8.8 trillion listed in spot and futures markets.

    • BitCoin
    • Blockchain Tutorials
    • Blockchain Developer
    • Cryptocoin Mining
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Litecoinearn from cryptocurrency
    • Litecoin Coin
    • Ripple Coin

Many  analysis and consulting company, had expected that the industry could derive one billion bucks of business worth from the employment of blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. Moreover, blockchain is used for launching new cryptocurrencies that may be regulated or influenced by financial policy.

While 2020 has been topsy-turvy for many industries, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have survived and are creating their presence felt.

We have all detected the Bitcoin revival, right? Bitcoin may be a form of cryptocurrency. However, what’s cryptocurrency in reality?

You can visit our website for more detailed explanation.

  • Books and Fiction

Both as an author, book reviewer, and writing coach, there are several classes, and inevitably, niches within the book market.

    • Altered Books
    • Biography
    • Book Author
    • Bookbinding
    • Comics
    • Essays
    • Fantasy
    • Fiction
    • Mystery
    • Novel
    • Nonfiction
    • Pop-Up Books
    • Publish Your Own Book
    • Thriller
    • Script Writing
    • Writing Poetry
    • Literature
    • Love Poetry
    • Love Quotes
    • Audio Books
    • Voicing Audio Books
  • Business and Career

As the primary supply of financial gain for many individuals, this can be a subject several are enthusiastic about. Legion peoples are searching for recommendations on running a fortunate. Business or architecting an excellent career:

    • Business concepts
    • Business Loans
    • Business begins
    • Career designing
    • CV Writing
    • Data Entry
    • Economic Recession
    • Entrepreneurship Development
    • Find A Job
    • Job Interviews
    • Leadership Development
    • Negotiating a raise
    • Online Degree
    • Online Jobs
    • Retirement designing
    • Sales Skills
    • Social Networking
    • Software Developer
    • Start a Business
    • Unemployment
    • Wealthy
    • Working for Startups
    • Workplace Motivation
  • Cameras, Photography and Videographytravel camera blog

Cameras and photography are vast passions for plenty of individuals, from hobbyists to regular professionals. With heaps of individuals wanting to extend their ability and purchase the most effective gear, this class has many niches to decide from.

    • Mobile phone cameras
    • DSLR cameras
    • Mirrorless Cameras
    • Action Cameras
    • Film Cameras
    • Point-and-shoot Cameras
    • Photography
    • Abstract Photography
    • Adventure Photography
    • Creative Photography
    • Event Photography
    • Fashion Photography
    • Film Photography
    • Fine Art Photography
    • Food Photography
    • Long Exposure Photography
    • Macro Photography
    • Milky Way Photography
    • Minimalist Photography
    • Photojournalism
    • Real Estate Photography
    • Social Media Photography
    • Sports Photography
    • Travel Photography
    • Urban Exploration Photography
    • War Photography
    • Video Interviews
    • Promotional Videos
    • Ultra High-speed Cameras
    • Filmmaking
    • Photo piece of writing
    • Photoshop
    • Photoshop Tutorials
    • Smartphone Photography
    • Video Editor
    • Video Producer

As an example: Wedding photography involves hours of diligence, editing, scheduling, and traveling.

productive wedding photographers are okay with outlay time in huddled areas, working struggling, and continuously being on the lookout for distinctive moments to document.

If you build sturdy connections, keep on with a subcategory with less competition, and develop a singular style, you’ll go from the second shooter to the first creative person for a short duration.

  • Some Popular Cooking Micro Niches Are:food blog micro niches
    • Indian food recipes
    • Italian food recipes
    • Anabolic cooking
    • Asian cooking
    • Thai food recipes
    • British Recipes
    • Bacon Of The Month Club
    • Baking
    • BBQ Recipes
    • Blender
    • Bread Recipes
    • Breakfast Recipes
    • Cake Decorating
    • Catering
    • Chicken Recipes
    • Chinese Recipes
    • Chocolate Recipes
    • Cooking instrumentality
    • Dessert
    • Diabetic Recipes
    • Dining Setup
    • Food Preparation instrumentality
    • Frying Pan/Skillet
    • Grilling Recipes
    • Healthy Food Recipes

These above  are some examples of cooking micro niches.

That long list of sub-niches on top of is simply a small sampling of the vastly widespread evergreen niche of cookery. One won’t suppose that the cooking niche is as common because it is, however after you contemplate all of the TV chefs who became notably attributable to programs just like the Food Network, it’s no surprise that a lot of are creating a snug living sharing their passion.

Pros and Cons of a Micro-Niche Blog

Do's and Don'ts of micro niche blogging


Let’s currently discuss a number of the pros and cons.

Here are the pros:

  • You get extremely targeted guests from search engines.
  • You can simply increase your website conversion rates as a result of targeted website traffic.
  • You can promote extremely high-paying and very targeted products associated with your niche.
  • You can make extra money even with less traffic.
  • You don’t get to look ahead to years to make good financial gains each month, in contrast to building authority.
  • You don’t get to be an expert in your niche.
  • There will not be a lot of competition in your niche.

Here are the cons:

  • You’ll be pitiful in terms of traffic since you’ll be targeting only specific keywords with low search volume.
  • It’s extremely unlikely to make thousands of dollars every month from such sites. At a median, an extremely booming micro-niche website makes five hundred to one thousand dollars every month.
  • Building backlinks from authority websites will be tough if you’re running this sort of site (most individuals suppose you’re doing it only for the sake of obtaining links, be it guest posts or blogger outreach).


I hope this article has given you much information about micro niche blogging and how you can earn from it.

So if you’re trying to make extra money from niche sites, keep them targeted, relevant, and consistent. If you have any further questions, Share your thoughts in the comment box.

“I hope you like this article & use some genuine tips”

Thanks You Budiess

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