How To Earn From Cashkaro App? Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

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earn from cashkaro app

Earn From Cashkaro App

In today’s digital world, we have so many options to do online shopping from home. Likewise, we all love to shop online, as we can see so many kinds of stuff.

By holding our device in our hands, we can search for so many things we want to purchase, but what if we get cash back on our purchases? Sounds great. So, you will be surprised if you receive more than the standard cashback. Yes because everyone loves to save money from the earned amount and we can also say that saved money as a cashback is your side earning. 

So, you can earn the same while shopping online with the CashKaro app. The Cashkaro app gives cashback offers to its users on a wide range of online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and many more.

In this article, you will learn how to earn from the CashKaro app and how you can easily grab offers on every purchase from Cashkaro App.

So, let’s start:

In the CashKaro app, you will not just get cashback; in fact, you will get extra cashback. That is, with normal cashback, you can earn some extra Cashback.

About the Offers And cashback?

Basically, cashback is a reward offered to you while you make a purchase online, which means you get some cashback. You will get cashback for every transaction, which you did via a third party or any card like a debit or credit card, etc., but with the CashKaro app, you get some extra money compared to the normal cashback.

Now the question arises: why the Cashkaro app offers cashback? 

So to understand this, we say that, basically, most of the time, cashback is offered by banks when you do any online transaction via your credit or debit card or through net banking. But there are so many third-party websites that also offer you cash back when any payment transaction is done by you via them; this is what includes extra cashback.

Now you must be thinking, “What are third-party websites?”

Here we will explain to you that third-party websites are those that basically give you coupons or cashback deals.

To avail of the extra cashback offer from a third-party website, you must be registered with them before making any transaction. So the CashKaro app is one of those third-party websites that gives you extra cashback when you do any transaction from the CashKaro app to make your purchase.

All About the Cashkaro App:

This app was launched in April 2013 by Swati Bhargava and Rohan Bhargava.

It is a third-party app that offers you cash back on your purchases when you make the transaction using their CashKaro App. It will reward your coupon as well as a cashback website. 

Once you have earned a minimum of Rs. 250 in your CashKaro account, you can withdraw the cashback to your bank account or redeem it for gift vouchers easily.

How To Earn From The CashKaro App?

To earn from the CashKaro app, you need to know some basic details about how and in what ways this app works so that you can make a profit from it while making an online transaction.

It works in three ways which are listed below:

  1. Browse the website and make payment from CashKaro App
  2. Shop items from CashKaro App only
  3. Refer and Earn Program: Get 10%  of the referral person’s cashback amount.
  4. Through Rewards, earn through purchases.
How to browse the website and make money?
  • So in the first step, you need to browse the retailer with the help of before making any online purchase. 
  • You have to complete your purchase until your session expires at CashKaro. 
  • Then, after this step, it’s time to redeem your earned cash back at the bank. 
  • The offers are in the form of gift vouchers that you get for transactions of your payment for shopping, so this is how you can earn from the CashKaro app, and now we will go into detail about the CashKaro app and learn how you can use the CashKaro app.
  • We can also track our cashback through our id.

We cannot withdraw cash from the reward option but can redeem it by using it on Flipkart, Amazon and more shopping websites like these. So, we can only withdraw CashBack and refer the winning amount to our bank easily using the “Transfer” option.

How to Use the Cashkaro App?

How to Use the Cashkaro App?

So, you can use the CashKaro app to earn a passive income by following the below-given steps:

  • Firstly, join or login to the CashKaro app. You can download and install it through the Google Play Store. It is, of course, a 100% free app.
  • Once you log in to the CashKaro app, you need to click on the deals you like for cashback offers.
  • After that, you can search for the retailers you want and click on the “Activate Cashback” button to avail yourself of your cashback offer.
  • As usual, start your shopping by shopping for whatever you like to purchase at the retailer.
  • Once you are done with shopping, you will make your payment and get your cashback automatically. Your rewards will be shown under the “Ordering” column of the app.
  • After all, things are done, and you can easily transfer that amount to your bank account.

You can get cashback on websites like  Myntra, Axis Bank, MamaEarth, WoW, Movie Tickets and many more famous brands like these. 

And you will also get an offer profit of 8% to 16%.

So this is how you can shop with the CashKaro app and get cashback offers. It’s really an awesome way to make your shopping interesting, and it’s also the best Amazon affiliate alternative. Now we will discuss how it is the best Amazon affiliate alternative.

Note: Your cart should be empty of your selected brand, if it is not, you will not get any CashBack.

best amazon affiliate alternative cashkaro app


Cashkaro: The Best Amazon Affiliate Alternative

There are so many websites that have reduced the number of commissions paid to their affiliates, and recently Amazon announced that the commission percentage would be slashed for its members of affiliate programmes

This is not satisfactory for the affiliates, as they are doing great but not earning well. New rules were planted by Amazon within short notice given to affiliates. 

There is a huge reduction in the commission, up to 80% in some cases, on grocery items. 60% of the reduction has been paid in commission to its affiliates. 

If you have issues with the changes made by Amazon, then you can put your efforts into choosing a platform where you can grow your revenue again. One of those platforms is Amazon, and they are earning far better with this option.



Cashkaro is an amazing third-party website that gives you extra cashback when you make any purchase from this site. It is an awesome way to earn a passive income just by shopping there and completing payments. It basically offers you earnings through coupons and cashback. 

You simply have to browse the app, start doing whatever shopping you want, and earn cashback on this app. So I hope that this article has given you all the details about the CashKaro app. If you have any doubts regarding this post, you can leave a comment below in the comment box.

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