How To Earn From Google Admob In Detail Review?

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Google Admob is one of the best applications for developers to earn money through advertisements. To know more about the process and how we can use and earn from Google Admob, read this full article:

What is Google AdMob?

Google AdMob is a free mobile advertising platform that allows developers to monetize (earn money) through their applications by displaying advertisements within their apps. With every view, the developer will get some revenue. So, we can say, this is one of the best ways for a developer to earn money by showing more ads to the users while they surf your application.

Earn From Google Admob

All Images are credited to Google AdMob

How does Google AdMob work?

So, it works like this: when a developer adds an advertisement to their app, after that, anytime the viewer accesses your application, they are shown any type of advertisement. And in return, the developer will receive payment for each advertisement that users click. Also, Google Admob is a purely safe and secure website to use, as it is owned and operated by Google. So we can use this application without any fear.

Google AdMob application review:

Google Admob is one of the most popular and widely used mobile advertising networks. This application is already used by more than 1 million developers, and people have already earned a good amount from this advertisement application.

Also, the AdMob app supports different types of ads, such as banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, and rewarded ads. The developer can earn money by seamlessly integrating these ads into their app. AdMob also has an extra feature that provides tools and analytics that help developers to optimize their ad placements and maximize their ad revenue by seeing their growth graph. This app is user-friendly, and one can easily use it without facing any difficulty.


What are the steps to get your earning for Google Admob?

To withdraw your earning from Google Admob, you have to meet a few requirements or thresholds. Like, When you reach $10 or more on Admob, you need to verify your address and have to select a mode of payment for the transaction. After that, when you collected the total revenue of $100 and completed the verification process, then only you will be eligible to withdraw the money from Google Admob. And that payment will be transferred to your chosen bank on the 21st of every month.

How to create an account on Google Admob for earning?

To earn from Google Admob, we need to first download this application.

1) After downloading it from the browser or play store, we see the Admob Land page.

2) We have to click on “sign up” and fill in some details like your country and time zone. And once we are done with the sign-up process by using our Google account. We can move to the next step.

3) After that, click on the agreement and move forward by clicking on “Create AdMob Account”. Now, your account has been successfully created.

4) Then, click on the “Apps” option from the left menu. And click on “Add Your First App” to set up your first app.

5) After that, a new window will open. You have to select your platform version from Android and iOS. Once you are done, move to the next option “Your application is listed on the Play Store or not”. So choose your option according to your preferences.

6) Then, you have to enter your application name in the “App name” column and click on “ADD APP”. After that, you will receive the message “You’ve successfully added Haflix.” and click on “Done.”

 what is google AdMob and how does it work

7) Now, you need to make a UNIT so that your app can bring in some money. So for that, you have to click on “ADD AD UNIT”. These ad units are the specific ways in which your ads will be displayed in your application, such as banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, or rewarded ads.

8) Here, you will see different categories of ads. Initially, choose the “banner” option.

9) After this, you have to add your application name in the “Ad unit name” option. Try to add the type at the end of your chosen name, which is “AppName_banner”. So, it helps to identify the category for future use. After that, click on “Create ad unit”.

10) Here, you will see the app id to add to your application, and the other will be your banner id. After that, click on “Done”.

11) Now come to their dashboard again and click on “Add an ad unit” again. This time, choose the different categories from available options and repeat steps 9 and 10 again, but replace “AppName_banner” with “AppName_categoryChoosen”. 

how to create AdMob earning app

12) Every ad category will generate a code. So you need to integrate that AdMob code into your app’s source code. So, Admob SDK (Software Development Kit) allows your app to communicate with AdMob and display ads. 

13) Also, to get the amount from your ads, you have to set up your payment settings; go to the “payments” option from the menu. And click on “Set up payments”. Once you are done, fill in the information they asked for. After that, you are good to go to earn your money from this application.

For integration, you can take help from Google Admob documentation and complete the whole process easier.

What are the age criteria to use Google Admob for earning?

To use this application for earning, you have to be 18+ years old. And if you are not and still want to try, you can go with the parent or guardian form to use behave of them.

What are the types of ways to earn from the Admob Application?

In Admob, we can earn revenue in various ways, like:

  •  Banner advertisement

In the banner advertisement, an ad will be displayed in the application as a poster while we are surfing that app. This ad is less distracting for the user, but we can only make up to $1 depending on how many users have clicked on our banner advertisements.

  •  Industrial advertisement

In this advertising, the ads promote the products of the companies, which helps them reach a wider audience and will surely give them a boost to grow their business more. But earning through these ads will not provide us with a great deal.

  • Native advertisement

Native ads are also called sponsored content. In this type of ad, they match the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. And the users did not get distracted at all. These ads also do not help much to earn more.

  • Reward advertisement

Reward ads are the best way to earn revenue. With every rewards ad click, we get a good amount. In this ad, a short video will be displayed as an ad. And after viewing the whole video, the viewer will be rewarded with a gift.

Rewards advertisements are also of different types, like 15-second videos, 20-second videos, 30-second videos, 5-second videos, and skippable videos. In these ads, a person can get approximately $100 for every 1,000 active users, or for every 500 plays.

 AdMob rewarded video ads revenue

How to get Admob rewarded video ads revenue?

Admob-rewarded video ads are the best way to earn money.

For that, we can add these ads to our application and, in return, promise the users that they will be rewarded with some gifts.

For playing this video during the game, they can be rewarded with some game tokens, or you can give them some functionality and many more rewards like these. And on the article app, we can give them some cash back or something else that is valuable to the reader in exchange for watching a video ad.

The reward should be one that can attract the user so they click on the reward advertisement frequently, and because of this, the developer will get a good amount of revenue in return.

So, for this:

  1. We can integrate rewarded video ad units into their application.
  2. Through your AdMob account, configure the settings for your rewarded video ads.
  3. We need to implement the rewarded video ad code in our app at strategic places where users have to watch a video ad to earn the offered reward.
  4. And because of this, the developer will earn revenue based on cost per click or cost per thousand impressions.
  5. You can also keep track of your rewarded video ad performance through the AdMob dashboard. Use this data to optimize your rewarded video ad placements and make the required settings for better earnings and reach. 

 Google AdMob review

How did revenue decide in Google Admob Application?

The revenue from Google Admob totally depends on how many clicks we are getting on our ads and how many users are using our application. 

Also, the Admob did not entertain false clicks if the owner click on their own ads for more earnings. They can easily detect these illegal activities and can block your account for future usage.

You can increase your revenue by following the right format and placing your ads in the best possible ways so the user can interact with most of the ads and get many clicks as possible. So, you can follow this step instead of going with illegal methods for more earnings.

Are AdMob and AdSense are same application?

No AdMob and AdSense are not the same application, AdMob is basically for monetizing your mobile application and AdSense is a web-based platform for websites and blogs. The similar thing about both these applications is that both allow their developers to earn money through Advertisement. 


So, According to me, Google AdMob is one of the most powerful and valuable mobile applications for app developers to generate revenue and give your application more engagement. By just integrating AdMob ads into your application, you can track your performance and change the setting in the right way to maximize your earnings. If you follow the right strategies, Google Admob will give you the best result in terms of earnings. 

The AdMob application is the best way to earn through your app, but it doesn’t give you the same amount every month. Earnings from this app depend on the number of active users, app motive, advertisement placements, user engagement, ad revenue model, and many other factors. So, it is very important to understand and read AdMob’s policies and guidelines to get a better result.

So, by following the right process, a person can earn up to $100 in a day, as it totally depends on the viewers. Always remember to follow AdMob’s policies and guidelines to get the best results for your app.

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