How To Earn From Moj App Refer And Earn? Moj For Creator program

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how to earn from moj app

A Complete Guide On How To Earn From Moj App.

Everybody’s need is to earn, whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, or some other short video app. Although if you make videos on the Moj application and need to figure out how to get money from it, you’ve come to the right site. Furthermore, when Tiktok was banned, all of India’s Tiktokers changed to other short video-making applications like MX Taka Tak, Reels & Moj . Pretty much every creator at the time started promoting its own short video-sharing application.

Many platforms have made their own applications, however, one of them, Sharechat, Indian-based, has launched a short video sharing application (moj app earn money).

What is MOJ application?

It is a basic video-sharing application. ShareChat, moj app earn money is an Indian application, created it locally. You might make and submit 15-second videos in this part.

Comedy, entertainment, realities, news, singing, moving, cooking, and video blogs are only a couple of models. Moj is a short video application created in India. You may likewise utilize different channels and impacts to upgrade your films.

How to download MOJ app earn money in 2022?

  1. You will find this application on Google Play Store. As of now, in excess of 50 million individuals have downloaded and used the Moj application on the Play Store. The size of this application is around 50 MB on Google Play Store and it has likewise got a rating of 4.2.
    • Firstly you need to go to Google Play Store.
    • Now you need to type Moj application in the search box, 
    • There you will get to see this application at the top, whose developer’s name will be share chat.
    • Then, at that point, you click the Install button.
    • This application will now start to download to your phone, after which it will be introduced.
    • Now, we’ve figured out how to earn a significant amount of money while making some decent videos. 

    Let us advise you that all approaches these methods were recently used by people with a required number of Tik Tok followers. Thus, by using Moj similarly, you may now earn enough to pay the rent from this set.

    Yet, this is just practical thinking you have numerous followers on your moj; on the off chance that this isn’t true, then, at that point, it is far-fetched that any alliance or person could at any point move toward you for sponsorship or item advancement, hence it is basic to extending your followers, so here are a few ideas.

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moj creator success program
How to make a video on the Moj For Creator program app?

  • Now we know how to make a video on Moj For Creator program step by step that will let you know the total data. You need to follow this article till the end.
  •  Step 1. Most importantly, you need to open the moj application
  • Step 2. After this, you will see in addition to (+) symbol, click on it
  • Step 3. After this, you need to shoot one of your videos
  • Step 4. After this, you need to add music in your video on the moj application with which music you need to make a video
  • Step 5. After this, you will see the choice of Next, click on it
  • Step 6. After this, if you want to write something in your video, then, at that point, you can write, then you need to apply #tag, you can apply #tag as per your video.
  • Step 7. After this you will see the option of the post, click on it then your video will be shared on the moj application.

How to Create an Account On Moj App?

  • Firstly download and open the Moj application.
  • Now you will go to the homepage of the moj application.
  • On the homepage of the Moj application, click on the profile symbol at the base left (right side),
  • Now click on the option of Create Account/Login;
  • Now enter your mobile number and click on the arrow (ok) button.
  • An OTP will come on your mobile for the inspection. You submit that OTP.
  • After that, you make your name, username, password as per your choice.

Moj Creator Success Program

Consistently ranked among the first-class applications on Google Play Store, Moj intends to hold worldwide local creators on a single stage so clients can meet “a huge number of big personalities and show their talent ” from around the world and furthermore manufacture astonishing kinships with youngsters from their city or neighborhood. To put it plainly, there’s something for everybody; instant diversion, long-range informal communication, and exceptional reach.

Only a half year after its launch, Moj is on an outing to reform short layout video content creation and link in India. Furthermore, with the type of content creators on its platform, that dream shows up as actually possible.

Moj refer and earn

Simply install the Moj application and get ready to earn the below benefits:

  1. Cash reward on inviting friends.
  2. Rs 15 on watching the video for 30 min.
  3. Redeem into a bank account.

and many more things

Steps to earn from moj app in 2022

1) First of all, install the Moj application from the play store.

2) After downloading the application, click on the signup button to create another account.

3) Thirdly, enter your mobile number to get a verification code.

4) After that, enter your age and referral code to sign into the Moj application.

5) Apply any Moj referral code on the off chance that you have.

6) After that, you will get your sign-up bonus and credit to your Moj account.

7) Now, open the wallet from the upper right corner and reclaim your money into the bank balance.

8) Enter your bank details like IFSC code, account number, and more details.

9) Your cash will ship off the bank effectively.

10) Next, open the Moj dashboard and watch the videos to earn more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Moj For Creator program

A Short Summary on Moj for Creator Program

The moj app earn money app has a capacity like Tiktok, where you can upload 15-second short videos and share them with others. Moj clients approach a lot of video impacts on how to earn from moj app while making films on the application, permitting them to make their videos look proficient and engaging. However, after Tiktok was banned in India, Moj has been compared to Tiktok.

Most people these days utilize the Moj application. It is viable with both Android and iOS gadgets. In any case, if you want to earn from Moj For Creator program, to bring in cash with the Moj application, you should initially download the application and register an account with it. Really at that time can you benefit from the Moj application.


How to Share the Moj Refer and Earn:

1) Open the Moj application with your sign-in account for sharing its refer and earn program.

2) After that, you will see a money symbol from the upper right corner page.

3) Next, click to open it and copy your referral code.

4) After that, share this refer and earn a code with your friends to make Rs 15 Paytm money.

moj app earn money


Which Country, the Moj App Belong?

If you don’t know which country we are from or which nation we are from, we might want to light you that this app was made by an Indian designer and is a made-in-India application; this application is built specifically in India. 

Moj is as of now not an outside application; it is presently an Indian application, as you will find in this article.

That we should place our confidence in and use Made in India, it is a wellspring of enormous pride for us Indians since it is a particularly remarkable application with a lot of 10 million downloads. Moj App Download India is a wellspring of pride for us since we use it for people, and it is an awesome application.

Method to earn from moj app in 2022
  • Promote Other Moj User
  • Sponsored Post
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Branding
  • Collaboration

You might earn by making a short video on the Moj application. The strategy we are going to show is the right technique, and it is the strategy that all video makers on Moj use to bring in cash. In the event that you create a short video on the Moj application, you can bring in cash in the following ways.

Promote Other Moj User

The best strategy for bringing in cash utilizing the Moj application is promoting. You might rake in tons of cash basically getting the news out regarding the brand. The business will move toward you and request that you assist them with promoting their item assuming your video gets many views, likes, and followers via online media. You may then bring in cash by getting the message out regarding the brand.

Sponsored Post

The second-best strategy to get cash from the Moj application is through sponsorship. In the event that you have numerous followers or a regular number of followers, you will be offered different things in the sponsorship, which you will be expected to inform your followers about before the item turns into yours.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the third choice to earn cash through the Moj application, and it is the most rewarding. You might bring in cash by enlightening others about an item in a video or by tapping on affiliate links to buy an item.


In the event that you have multiple followers on the Moj application, you might utilize the application to empower great followers on them by promoting your other online social media accounts like Instagram, YouTube, and other comparative accounts.


Finally, collaboration is the fifth and last technique for earning money through the Moj application. Assuming you have multiple followers, you can assume the liability of working together with more famous creators. At the point when somebody makes a tiny creator video with you, you take the money from it and make a different video with your collaborator.


You may earn money by creating a short video on the Moj app. The method we have discussed above is the best way. We are about to describe is the correct method, and it is the method that all video creators on Moj use to earn money. If you produce a short video on the Moj app, you can earn money easily.


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