How To Earn Money From Home By Dailyhunt Creator Program?

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earn money from daily hunt
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How To Earn Money From Home By Daily Hunt Creator Program

It’s a platform in which users can earn money by publishing news. On this platform, readers can read a variety of news, and news agencies publish their news here.

Readers must have seen the DailyHunt application and sometimes they have read news from it. It’s a platform where private news agencies publish their news on a daily basis. This is a secure way of earning money by gathering news from anyways and publishing that news on the daily hunt.

What Does DailyHunt Mean?

So basically we can say that DailyHunt is a social news reading platform in which one can read news anytime on the screen of the smartphone by just investing nothing in it. It’s a free news reading platform, but in this post, we are going to learn how we can earn money on this platform by publishing our news or how we can earn by writing an article.

DailyHunt has provided a new way of earning money for the users as it has provided a method by introducing a new platform named DH creator. Here users can publish their article and earn money out of it. Not even news in reading mode, but users can publish video content also in the DH creator platform and earn money.

Users can publish any news in the form of an article or video news and also here is an option for publishing photos too.

How To Make Profile On DH Creator:

As of now, DH creators can be joined in an easy way with no extra things are required to join. Anyone can join DH creator easily and no money has to be invested in this platform. It is free of cost platform and you can just earn money by investing nothing in it.

So here are some basic steps to join DH creator.

1)Simply go to Google and search for the home page of DH creator.

2)you will be shown three options on your screen as other apps also show these options so there will be no confusion on it you must have done it earlier for any other apps also.

3)users can join any of the three options which are mobile number, Google account, or Facebook account.

4) These options are used to log in the DH creator platform. You can use any one of these three ways to enter the platform of dailyhunt where they can publish news in form of an article, a video, or any photo also.

It’s a part-time online job for users so that they can also earn up to 4-5 thousand per month according to their performance.

DH Earning Proof

It is not much easy to earn money from the DH creator platform without giving proper time and dedication to this platform because so many of the publishers as of data given says that they didn’t earn money from this platform and they blame for it but it’s their mistake they are not giving the proper time and dedication to their work so that’s why they are not able to earn money easily they are facing so many problems but this all is just due to lack of knowledge in this field.

So here in this post, we are going to guide you to have complete basic knowledge of this platform. This platform gives you money if you continuously publish your article or news on this platform if you want to earn a good income from this source you must have to publish thousands of post and if you publish less than 1000 post you may not able to earn a good income out of it.

So you must have to publish at least a thousand posts on your DH creator platform so that you can earn a good income and all your earnings on DH creator depends on the dedication of your work and the level of work performed you provide here, the level of money you will earn from it.

Daily Hunt payment min
Earn Money By Writing Articles
earn by writing articles

It is very easy to publish your article news or videos or photos on the daily hunt as daily hunt has introduced a new platform for the users to publish their news on it that is on the DH Creator platform by simply making your profile via mobile number or Google account or your Facebook account.

Here one thing is to keep in mind that the article you are going to post must be your only, You cannot post an article by copying it with someone another post, it will be a copied content and your article will have a copyright strike on your account in the DH creator platform so ready to give your own content. Your content must not be copied so hope you must have understood this point to keep in mind that before publishing any news, article, videos, images, themes, or photos keep in mind that it must be yours.

DH creator gives the money of your own content you cannot copy it.

Some Steps To Create A Post On DH Creator

To earn money from the daily hunt, follow these steps to create any post to publish.

1) Visit DH creator from any of your web browsers

2) You will see the dashboard of DH creator on your screen then simply find out (+ create a post ) option on the upper right corner of the dashboard of DH creator and click on it.

3) After clicking you will find a new page that will be on your screen then select what you are going to create.

4) You will have some options on your screen, these are:

1) Article section



4)Photo gallery

All the above options will be shown when you will click the create post option on the dashboard of DH creator and click on it.

As of your choice, you can post your articles or videos or photos and then start doing your work easily.

dailyhunt creator


Overall there is an amazing facility given by DailyHunt to all the users by providing them a platform called DH creator to make money online for their users. It’s the best deal to have if users are interested in publishing news, articles, videos, images, themes, or any photos to earn money from the DH creator platform. Work with proper dedication and enjoy doing your work.

Hope you all have found this post to be useful for you so visit again.

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