How to earn money from Photomath?

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If you are someone who is skilled at mathematics or loves solving mathematical questions and would like to earn some extra money, then Photomath is an absolute must-try app for you. So here is an article on how to earn money from Photomath. you have the opportunity to work as a freelance mathematician, where you can solve several problems and earn up to Rs. 24,000 in a month, approximately. So let’s get started and explore the Photomath application.


What is Photomath?

With Photomath, Students can earn money without investment. You can ask a mathematical question and get answers in different ways. All these questions are answered by the Photomaths experts, who got paid for every answer. So, to ask math problems, you just have to click the picture of the question from topics such as arithmetic, calculus, graphs, distance, and many more mathematical topics. On the other hand, if you want to make money using Photomath, all you have to do is answer the question that the other user asked using the correct Photomath format, and if your answer is correct, you will be paid the amount that was offered in exchange for that question.

earn money from Photomath


How to earn from Photomath?

You can easily earn from PhotoMath regardless of whether you are a math expert, a high school or college student, or you just love solving math questions. So, to start earning, you will first need to create an account on Photomath. After that, you will need to get a passing score on each level of the Photomath qualifying test and complete your Photomath training. Once you have completed the qualification level, you will only have to solve math questions based on your preferences, such as which topics you enjoy, and you will be paid every Wednesday for each correct answer.

What is the Photmath review in terms of earnings?

10 crore users are already using Photomath for the side earning. It is one of the legitimate math applications, you can trust this site for earning.

How much can a person earn from PhotoMath?

The amount of money you make will be entirely determined by the number of questions you successfully answer, the topic from which you are answering the question (as the cost varies depending on the topic), and the difficulty level of the question.

So, We just have to solve the question we can earn money by solving math problems and posting them on the Photomath application; once we become permanent users. After that, you will get the cost of every correct answer. So, if you can provide answers to questions at the elementary school level, you will receive Rs 50 to Rs 60. You can make between Rs 80 and Rs 100 by answering questions at the high school level. In addition, you will receive between Rs 120 and Rs 200 for each advance question.

What is the qualification process to earn money from PhotoMath?

So, to start your earning journey in Photomath,

  1. Go to the website “”. After that scroll down and
  2. How to earn money from photomath click on “Get Started”
  3. After that, you have to log in from Google or Facebook.
  4.  Once you are done with the login process, you have to enter some personal details like your name, country, and date of birth. Also, you have to click on the checkbox of “agreement” to proceed further. Remember that, you will not be able to proceed further until you do not read the agreement rules properly. You also have to sign there to complete the process. 
  5. After that a landing page is visible to you, you have to click on “Finish Training”.
  6. Read all the instructions mentioned there and click on ” Start Training”.
  7. So, to start your PhotoMath journey,
  1. a) First, you have to clear the “Math Proficiency” round. You can choose any particular maths field from Calculus, Statics, or Geometry. Or you can also choose any particular question from algebra, elementary, geometry, statistics, or calculus. 
  2. b) If you choose any single topic you have to attempt 12 questions in 120 minutes and if you choose any question bunch, you have to attempt 6 questions. 
  3. c) Important thing to remember is that do not open any Photomath Portal in a new tab or window while solving the test. If you do that, your test will be immediately submitted and graded as a 0 mark. Also, you will not be able to attempt that field again.
  4. d) All the questions are in MCQ form and you will get 3 chances to retake them if you choose a field.
  5. e) If you take a particular question, then you will get 60 minutes and you have only 2 chances to retake them.
  6. f) After clearing the first round, you have to qualify for the “teaching skills assessment” In this round, there are 5 questions and you have to solve them in 12 hours. You have to solve all the questions stepwise. So every reader will understand the solution properly. These questions come in your mail, so you have to revert your answer through mail only.
  7. g) After you qualify for this test, you have to complete the whole training process. After completing the training you become a math expert teacher for the Photmath app.
  8. h) After completing your training, you have to give a final test and for that, you will get 3 chances to reattempt. This is the final step to becoming a math expert from a user. But to qualify for this round you have to follow some quality improvement rules which are the technical and aesthetic component rule. The technical rules are latex, language, and correct English. And for aesthetic rules, you have to follow legality, solution step, color, visual content, and Graphs. Everything will be taught to you during your training period.

Hence, after you have finished all of the rounds, you will finally be eligible to solve mathematical problems and begin your road toward earning money. You can also refer and earn money from photomath.

What are the topics available in Photomath for earning?

There are varieties of sub-topic in every main topic, so for:

  1. Algebra, you earn up to Rs 1650 in a week and qualify for solving elementary math questions.
  2. By solving Geometry questions, you can earn up to Rs 1700 in a week and also qualify for earning from elementary math questions.
  3. In statistics and Calculus topics, you can earn almost Rs 2500 and also qualify for algebra and elementary maths questions.
  4. For elementary, you can earn up to Rs 800 in a week.

         The image is credited to Photomath

how students can earn money while studying

Which field is best to start your earning journey in Photomath?

 You can start with Algebra or the calculus section as they are the highest-paid topic and also have varieties of questions available. But the calculus topic is difficult to pass as compared with algebra. 

The elementary section had not many questions, so earnings can be less. Statics is the toughest topic to attempt among other topics as you have to mention all the formulas in a proper format. So, choose your topic wisely and then start your earning.

         The image is credited to Photomath

solve math and earn money

Who can register in Photmath for earning?

Anyone can register there and earn money but should have a good knowledge of mathematical questions and be aware of the right approach. But you have to be 18+ to register there. And there is no need for any particular mathematical degree. So, any person with any degree can earn from there.

How many accounts are there for the users who want to use Photomath for seeing solutions?

You have a normal account and a Photomath plus account. You will not be subject to any further fees if you opt for the basic account; nevertheless, you will only be able to view the answer. So to see the full solution step-wise, animated tutorials of the solution, and visual video you have to take a subscription to Photomath plus. 

Photomath plus subscribers are those users who need extra help solving their questions. For 1 month, you have to pay Rs 449, for 6 months the charge is Rs 2249 and for 12 months, you have to pay Rs 2699. There are discounts on every plan and may vary from month to year.

So, if you are good at maths and can solve maths problems easily then you can earn from this Photomath application easily. Photomath app is one of the best math solvers and comes in the top 20 teaching and earning apps. So, what are you waiting for? Just make the account and enjoy the earning.

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