Flipkart Affiliate Program- Join, Earn & Work

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Flipkart Affiliate Program is one of the famous affiliate programs in India and the majority of Indian Affiliate Advertisers do Flipkart affiliate marketing to bring in gigantic cash. 

how to earn from flipkart affiliate program?

What is it all about? Earn From Flipkart Affiliate Program

The Flipkart Affiliate Program is an extraordinary way for you to get commissions by putting item links or tags on your site to refer clients to the Flipkart.com site. You can get up to 12% each time a client taps on the pennant/connection and makes a buy on our site.

Flipkart is perhaps the most mainstream internet business site in India. Indeed, it is number two after Amazon. It gets a large number of month-to-month hits. 

Is it the same as other affiliate programs?

A Flipkart affiliate program is a popular affiliate program like the Amazon affiliate program, Myntra affiliate Program and PayTM Affiliate Program, and so forth.

Thus, turning into a Flipkart affiliate (Flipkart Creator Studio) can be truly productive. Flipkart is utilized by lakhs of individuals for shopping on the web. It’s a trusted and famous brand. It’s particularly known for gadgets. 

Basically, to turn into an affiliate, you should initially get Flipkart registered and afterward, apply to be an affiliate through their site. Whenever you are sponsored, you will be given an interesting member link that you can share on your site or any platform you know about

Flipkart has been a wellspring of extra pay for its users. It’s dependable and pays out routinely. It’s likewise easy to utilize. 

How To Join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

You can join the Flipkart affiliate program  directly or through any affiliate organization. 

You simply need these to begin affiliate marketing with Flipkart India 

  • One email id to convey 
  • One portable number 
  • The site, Blog, Application Online media traffic 
  • Bank subtleties to get installment (Passbook or dropped check) 

What are the basics of the affiliate program?

To begin Flipkart affiliate marketing you need a site and phone number, and so forth is covered beneath. It is vital to share your traffic values to join any affiliate program, it implies where will you reach their items. So you need a site, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Facebook bunch, and Instagram profile to join an affiliate program. Endorsement or dismissal and thoroughly relies on them, on the off chance that they think your traffic source is OK, unquestionably they will favor your application. In the event that you have a decent site/blog with great traffic certainly, you will get an endorsement to join the affiliate program of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and so forth 

How To Get Flipkart Affiliate Link?

Make a Flipkart affiliate account straightforwardly or join an affiliate organization 

  • Make an affiliate link to the Flipkart item. 
  • Advance items on your Blog/Site, YouTube channel, and so on.
  • Individuals buy from your link you will get a commission 
  • Commission gets affirmed once the return date is finished 
  • Offer your bank subtleties 
  • You will get installments in your bank 

History Of Flipkart Affiliate Program

Joining the Flipkart affiliate program (Flipkart Creator Studio) straightforwardly was stopped from May 2018. But in 2022 Flipkart has launched thier new Flipkart Creator Studio.  In any case, as of late Flipkart began a holding up rundown to join the Flipkart affiliate program. You can fill the structure on the off chance that you are keen on joining the Flipkart affiliate program straightforwardly except if you can do Flipkart affiliate marketing (Flipkart Creator Studio) with the assistance of an affiliate organization. Very soon you will actually want to make an affiliate account on Flipkart straightforwardly. 

Today will share some best affiliate networks with which you can join the Flipkart affiliate program. 

At the point when you have a blog, you would now be able to turn into a Flipkart affiliate. Here are the means: 

  1. Join With Flipkart

In the first place, you need to join the Flipkart Affiliate site. 

Go to the above connection and click “Join Currently Free of charge”. 

You will be asked a few subtleties, similar to your name, email ID, and secret word. Joining is an extremely snappy interaction. Your record gets endorsed right away. 

Here is the payment plan: 

    • Books and digital books: 6 – 12% 
    • Mobiles: Up to 5% 
    • PCs: Up to 6% 
    • Toys: 6 – 20% 
    • Cameras: 4% 

For instance, in the event that you sell 1 camera that costs Rs. 50,000, you will acquire Rs. 2,000, which is a 4% commission. 

The most ideal approach to bring in cash is to advance costly items that have a high rate of commission. we will clarify more about this beneath. 

  1. Add Payment Methods

As a Flipkart affiliate, you should enter your data subsequent to making a record. Here are the subtleties you need to enter: 

    • Complete name 
    • Address 
    • Phone number 
    • Site details
    • Payment information

This is the reason you should as of now have a site before you become a Flipkart affiliate. 

There are two techniques for installment: Blessing voucher and Electronic Asset Move. it is the most ideal alternative, it stores cash straightforwardly into your ledger. 

To get installments, you should enter your Skillet and financial balance subtleties. 

After the entirety of your subtleties are entered, congrats! You are currently a Flipkart affiliate and you can begin advancing items.


  1. Discover Items To Promote

You can choose any item on Flipkart to advance. Pick the items that give the best commissions. For instance, in the event that you advance toothbrushes, you will acquire practically nothing, since toothbrushes are modest. Yet, on the off chance that you advance TVs, you’ll bring in more cash, since televisions cost a huge number of rupees. earn by promoting products

The accompanying classes give great commissions: books and general products, homes, furnishings, hardware, apparatuses, and wellness gear. Moreover, they will in general be costly (barring the books and general product), so they’re the most beneficial to advance. 

The incredible thing about affiliate marketing is you can advance any item you need. Flipkart is a huge site with a different assortment of things. 

You can advance however many things as you need. For a beginning, pick in any event a couple of things. In the following stage, I’ll show you how to advance these items.

  1. Write Reviews About The Items

This is the meat of the matter. Your surveys are what directs people to your affiliate connections and bring in your cash. 

You can compose two sorts of item audits: 

Inside and out an audit of one item 

Top 10 or Top 5 rundown (for example top 5 best air purifiers in Delhi) 

There’s another article you can compose. It’s not by and large an item survey, but rather it tends to be utilized for advancing items: 

Instructive article or guide 

These articles are significant on the grounds that they drive a great deal of traffic. For instance, on the off chance that you compose an article about how to fix certain mistakes on a portable, you can likewise elevate the best mobiles to purchase in the article. 

You need to distribute a couple of posts on your site. The more substance you have, the better. You can likewise make video audits and distribute them on Youtube. This is a famous method to advance items. 

Here are a few hints for composing reviews:  

  • Keep them engaging 
  • Use photographs 
  • Use list items, tables, and other visuals 
  • Keep them succinct and forthright 

When your reviews are distributed, the work isn’t finished. Presently you need to get watchers to peruse your substance.

  1. Add Affiliate Links To Your Blog

You bring in cash when someone taps on your outside reference, goes to Flipkart and purchases the item. This connection is called an affiliate interface. It’s truly significant that your outside reference is an affiliate connect so it gets recorded and you acquire a commission. 

It’s not difficult to produce an affiliate connection for any page on Flipkart. 

Go to your dashboard and look down to where it says Affiliate Connection Generator. 

Then you need to enter a Flipkart URL, and it will create an affiliate link for you. This connection is followed. We recommend utilizing the “Abbreviate” alternative; it will make the links short and brief. 

That is everything necessary to create an affiliate interface. Presently you need to post affiliate joins on your blog. Add them in proper spots in posts and sidebar.  

  1. Get the Best Affiliate Networks

Presently we will manage you on how you can be a Flipkart affiliate (Flipkart Creator Studio) now with the assistance of some affiliate networks and we will show you some believed affiliate organizations to begin affiliate marketing. Some best affiliate networks are EarnKaro, Cuelinks, Admitad to begin Flipkart affiliate marketing.

Viewers To Your Site

So now you have composed your article. You have audits that individuals will discover supportive. You’ve put affiliate links across your site. Ivermectin for sale You’re prepared to make deals. 

In any case, what’s absent? 

Indeed, you need a group of people! 

Without a group of people, you won’t make any affiliate deals. So your next (and last) venture is to get watchers to your blog. 

Numerous individuals discover this part troublesome, however, it very well may be finished. It’s no simple undertaking to get a lot of watchers to your site. In any case, in the event that you do it the correct way, it will be a lot simpler.

Here are 3 different ways you can grow your content:

  1. Creating groups of your locality on any messaging platform

This is users’ number one snappy approach to get watchers. Discover a gathering local area that is applicable to the item you are surveying. On the off chance that you have a facial hair growth trimmer audit, track down an online gathering about facial hair growth care, men’s very own consideration items, clippers, and so forth Join their gathering and take an interest in it. 

The key isn’t to spam your connection on the gatherings. You will get prohibited. All things considered, you ought to compose content-rich posts and just post your connection sparingly. 

At the point when done the correct way, this technique can get you many perspectives rapidly.

  1. Social Media

Web-based media stages are another approach to grow your content. This one takes somewhat more since you need to make online media profiles and develop adherents. 

Online media can’t be overlooked on the grounds that it’s utilized by such countless individuals. The best stages are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

  1. Informal Way

Educating your loved ones concerning your blog is another approach to get a group of people. This will help give your blog force. 

What’s more, ultimately, you will get traffic from Google. This is known as natural traffic. On the off chance that you have composed great articles, you will normally get some traffic from Google. 

If you are able to follow them in the right way then surely you will be an affiliate 

Flipkart Affiliate Commission

Flipkart Affiliate Commission

The commission design of Flipkart affiliates changes consistently, you can check the Flipkart affiliate commission from your affiliate dashboard, on the off chance that you have joined through any affiliate organizations, you can check the affiliate commission outline with them. Affiliate commission is not quite the same as a classification to class, on the hardware it is low, and on articles of clothing, it is exceptionally high. By selling style items you can acquire substantially more. You can acquire up to 18% commission per deal by doing affiliate marketing with Flipkart. 

Flipkart Affiliate Commission

What’s more, there is a coverage limit on your acquiring, it concedes starting with one affiliate and then onto the next. it relies on your past presentation, on the off chance that you perform well, they will build your coverage limit. Beneath you can see the commission structure and covering breaking point of Flipkart for the long stretch of October 2020. 

On the off chance that you become an affiliate of Flipkart straightforwardly, you can procure considerably more, and assuming you join through any affiliate organizations, you will get a lower commission rate.

Flipkart Affiliate Enrollment / Registration

Flipkart stopped new enrollment to join its affiliate program in May 2018. As of late, from October 2020 Flipkart has opened the joining rundown to join their affiliate program. 

Presently, there is no choice for you to make an affiliate account with Flipkart straightforwardly however very soon you will actually want to make another record and start Flipkart affiliate marketing. 

To get early access when Flipkart affiliate enrollment is open simply visit their site (https://affiliate.flipkart.com/) and fill in the sections in the given form to join the holding-up list. 

Very soon you will actually want to make your affiliate account start affiliate marketing with Flipkart. To get early access you need to fill this structure, and give your all subtleties effectively. You can see the joining list structure below. 

Fill the details with the right data, Fill your name, email, portable number, site, application subtleties cautiously. Fill the holding up list form and you will be welcomed first to their affiliate program when they open up enlistment. 

Best Affiliate Platforms 

Presently we will help you bit by bit on how you can be a Flipkart affiliate now with the assistance of some affiliate organizations and we will show you some believed affiliate organizations to begin affiliate marketing, we are likewise utilizing these affiliate organizations. 

Some best affiliate networks are EarnKaro, Cuelinks, and Admitad to begin Flipkart affiliate marketing. 


EarnKaro is an exceptionally basic and simple approach to begin affiliate marketing on Flipkart. You will get a somewhat lower commission when contrasted with the immediate affiliate program of Flipkart. 

To make an affiliate connection of a Flipkart item, simply duplicate the connection of any item and discover “Make Connections” on the EarnKaro application or site then glue the item connection and snap-on Make Benefit Connection. Presently you will get the affiliate connection of that item/page, share this with others and you will get a commission when anybody shops from your affiliate interface. 

To see the commission design of Flipkart on EarnKaro simply click on Benefit Rates on the application or site, you can discover the affiliated charge rate of Flipkart and others. 

With EarnKaro’s versatile application you can procure 40-60K effectively by joining many affiliate programs. To learn more about Earnkaro visit our website, you will find an article over there about Earnkaro.


Cuelinks is likewise an extremely mainstream affiliate network in India. Numerous well-known bloggers use Cuelinks to join some affiliate programs. Through Cuelinks you can join many affiliate programs like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and so on 

Once more, Flipkart’s affiliate bonus on Cuelinks is lower than the immediate affiliate program of Flipkart. Advancing Flipkart items through Cuelinks is simple, simply duplicate glue work. 

Cuelinks has additionally a Message bot that will assist you with creating affiliate joins, you need to send the connect to the bot and the Cuelinks Wire bot will answer to you with the affiliate interface. 

Offer this Flipkart affiliate interface and procure when anybody shops from your affiliate connect. 

Cuelinks don’t have any versatile applications, you can utilize the Cuelinks site as it were. Making a record on Cuelinks is basic and simple. 

To create affiliate connections with Flipkart on Cuelinks, sign in to your CUelinks account, Snap-on Mission Pioneer, and search Flipkart. Presently glue the URL of the Flipkart page and snap on create interface button, it will produce the affiliate connection for you. 

 You can turn into a Flipkart affiliate with some affiliate networks like Cuelinks and EarnKaro. You can not join the Flipkart affiliate Program straightforwardly since the new record enrollment has stopped since May 2018. 

Flipkart Affiliate Program isn’t shut at this point yet you can not make new records now, new enrollment is stopped from May 2018. Yet, presently you can join Flipkart’s affiliate program by joining some affiliate networks like Cuelinks, Admitad, and EarnKaro. 

Indeed, a PaN card is compulsory to get installments from Flipkart. Be that as it may, in the event that you join their affiliate program through some affiliate networks like Cuelinks and EarnKaro then a PAN card isn’t needed for Flipkart Affiliate Program.



Flipkart is an exceptionally enormous Internet business store in India with its monstrous scope of items and links across various classifications like gadgets, style, home stylistic theme, infant care, gaming, books, vehicle, and sports, and the sky’s the limit from there. So you can simply envision the amount you can procure with Flipkart affiliate marketing. You can earn more with the Flipkart affiliate program, many affiliate advertisers are acquiring more than 50-60K rupees each month by advancing Flipkart items. 

Assortments of items accessible on Flipkart, beginning from Hardware, Articles of clothing, Toys, Staple, and so on You can bring in gigantic cash simply by advancing Flipkart items, and you can procure affiliate expenses of up to 18% with Flipkart. There are additionally a few issues with the Flipkart affiliate program which have been covered in this article.

Comment below about your queries and let us clear your doubts. Hope this article helped you as beginners to learn. Thank you! Visit again.

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