How To Make Money By Video Editing? Make Money Editing Videos Online

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how to make money by video editing

Online video editing earning estimates to make up 82% of the online traffic by 2021, it’s no big surprise that the work market for film and video editors is detonating. Along these lines, if video editing is your pastime or you’re thinking about a lifelong change, you’ll be glad to realize that video editors can make full-time pay regardless of the case you’re outsourcing or marking with a company. In this article, you will know how to make money by video editing?

Here’s a guide on how you can begin.

Video editing is something other than assembling cuts and adding impacts. You are a narrator and you must keep the crowd snared from beginning to end. With this little knowledge, you may know how to earn by editing videos.

One approach to accomplish this is to remove the pieces of the video that don’t straightforwardly associate. For this, the cut, trim, move, and graft capacities are your dearest companions. Is the progress not smooth? Include an impact or toss in certain pictures that supplement your point.

how to earn money by editing videos

Best Places Online to Find Video Editing Jobs

Opportunities are the option to contact the worldwide market, online video editing occupations give you more opportunities. For instance, you can decide make money by video editing online and also to get paid constantly or per project. You can likewise pick which projects you need to deal with so you can direct how your portfolio will develop.

In case that this is something you’re keen on, look at these well-known sites where you can secure video editing positions.


Indeed, Fiverr, yet listen to us. Nowadays Fiverr isn’t just about modest $5 gigs; effective video editors like crslaytor, enthuses, and macrodrip are charging somewhere in the range of $20 to $200 per alter. It’s an incredible platform to consider making the plunge and develop your portfolio utilizing.  This is how to earn money by editing videos on Fiverr.


Mandy is a task platform where TV and filmmaking experts can look and go after creation positions. With a great many different candidates going after the video altering positions, be that as it may, you should figure out how to stick out. Custom fitted introductory letters, an online portfolio of your video tests, and a refreshed social feed can help grab the eye of the businesses on Mandy. This is make money by video editing on Mandy.


Behance is a social media platform where you can exhibit your innovative work and get found by customers everywhere in the world. With a 1GB cutoff for every video document, you can transfer tests of your work and use them as your online portfolio.

When you’re prepared to flex your wings, Behance has a great job postings segment which you can consistently check for regular work. This is  make money by video editing on Behance.


LinkedIn is like Behance in that experts can utilize it as an online portfolio for expected managers to see. Top organizations like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook are utilized to enroll, so it may very well be what you need to find your fantasy video editing position. Then again, you can scour more than 1,000 video editing-related occupation postings in LinkedIn to discover a task you like.

This is how to make money as video editor on LinkedIn.


There are as of now in excess of 3,700 dynamic video editing occupations, on Upwork. Whatever you may have caught wind of Upwork, it’s a nice spot to begin your video editing profession in the event that you need to target mid-range, long-haul customers. This is how to make money as video editor on Upwork.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a pursuit of employment motor that totals work postings from everywhere the web, including significant creation organizations like Universal Studios, Lionsgate, Warner Bros, and Twentieth Century Fox. These creation occupations incorporate video altering projects that can assist you with acquiring full-time pay. This is how to make money by video editing on Simply hired.

Stage 32

Stage 32 is a social systems administration site that takes into account film, TV, and theater creatives. Even though this is a genuinely new position posting platform, it as of now has more than 500,000 individuals, with new creation occupations are posted each day. They additionally have a gathering for creative groups like video editors where you can assemble your associations, discover expected customers, and get motivation. This is how to make money by video editing on Stage 32.


ProductionHUB is a worldwide local area where neighborhood groups, merchants, and consultants associate with proficient substance makers. Before you can begin utilizing this media creation place of work, you need to pursue the month-to-month participation, which begins at $4.99. At that point, have your profile recorded in the video editors area and begin perusing the after-creation-editing occupations. This is how to make money by video editing online on ProductionHUB.

how to make money as video editor

What Video Editing Software Should We Learn?

Then, we should investigate the various decisions you have concerning video editing programming. To make it simpler for you to track down the correct programming, we’ve classified them relying upon your skill level, working framework, and financial plan.

Best Free: HitFilm Express
If you need to make proficient quality creation at no expense by any stretch of the imagination, your smartest option is the free form of the HitFilm Express. Besides having loads of visual apparatuses to look over, it works in 3D models, molecule impacts, and other eye-popping treats. When you begin procuring, you can simply extend the free form by purchasing the additional items that you need.

  • Accessible on the two Windows and Mac
  • Useful for making impacts and 3D compositing
  • Can edit video, sound, and illustration


  • Requires an incredible PC
  • Not accessible for Mac
  • Not for novices
  • Helpless tone coordinating

Second place’s (Free): Davinci Resolve 16 Review

Dark Magic Design’s Davinci Resolve 16 is an expert evaluation video editorial manager that has as of late collected a ton of consideration. It offers a paid adaptation (Studio) with no month-to-month expenses (interesting to Adobe Premiere fans), and a free form that is more impressive than even a portion of the paid choices out there (speaking to most of us).

The free form of Davinci Resolve 16 is all that could be needed for the vast majority. The disadvantage anyway from my experience with it is the high expectation to learn and adapt. Clients are gone up against with such countless boards and alternatives to begin that it very well may be extremely overwhelming. Here is a decent instructional exercise on the best way to begin with Davinci Resolve:

The paid variant of Davinci Resolve 16, called Studio, contrasts from the free form primarily in the extra highlights you get. Some of them are GPU Acceleration (for much better execution), Motion Blur, 3D Tools, and Denoiser.

Back to the free form. In case you’re willing to invest the energy to get familiar with the program, Davinci Resolve 16 is maybe the most remarkable video supervisor you can get free of charge.


  • Accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux Free
  • The inventive Cut page turns out incredible for making harsh cuts
  • Yield videos are without a watermark
  • Unrivaled remedying and evaluating shading capacities


  • Steep expectation to absorb information particularly with regards to hub-based compositing
  • H.265 codec and GPU coding not accessible in the free form
  • Better quality highlights require solid CPU details
  • Multi-client cooperation was just accessible in the top-notch form.

Best Budget-Priced: Filmora9
Wondershare’s Filmora9 is an asset-pressed, easy-to-use video editor that you can get for under $60. From working in titles, effectsMulticamtimeline altering high-energy channels, sound, and changes, it has all you require to make proficient level videos at a spending cost. You can even give it a preliminary first before you feel free to buy it.


  • Instinctive surface and heaps of assets
  • Accessible for Windows and Mac
  • Appropriate for amateurs and experts


  • No storyboard mode
  • No 360-degree video editing
  • You can look at the most recent highlights that Wondershare has added to FIlmora9 underneath:

Best for Professionals: CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Ultimate

CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Ultimate is a well-known decision among experienced video editors for its first-in-class highlights. This incorporates multi-cam altering, 360-degree video, movement following, adjustment, video remedy, settled groupings, and then some. Additionally, for the worth you get, it’s wise speculation.


  • Heaps of highlights
  • Quick delivering
  • 3D and 4K help
  • Best 360-degree video editing


  • Helpless tone coordinating
  • Not accessible for Mac
  • To assist you with choosing if the PowerDirector 18 Ultimate is the correct accomplice for you, watch this:

Best for Windows: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Debut Pro CC is the aftereffect of many years of refinement by perhaps the greatest name in the business, Adobe. It is a non-direct supervisor with plentiful force, flexibility, and profundity to assist you with making anything from music videos to full-length films. It can import from any source, support an assortment of arrangements, and has an easy-to-understand interface. The best advantage of everything is the coordinated work process with other Adobe items.


  • Works flawlessly with other Adobe items
  • First-rate programmed capacities and instruments
  • Responsive speed and adaptable interface
  • Consistent updates and increases
  • Windows and Mac-viable


  • Membership model as it were
  • Uses a ton of PC assets

Best for Mac: Final Cut Pro X

For Mac clients, the Final Cut Pro X is an easy decision. It has heaps of refined choices including gathering apparatuses, impacts, 4K and Multicam support, and coordinated transferring to well-known locales like You


  • Sweeping toolset
  • Quick, incredible, and flexible
  • Sold as a one-time buy


  • Macintosh as it were
  • Costly
  • Needs movement following for 360-degree videos
  • Instructions to Become a Good Video Editor

make money editing videos

The amount Can You Make Editing Videos?

Film and video editors make a normal of $86,830 each year. The compensation begins from $31,940 for beginners while the most experienced ones make as much as $170,040.

The mean time-based compensation comes at $41.75 and can go from $15.36 to $81.75 contingent upon whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

As a video editor, it not simply your work experience that can influence the amount you make. Where you reside can likewise influence your business rate and the amount you can procure.

Moving to states like California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Georgia where this expertise is sought after can expand your odds of getting some work.

For the top-paying states, California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut lead the rundown. The yearly mean pay for California and New York is at $112,530 and $92,170 separately. Obviously, you additionally need to consider that the average cost for basic items in these states is higher.

In the event that moving to a more lucrative state isn’t a choice, you can decide to take your video-editing abilities online. Upwork, one of the main platforms for consultants, shows higher normal hourly rates.

Novices can charge $20 to $45 each hour for basic alters. In the meantime, progressed video editors who can go past the essentials and have a cleaned portfolio can charge their customers somewhere in the range of $45 to more than $100 each hour relying upon the intricacy of the editing required.

Along these lines, presently you realize the amount you can acquire as a full-time video editorial manager, where you can procure it, and what devices you have access to. Yet, the inquiry is, how would you make yourself stand apart from different experts? Here are a few hints on how you can acquire that edge:

Be elegant with your skills

What, when, where, and how regularly you utilize your skills can influence the general nature of your finished result. Try too hard and you may wind up with a modest-looking reel. Keep in mind, only one out of every odd cut requires a change.

Additionally, ensure that the change you pick is reasonable for the task. For instance, blurs to and from dark functions admirably in videos like film trailers where you need to make tension. Light glimmers are another model. This cool impact functions admirably in high-energy sports videos and photographs substantial ventures like wedding videos.

be elegant with your skills
Practice The Specialty Of association

One of the greatest mood killers for customers is a chaotic workspace. A coordinated video manager is an effective laborer. Besides, it dispenses with the danger of erasing significant documents and getting that feared “Media Offline” blunder. It’s likewise an act of kindness to your customers who might need to have the venture re-altered by another video editorial manager later on.

Keep your venture documents across the board put and make legitimate subfolders.

Master tip – Create clear layout envelopes that you can rapidly reorder at whatever point you start another task.

At the point when you’re naming your documents, utilize the correct watchwords, consistently form, use hyphens (highlights aren’t web-accommodating!), and add metadata at whatever point conceivable.

Have a decent comprehension of pacing and stream

Pacing is, maybe, perhaps the hardest thing to learn as a video editorial manager. Envision the video as a melodic creation. The beat, or for this situation the pacing, sets the mindset for parts of the video and surprisingly the whole task in general.

As a rule, fast pacing communicates force and fervor while more slow pacing can be utilized to show an earnest and insightful second. One scene should stream easily to another too.

learn more skills
Learn Other Related Projects

Try not to restrict yourself to only a couple of projects. Besides knowing the most normally utilized video altering programming, acclimate yourself with programs like Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Lightroom, Sound Forge, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The more projects that you know, the more worth you can bring to any project, agreement, or company, and the more frequently you’ll get recruited.

Be convenient with your expectations

Nothing builds your odds for a recurrent client better than a quality video followed through on schedule. Far superior on the off chance that you can turn it in sooner than the cutoff time. To do this, you need to have happy time usage abilities, which drives us to the following tip.

improve time usage
Improve your time usage abilities

Besides intriguing your customer. by completing your undertaking quicker, you’re opening yourself up for more work (more pay!), more opportunity to upgrade your range of abilities, or some extra ideal opportunity to do your interests. Anyway, how might you alter videos quicker?

  • Become familiar with those products easy routes by heart.
  • Try not to stir up your unpleasant, fine, and finished products.
  • Use placeholders to remind you what to add or alter and to where in the course of events.
  • Do the sound blend last when your last blend has been customer-supported.


Stay aware of the most recent video editing patterns. Keeping steady over the most recent patterns in the video editing industry can make you stand apart from your opposition. Customers search for experts who know the intricate details of their art since it can bring about more amazing and powerful videos. In advertising, for instance, a more successful video will have better market entrance. A simple method to do this is to follow the privileged YouTube channels, online journals, and social media accounts. Hope you liked this article.

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