How To Register On Meesho App? Zero Investment Startup Ideas

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Earn With The Meesho App

In this post, we are going to gather details about Meesho earning app as it is India’s largest reseller earning app. It is also known as the most profitable online business app in India. Earning on the Meesho app is quite easier and this article will crack all the basic ideas from how to register on Meesho to all important ideas involved in this business.

If you have zero money in your pocket then you can also start with Zero investment startup ideas with Meesho refer earn program. Firstly we will know in detail that what Meesho is basically all about, so let’s dive into it.

Meesho: An Online Business Platform


The Meesho app is basically an Indian social commerce app which is founded by graduate students of IIT Delhi named Vidit Atrey and Sanjeev. it’s a platform where products can be referred to on many social channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, etc. As we must have heard and seen Meesho app’s advertisement on so many social media platforms and m

any of the users are earning a lot of money from Meesho refer earn program. So Meesho is India’s most trustable and largest among all the marketplace for resellers.
Resellers sell the products on Meesho online through Facebook and WhatsApp contacts. If you have a large number of contact lists on WhatsApp, this app will be genuine for you to make your sales more and make your commission from it.

This app is trusted by thousands of users and they are earning a well good online money from this platform and also by referring it to others.

This app helps you to grow your business online by selling products at low prices with the best of quality and its return policy is also cool. the products are delivered at your doorstep with both online and COD payment mode.
You can easily start your business on Meesho.

Meesho is not only just a platform to make money, but it also leads to helping thousands of people to earn their living. It

can be done by both males and females but as a part of our country females can also be a businesswoman sitting at home with Meesho refer earn program.

It provides both online and cash on delivery payment options to the clients if they purchase any product with the Meesho.
It allows many women to make their own money by referring and reselling products on social media and become independent to make their life a bit easier along with taking care of their children at home. Working at home as a housewife the Meesho app gives nice opportunities to women to make money.

Zero Investment Startup Ideas

On Meesho you can earn by selling products that are used by peoples on a daily basis i.e fashion and lifestyle products. So simply by sharing products on WhatsApp and Facebook, you can earn a little bit from it and like these, you can earn more and more once you get familiar with this platform.

Unlike Amazon and Flipkart, Meesho is also a selling product app but it provides business too by reselling products to people with commission profitable to the reseller.

The best part about working with Meesho is that you can start by Zero investment startup ideas on meesho app, you do not have to participate in any affiliate program like Amazon and Flipkart.

Zero investment i.e you can earn by referral and reselling on meesho you don’t have to invest a single coin to start your earning.

Meesho Refer Earn Program

Referral earning in Meesho is categorized in four different ways

  • Zero level
  • Referring Rising Star
  • Referring Superstar
  • Referring Megastar

Commission from Meesho refer earn program can be calculated by the price of the product. Shipping charges and margin of the reseller are not calculated on this calculation.
Now after that, it’s time to convince your invited people to join Meesho via referral code. It’s up to you, you can convince them by calling or texting and give them all information about reselling and earning ideas with Meesho.

Suggest them that they can also earn from zero investment.

Basically, you need to share and convince those peoples whom you think that they can also put their efforts to earn with Meesho app.

How To Register On Meesho App

How to get registered with Meesho and start earning money you need to follow the following steps:


  • Download the Meesho app from the Google Play store on your mobile phone.
  • You will have to provide your phone number and then click on the sign-in button to continue.
  • You will get an OTP on your enter mobile number to verify it’s you.
  • Then click on the given account section.
  • Click on the option refer and earn to continue further.
  • Now at this step, you have to invite your friends by tapping the options tap to invite, and then you canshare it with your family and friends. So this is how to register with Meesho and make money.

Registration on the Meesho app is very simple and can be done by referral code also i.e if you get any referral code from your friends and family, you can register yourself by putting their code on that.

Resell And Work From Home With Meesho

To work with the Meesho, no experience is required and you can work from home without giving any registration fee.

Today we are living in a world where every work has transferred to work from home online. There are lots of social media platforms nowadays, where we can share referral codes to earn by sitting at our home online by referring on social media, as social media has given new opportunities for users especially for women, they can work from home and make their own money online by showing their skills as they must have many friends list where they can share the products from Meesho there’s the only basic need of a smartphone for doing their job.

to start any job make a well good business plan make pages on social media for your products to resell


I hope this article has cleared all your doubts, on how you can earn with the Meesho app by reselling products.

So basically you get that you can earn money with Meesho by following two ways: that is by reselling and by referral, also you can directly withdraw your earned money to your bank account. So in this way you can easily make money with the Meesho app and referring without investing a single coin.

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