Move2Earn: Withdraw Your Sweatcoin In Kucoin

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The vision of run-to-Earn has been expanding in favor ever since it was first proposed. The idea of being capable to achieve capital simply by remaining involved has inspirited many and encouraged users to try out apps such as Sweatcoin. 

How To Withdraw Money From Sweatcoin?

If you’re also curious about making crypto just by running/walking, follow our clear guidelines to find out exactly how you can earn $SWEAT on Sweatcoin and deposit/withdraw those $SWEAT tokens in your KuCoin account for trading.

So let’s get started.

To make money on Sweatcoin, you would first require to register for an account. Once that is accomplished, there are a few ways for you to make $SWEAT or Sweatcoins & withdraw money from Sweatcoin.

Taking Steps

If you’re using your mobile device as your tracker, do confirm that you keep it with you in your bag at all times, no matter where you move. This will help to chase the number of steps you take and cite you with $SWEAT or Sweatcoins in retrieval. 

Sweatcoin will track your steps as long as it is operating in the background. This means that your steps will be tracked as long as you don’t propel-stop the app.

For every 1,000 steps that you take, 1 $SWEAT will be counted in your Sweat Wallet. However, it is necessary to mention that the $SWEAT token gets increasingly more challenging to mint as time passes. This means that it will demand more steps, and the next day mint another $SWEAT. You can also only mint $SWEAT for the first 5,000 steps that you take each day. The next 5,000 steps you take will earn you Sweatcoins rather. $SWEAT tokens can be employed for trading, while Sweatcoins can be used to swap for rewards on the Sweatcoin app.


Completing Daily Bonus Activities

Sweatcoin offers three daily bonuses where you can test your fate and win up to 1,000 Sweatcoins each time you declare them. Of course, it isn’t that comfortable, and most individuals argue to usually accept between 0.9 and 2 Sweatcoins. All you do is watch an advert and you’ll see your wallet balance increase with Sweatcoins.


Joining Difficulties

Sweatcoin will periodically sort out activities for its clients to grab more Sweatcoins. 

You can likewise earn more Sweatcoins by referring to new friends or turn into a Sweatcoin influencer.


Methods to Initiate Earning

  • You need to initially download both Sweatcoin and Sweat Wallet on the App Store or the Google Play Store. When you join Sweatcoin, open your Sweat Wallet and tap Sign In with Sweatcoin.
  • When you tap on that, you will be diverted to your Sweatcoin application and prompted to Pick up Crypto. Peruse the guidelines and tap on Get Your Wallet.
  • Verify your email address and you will be sent a six-digit code.
  • Do assure that you keep this email with the six-digit code protected as it will be utilized to recover your account if you lose it.
  • Open the sweat Wallet application and Asset Login.
  • Whenever you’ve kept the login, attach it to the directions and Open Your Wallet. You ought to see your $SWEAT tokens. From here, you’ll have the option to trade, swap, send, receive and get Sweat token rewards.
  • Assuming you face any errors, you can likewise go to the Help section on Sweatcoin for any help.


How to connect the Sweat Wallet to the Sweat Coin App?

To connect the sweat coin wallet to the sweat coin app, you just need to follow the steps below:

  1. At first, download the sweat coin wallet from Play Store.
  2. Oen it by using your email address 
  3. Verify all the things and get a 6-digit code then simply you just have to put that code in the desired section 
  4. Then after this, your two apps will be merged.


Now the thing is that, for how many steps, you get how much sweat coin.

So the answer is: if you walk daily target steps daily then you can get 1 Sweat token and it doesn’t matter whether you are walking at your home, at your office, at the gym, or on the roads. Just the thing is you have to complete the target steps to get one sweat coin token.

And yes it’s not easy as it is seeming to be, it works on the difficulty level also. 

If you click on the icon on your home screen where it is mentioned about daily steps for one sweat coin token, you will see a graph showing you how much you have to walk to get one sweat coin

As suppose we recommended to many of our friends then what will happen, is the difficulty level will be increased because of more users are connecting to the sweat coin application and the company is not able to provide this much money to all the users. 

So what will happen, is they will increase the steps to earn one sweat coin token.

By following the same your earnings will be decreased. 

Now what is happening in it is if many people are working on it the company will be at a loss and yes the company will not provide you money for free so in place of that, you will also have to do a lot of work you will also have to work so many steps to complete the task of one sweat coin token.

So like this, taking the example from the graph, 7 days ago your target for 1 Sweat coin token is  (say) 1642 steps, then after 7 days what will be the next target is dependent on how much you referred to the sweet coin to your friends or family or your other known persons. 

When the sweat coin at launch, its step count was different, after 7 days it will be different after so many days it will be different and at the end of the year it will be different.

So basically, the difficulty level will increase gradually and you have to do more and more steps running walking, or something else whatever you want to do so you will have to do all the things to get one sweat coin token.

As we have taken the example of 1788 steps of today then after 1 year that is in the completion of 1 year it will be around your steps will be around 94004 which means you have to complete 94004 steps in a day to get one’s wet coin to see how this is how the typical till the level of the earning of one’s white coin increases

So like within a month or 15 or 16 days, your token will be reflected on your home screen.


The Staking option is good

How To Withdraw Money From Sweatcoin?

You can also go for staking if you hold your tokens in your wallet you can go for staking. It has a popular target of 12 months, i.e you get a 12% increment for your staking option, and the regular option is for 6 months in which you get a 6% for 6 months, and yes another starter option which is the 3-month pack you get 3% for 3 months in this.

As an example, if you choose the amount of 28 tokens to stake then you will get extra 3 tokens for 1 year you can say.

Note: If you want to get updated on sweat coin then you have to follow their Instagram or Twitter handles to get in touch with their update for your benefit.

You can see the rewards section also in that. If you put something on staking and you can even get the price of Apple iPhones also so many gift cards, wallets, and, vouchers.

Now the main task is if you want to draw your amount as rupees on your wallet then what you will do? So this is amazing that we are going to discuss now.


How to withdraw your Sweatcoin tokens to your bank account?

  • For that simply you need to click on the option of transfer and then click on send on the home screen of the sweatcoin app.
  • After clicking on send option you will have two options.
  • These two options are; 
  1. You can withdraw these tokens on your exchanges and
  2. Directly to your bank account.

But the thing is that the direct option is not available on this application till now. It is available on the premium program only. For Normal accounts, this option is not available for now.


Instructions to Pull out $SWEAT into Your Near Wallet

Assume you might want to swap on the open market and want to initially pull out your Sweat tokens into your near Wallet. You can decide to make another wallet or import a current one. Copy you’re Near Wallet address from the wallet app.

On the Sweat Wallet application, tap on shift followed by Send. Paste your Near Wallet address into your Username and tap Search on your keyboard. Follow the means on the screen to finish the withdrawal of your $SWEAT tokens and you ought to see the balance in your near Wallet after the trade has been conducted.

You can pull out your Sweatcoins to any of the options below:

  1. By bit
  2. Kucoin,etc

How do you transfer your Sweatcoin from your wallet to KuCoin? 

How do you transfer your Sweatcoin from your wallet to KuCoin? 
  • You will log in to the wallet app
  • It will load your balance from your move-to-earn app. 
  • Then input your kucoin Wallet username. 
  • Then click send and it’s sent to your kucoin Wallet. 
  • Then go to your kucoin Wallet app and send the token out to the exchange where you want to trade.


How do you transfer your Sweatcoin from your wallet to Bybit? 
  • Tap on the Assets switch at the bottom right corner of the page.
  •  Under Mark, dab on Deposit
  • Explore the $SWEAT token in the search bar. 
  • You’ll be referred to your Bybit wallet address.
  • Copy the address and paste it on your sweatcoin app username section.
  • Start transferring to your bybit wallet.
  • Like this you can transfer.

Summary and conclusion


So yes if you are interested in it, you can easily earn the money and don’t buy or sell your products using these sweat coin tokens because in the future the price will be very high it’s a prediction we can say. So yes start earning and you don’t know when your one rupee token will convert into 100 or 200 rupee tokens it is never predictable, you can go it.

One thing to note down here is that whatever the number of sweat tokens you have in your app, it is not reflected within a fraction of a second in your account. Because the company also needs to verify whether it’s a person who is walking or running or moving or it is any other animal like a dog or cow or something else.

You can say that it’s a very important task for the company also so that’s why your money will not be reflected in your account directly.

So it’s a chance, it’s a golden chance for you all to get more and more sweat coins.

Comment your queries below, thank you! Visit again.


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