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junio app review

Awesome Idea For Kids–Junio Debit Card

Need to show your kids how to spend dependably? There’s another mobile application that empowers you, the parent, to save a little money for your kids and screen their spending design through the application. A Delhi-based fintech firm – First Pay Technologies – has launched another pocket money application called Junio along with a Junio debit card.

Is it advantageous to use the application? So let’s learn about free student debit cards. We should see.

Junio App Review–What’s On Offer

The thought behind Junio is to make kids friendly and responsible with money at an early age. The application is focused on kids of age 10-16. Ordinarily, you simply give money to your kids and wouldn’t follow where they spend the money with a Junio debit card. In any case, the Junio application is linked with a card that your child can swipe when he/she needs to make a purchase.

This is the means by which it works. It’s the best debit card for teens. The parent needs to download the application. It accompanies a charge card. Each time the kid spends swiping this card, the parent gets the notification on the Junio application. The card is supported by RBL Bank and Rupay card.

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How Junio Debit Card Works

  • When the parent uploads the money on the card, the child is allowed to spend the money with Junio debit card
  • On the off chance that you complete a part KYC (Know Your Customer) process, you can upload up to Rs 10,000 per month. A full KYC empowers you to move up to Rs 1 lakh a month. 
  • Ankit Gera, Co-originator of Junio says that you don’t have to have an account with RBL bank.
  • You can move money from any account using your net banking, charge card, or BHIM Unified Payments Interface (UPI). It’s the best debit card for teens. There is a month-to-month charge of Rs 99. However, it is turned around after the principal month-to-month exchange.

Junio Card Offers & Cashbacks:-

  1. Flat 1% Cashback when you Add/Load Money via UPI. You will receive this Cashback within 7 days of adding money in the form of a scratch card
  2. Flat 3% Cashback when you swipe your card at a nearby shop, petrol pump, etc. Cashback will be credited by 7th April 2022.
  3. Flat 10% Cashback On Following Store Check Below with no minimum order value:- Swiggy, Zomato, Grofers, BigBasket, Country Delight, Zepto, JioMart, Fraazo, and, Dunzo app
  4. no promo code is needed for the cashback along with a deal of maximum cashback of Rs 100 per transaction.
  1. Time duration–1 march 2022 – 31 march 2022, and 

free student debit card


There is no cashback for canceled or refunded transaction

  1. Get 10% Cashback when you use Junio debit card at D Mart, Reliance Smart, Apollo Pharmacy, and many more areas.

This offer is applicable for both types of users:

  1. Have only Virtual Card
  2. Have both Virtual and Physical Card

*Minimum Add/Load Money of Rs.100 applicable for Cashback eligibility.


Junio App Refer and Earn Offer

Junio permits the clients to earn Rs. 1000 simply by referring the application to your friends.

  1. Share your referral code with your friends through any online platform.
  2. At the point when your friend orders their Junio card, you have an opportunity to win Rs. 1000, Rs. 500, Rs. 100 or Rs. 10.
  3. The reference amount would be credited immediately to your Junio account, which could be withdrawn using the Junio Rupay card.

Why Should Students Use A Junio Debit Card?

The tasks inside the app might make kids capable to an extent in order to bring in extra pocket-cash and save for unique things. The students would learn other basic, yet fundamental, banking schemes, for example, how to use a bank passbook, confirm transactions, and store bills. Visits to banks are a great opportunity for growth for kids at a youthful age.

From Where to get the Junio App

  • The application is accessible on the Google Play store for android users. Apple iOS users should hang tight for some more time.
  • Through the application, you can screen and monitor your kid’s spending with a free student debit card. Also, however, your child can use the card to withdraw the money from an ATM, you can set the money withdrawal limit. 
  • “It puts kids inside a monetary system and they figure out how to make do with restricted assets (money),” says Rohit Shah, Founder, and CEO of Getting You Rich.
  • The anytime cancel feature of the card using the application gives adaptability to guardians. It can forestall misuse during the loss of a card.

best debit card for teens

What Doesn’t Work Better On A Junio App?
  • Online cheats are on the rise, and like every other person, your kids can be defenseless as well, maybe somewhat more given their age. It’s the best debit card for teens.
  • If you cancel the Junio debit card while there is still some balance left in it, you can’t move it back to your bank account. You should either withdraw it out or spend the money, before canceling the card.
  • Shah says that simply having the application on your phone and a free student debit card in your kid’s hand, doesn’t mean a lot except if the guardians screen the ways of managing money. Else, it may very well be equivalent to giving money to your kid like any typical pocket-money exchange.
  • Parijat Garg, a digital loaning expert says that for such applications to work, the money withdrawal limit should be kept the least and kids should be urged to make purchases through the card. That is the means by which guiding should be possible, if necessary.

Would It Be A Good Idea For You To Subscribe To A Free Student Debit Card?

  • More than kids, guardians would be more dependable, in the event that they wish to utilize this application and card to show their kids judicious ways of managing money.
  • On the off chance that you keep the pocket money well inside control, the Junio application and the charge card can be useful to your youngster in learning.

Where Does Junio As A Thought Stick Out?

A superior option is open a children’s investment funds account with a bank. It’s the best debit card for teens. This permits you to store a restricted amount consistently and afterward give a charge card to your kid. using this card, your kid can make purchases as well as withdrawals with a free student debit card.  “Along these lines, reserve funds in the account will earn interest. Additionally, they can be instructed with fixed stores and repeating stores to put something aside for their momentary objectives through financial items,” says Garg. 

Junio Permits Guardians To Keep An Eye On.

Aside from the moment of pocket money move, the Junio app review lets guardians monitor the spending made by youngsters. 

Guardians can likewise make in-application every day assignments for their kids and connect them with advantages. It’s the best debit card for teens. The application is coordinated with highlights, for example, setting withdrawal limits for ATMs and giving adaptability to guardians to drop the card at any second utilizing the application.

As may be obvious, it is a basic digital wallet-based smartcard that has been marked for kids as it permits guardians to watch all transactions. The startup’s advanced pocket means to have accomplished a month-to-month dynamic base of 2 lakh clients in India and intends to have 5 million clients in 3-4 years’ time.

Kids-Focused Fintech Is Another New Niche

Ankit Gera, Co-author Junio said, “a kid-focused payment platform is another idea in India and a space that is neglected. There point is to address the issues of youthful digital natives who are leaned towards a money liberated world.”


The organization brought Rs 10 crore up in interests in its Angel Round the month before. Among others, its financial backers incorporate Cred author Kunal Shah, Bharat Pe CEO and fellow benefactor Ashneer Grover, PolicyBazaar CEO Yashish Dahiya, InnoVen Capital MD and CEO Ashish Sharma, and Groww prime supporter and CEO Lalit Kesher, among others. It’s the best debit card for teens. Kids-focused fintech space is an arising fragment in India, and each other primary player is FamPay. Fintech items for kids is another idea from Junio app review in India, however, it has been very famous in the West.

Conclusion– Junio App Review

The current need is for digital payment contrasted with cash. Recent college grads are shopping online, requesting food, paying for a roadblock in a game. 

Guardians have understood this need as well. They are not happy giving over their own Rupay cards to kids since they have no control over the amount being spent and what it’s being utilized for. On the off chance that they can give their kid a personal Junio debit card at the membership cost of under some espresso then it’s a mutually advantageous situation. Granting monetary proficiency to their kids will be truly significant for guardians.


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