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Mode phone: A Phone That Pays You

Mode phone is the first and ever device that pays you. You can consider it a free device as you will get back the paid amount of Mode phone while using it to earn money. You can earn up to $600 or more than that a year. You can earn a lot of rewards with this device every day. This device has changed the way of using smartphones. It is based on the latest version of Android 10’s interface that allows you to earn money while playing mobile games and doing various activities. It will be a great experience using this phone.

Now it’s time to grab things in detail to earn money.

Mode phone Price

The real price of Mode phone is $199.99 at the time of launch but you can serve your device with the instant offer of $130.00. This offer is for a limited time period. Once your device is added to the cart for checkout you will be charged $19.99 for 4 installments to make you upgrade for phone and worldwide.

Worldwide Unlocked Phone

A worldwide unlocked phone means it is not tied with only one specific world means you can explore so much in it. You are not locked to a particular thing. You have the freedom to unlock and earn your income everywhere you like worldwide.

ModepHone Specification

Mode Phone Specifications / Features

The first and foremost thing we consider while purchasing a device is to know its specifications/features. So to unlock worldwide, mode phone specification features are below:

  • Mode mp 1 comes with the specification of a 6.52- inch HD touch screen display. Mode mp 1 is powered by an octa-core ARM cortex processor. This device comes with a variant of 64GB RAM. It has two day battery life and is powered by a 4000 mAh battery, it supports fast charging. It’s a 4G LTE phone with dual sim slots in it.
  • As these days cameras are also considered the mode mp 1 4G has the rear pack of 13 mega pixels+ 2 megapixels + 2 megapixels, as it’s a triple camera phone. It supports a front camera of 5 megapixels with autofocus for selfies.
  • Mode mp 1 is based on Android 10 and packs 64 GB inbuilt RAM. It’s a dual SIM smartphone that accepts both Nano-SIM cards. This phone will work with any GSM carrier worldwide. Basically, GSM is abbreviated as a global system for mobile communication. It is considered as a standard for carriers that are implemented for their 2G networks. GSM works in certain bands of frequency to transmit calls and messages. 99% of the countries in the world use the 2G (GSM) band as at least one carrier. Mode phone successfully operates in the all below given bands:
      2G GSM    850 / 1900
            3G  850 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100
        4G LTE  B 2 / 4 / 5 / 12 / 17 / 166

Also, one thing to note is that if a carrier uses a 2G (GSM) band then it will use at least a 3G or 4G band for sure.

  • The connectivity option includes Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, USB, type-C, 4G LTE networks. The connectivity option includes Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, USB, type c, 4G LTE networks. The sensors inbuilt are a light sensor, compass/magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, and also fingerprint with face ID unlock feature.
  • Modephone prices $199.99 at this time but with an unlimited offer of  $130.00 with an extra charge of $19.99 in four installments at the time of checkout. So these above are mode phone specifications/features.

Modephone Warranty

This limited warranty will be applied to the mode phone.  The device warranty starts from the date of its activation. During the warranty period, if any defect is found and is confirmed by ModePhone authorized service center, a replacement service for free will be provided. Basically, Modephone warranty comes with:

  • 12 months for device and
  • 6 months for Battery.

Modephone warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Any accidental damage.
  2. Exposure to mud, sand, dirt, water, moisture, electricity, etc.
  3. If the device does not have a proper serial number.
  4. Defects due to use of official accessories.
  5. Virus defects.
  6. Device broken defects.
  7. Defaults by improper use of the device.

The return policy of Modephone is 14 days return with a restoring fee of $39 and it will be deducted from the return amount.

Earn With Modephone Modes
In this article, we are going to discuss so many modes to earn with Modephone.
As you receive your device, you can begin to earn with Modephone modes with the help of software as you go inside the mode mp 1.
This means that you will find money coming in, earn with mode phones help you to get back your initial device payment to money in your wallet. Only four installments as interest-free will be cut at checkout.
It’s the first and ever device that makes you earn with mode mp1 modes up to $600 or more in a year. Money can be earned while you share your workout insight and earn, this means that you can earn for what you do daily in mode mp 1 with all great mode phone specifications/features.
Share Your Workout Insight And Earn
To make money while you share your workout insight and earn make money to motivate yourself for a healthy lifestyle. Share your daily routine workout for being healthy such as working out, yoga, walking, logging, sharing your insight meals and share attractive health ideas and start earning.
Earn While Playing Mobile Games On Mode Phone

Yes, this is true you can earn money while playing mobile games on mode phone game mode. We all play for fun but now you have the opportunity to find your game to earn money, by solving puzzles to download while you can start earning money for getting new levels. This is how you can earn money by playing mobile games.

play on modephone

Earn with mod mp1 modes

modephone modes

There are so many different modes that allow you to earn money. You can earn with mode mp 1 mode such as:

  • Music mode

Here you can turn music notes into bank money. We all love to listen to music while doing any type of work what if you are with the song you play. Yes, this is absolutely true that you can start earning with music mode while amplifying your savings up to $120 in a year by listening to music and throwing away the streaming service’s cost yours.

  • Game mode

Play to earn. Here you can earn money by playing games on your mode phone by solving puzzles and downloading next level, etc.

  • Task mode

By performing tasks you can add money to your pocket. Switch on the earning mode and start sharing your opinion with all the biggest brands in the world.

  • Fitness Mode

This allows you to share your daily workout routine yoga sharing your health their meals it is easy to earn money for healthy habits and start earning.

  • Lock mode

Unlock your phone by sliding into the money-making mode. You can quickly access to your different apps to see new offers that pay you more rewards daily.

  • Charge mode

Make money while charging your phone i.e you can earn with this feature of your modephone, when you are asleep and make passive income.

Surfing web mode

Start surfing the web to earn money by downloading videos for free as you earn no need to bother, keep calm start surfing the web to earn. 

Like this, you can also go for

  • Cash mode
  • Share mode
  • Data Mode
  • Crypto mode
  • Finance mod
  • News mode
  • Weather mod
  • Watch mode
  • Save mode


Mode phone is a revolutionary first-ever device that pays you for using it. You can put money on your hand by using different modes of mode phone mp1. This device has so many attractive features that allow you to earn money in comparison to other phones. You can earn while you share your workout insight and earn. You can earn while playing mobile games earn with EARN AS YOU GO software in it.

So I hope this article has provided you some basic knowledge and idea of mode phone mp1 so that you can also start earning with this device. If you have any doubts about this device then comment your doubts below.

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