No Cost EMI Offers | Flipkart Offers On Electronics | End Of The Year Sale 2020

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flipkart offers on electronics
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Flipkart Offers On Electronics

The most awaited sale from Flipkart is now all set. The new sale on Flipkart electronics 2020 will be from 26 December 2020  and will remain till 28 December 2020.

The sale is basically for electronics items by Flipkart to go and check out all the best deals with best prices deals on the smartphone will also be there on the big sale from Flipkart which is from 26 December 2020 to 28 December 2020.

Previously a month ago Flipkart Android a big saving days sale and again it is going to host a new and of the year sale for its customers.

this new cell is going to take place on 26 December 2020 and will remain till 28 December 2020.

Flipkart offers very good sales for the customers but just there is a lack of knowledge for the customers so basically we are here to help you out of this. After reading this article you are going to crash all the things from the Flipkart application as it is giving the most awaited sale of the year this December from 26 December 2020 to 28 December 2020 and its season’s end sale and as 2020 is going to end so that’s why Flipkart is offering an amazing sale on electronic items.

So here Flipkart has offered only electronic gadgets and the listed product are with the reasonable price so that all the costumer are going to get a great profit from it and the list is only for smartphones available but from 26 December till 28 December all the important news, all the important information will be in your hands so just you have to click on the Flipkart application and find out all the things but this post is going to be your guide to read all the things before you just have to follow the things which you are going to purchase and go there and check out.

End Of The Year Sale

As it’s an end-of-the-year sale, more profit will be of ICICI Bank account cardholders as at the end of the year sale the cardholders with the bank will get an instant discount of 10%.

So basically if the users are ICICI bank cardholders then this is going to be a great money-saving source for them, if they are planning to buy electronic items from Flipkart so they will get a 10% instant discount on the electronic items deal.

Exchange offers

All the customers can also go for an exchange offer so that they can get an extra discount by exchanging their old electronic gadget and buying a new one out of it by giving some extra money. As of now, Flipkart has revealed the deals on smartphones to go and check them right now and see the cost to discounted by Flipkart and how compassionate it is.

Make your electronic item purchase at the lowest price with Flipkart and of the year sale.

No Cost EMI

Here if you don’t have enough money with you then no need to worry as Flipkart is offering a no-cost EMI offer at their and electronic sale 2020 just go and grab the items you need at the lowest prices with great discounts.

All the smartphone lists along with their prices are also listed below in which customers can get up to Rs10,000 discount on Flipkart as offered by the company. Here are few items listed below in which most of the great deals are on smartphones.

1- iPhones

Earlier the cost of iPhone SE 2020 this year was available for Rs 42,500 with the variant of 64GB storage but now it is available for Rs 32,999 which means Rs 9,501 is discounted by Flipkart on this year-end sale and costumers can get more discount with ICICI Bank cards and on exchange offers it will be discounted by a minimum of Rs 13200.

iPhone 11 Pro is also in this deal worth Rs79,999 and a discount with exchange offers up to Rs 13200.

iPhone X RS is also available with a discount of Rs 38,999. So check out and get the deal of your choice.

2- Realme smartphone

If customers want to buy Realme X3 superzoom smartphone 4G device that will be priced at Rs 23,999 and earlier it was offered on Rs 27,999.

Here Flipkart is offering a Rs 4000 discount on this deal. Another smartphone from Realme is Realme 6 with a fast charger is also available at a discounted price you can check out the Flipkart application for more details.

3- Vivo smartphones

If you are willing to buy a smart selfie camera phone of the Vivo company then this end-of-the-year sale offered by Flipkart is going to be a great deal for you with a Vivo V20 smartphone at a discounted price tag of Rs 24,990.

Also, many of the down price deals will be offered by Flipkart

4- Samsung Phones

Samsung phones are also available like Samsung galaxy note 10 plus is also at a discounted price of Rs 54,999 with 12 GB and 256GB variants, so this sale is best for all smartphones.

Flipkart has offered so many sales earlier but this is going to be a great deal if you are interested to buy electronic gadgets from Flipkart. No fraud will be there you can get all the things, all the amazing exchange offers with no cost  EMI and so many offers you are getting so that’s why you must go for it and get all the devices, all the items, all the gadgets whatever you need with the proper discounted price tag on electronics sale 2020 offered by Flipkart.


So this is just the list revealed by Flipkart but on the day of the end of the year sale 2020 electronics sale all amazing prices of the electronic devices will be there, just be ready for this year-end sale 2020 with no cost EMI and ICICI bank offers and on exchange offers.

Get all the deals done and get all the electronic gadgets with discounted price tags.

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