Play Paytm Cadbury Quiz 2022 & Earn ₹25 Paytm Cashback

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Paytm Desserts Corner Cadbury Offer 2022

In the Paytm Cadbury quiz, you can Playtests, give replies, and grab free up to ₹25 Paytm cashback from Paytm Cadbury quizzes.

Paytm has accompanied a proposal with Cadbury named Paytm Cadbury Quiz to attract their clients and this is absolutely helping out their clients to earn free Paytm cash with Paytm Cadbury quiz answers.

So in this article, we will know in detail about this interesting topic.

Let’s get started learning about the free Paytm cash earning app.


paytm cadbury quiz answers today

Paytm Cadbury Dessert Corner Quiz

In the present Paytm Cadbury desserts corner quiz, you can grab up to ₹25 Paytm cashback. You simply have to choose one of your favorite sweet dishes and afterward read their fixings which have been utilized to make that dish a

paytm cadbury desserts corner quiz

nd offer test responses and you can win up to ₹25 Free PayTM Cash Instantly in your Wallet. Earning this application with this new idea is too awesome.

Win Up To ₹25 cashback with only one Quiz on PayTM Cadbury Desserts Corner. 

Learn Recipes with Cadbury Desserts and win Cashback. Become familiar with a few astonishing Recipes, responds to a couple of questions, and win PayTM Cashback up to ₹25.

To play the test you simply have to choose your number one sweet dish and afterward read the fixings which have been utilized to make that dish and give test replies.


How to Play and Win Upto ₹25 Paytm Cashback

paytm cadbury quiz answers

It’s very easy to start earning on this application with this special offer. So following are the steps that you can use to operate this earning method.


1) Open the Paytm application and tap on the Cadbury Desserts Corner Quiz Banner.

2) You will be diverted to the Dessert corner test page. 

3) Tap on the entering button.

4) Now select any one sweet and read its recipes.

5) Now tap on participate now button and the test will begin.

5) There will be just 2 straightforward inquiries you want to address in view of the recipe you chose.

6) Submit the responses and enter your name, Paytm number, email, age, and orientation and settle on terms.

7) You will get up to ₹25 free Paytm cash from the Cadbury sweets corner test.


Clients need to offer responses to straightforward inquiries and can acquire free ₹25.



Paytm Cadbury Quiz Answers Today

(A) Easy Chocolate Modak Quiz Answers:

Q1) Which is an item utilized in the recipe chocolate modak?

Reply: Cadbury Dairy Milk

Q2) Which isn’t a fixing in the recipe of chocolate modak?

Reply: Lime Juice

(B) Must-Try Kheer-e Chocolate Quiz Answers:

Q1) Which is an item utilized in the recipe of kheer-e-chocolate?

Reply: Cadbury Dairy Milk

Q2) Which isn’t a fixing in the recipe of kheer-e-modak?

Reply: Lime Juice

(C) Brown Oreo Brownie Quiz Answers:

Q1) Which is an item utilized in the recipe of brown oreo brownie?

Reply: Oreo

Q2) Which isn’t a fixing in the recipe of brown oreo brownie?

Reply: Vanilla concentrate

(D) Hot Chocolate Bomb Explosion Quiz Answers:

Q1) Which is an item utilized in the recipe of  Hot Chocolate Bomb Explosion?

Reply: Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Q2) Which isn’t a fixing in the recipe of Hot Chocolate Bomb Explosion?

Reply: Egg


A quick recap of the Paytm Cadbury Dessert Corner Quiz

Earn ₹25 Paytm Cashback

Download the most recent Paytm application on the play store/application store. Register with your mobile number and a few fundamental different details. After finishing your information exchange process, you will be diverted to the Paytm application landing page.

Here track down Cadbury Desserts Corner Section on Paytm App.

Gave an amount of 2 inquiries responded to accurately for the Paytm Cadbury dessert corner test. On the off chance that you are fortunate, you will get up to ₹25 Paytm cash.

In short, in the event that you offer each of the two Paytm Cadbury Desserts Corner Quiz Responses, you can win up to ₹25 free Paytm cashback Instantly in your Paytm wallet.

Now it’s time to know about the same thing on Cadbury chocolatiers Paytm offer. 


Cadbury Choclairs ₹10 Paytm Cashback Offer


To start making money on Paytm Cadbury chocolatiers quiz answers, you should know the following things which have been explained step by step below.
Let’s get started.


  1. Open the Paytm app and visit the Paytm chocolatiers cashback offer.
  2. Scroll down the page and afterward tap on the participate button given below.
  3. Enter your name, mobile number, and email address, and tap on entering Gotham City.
  4. Now tap on each chocolatier’s toffee and answer the questions of the puzzle accurately.
  5. Done! On the off chance that you gave your answers correctly, you will get ₹10 Paytm cash or other markdown vouchers.
  6. Buy a Cadbury chocolatier’s gold toffee to get a great deal code and win a free excursion to Gotham city.
  7. Submit the code and open your prizes like rebate vouchers or a free ticket with Paytm Cadbury chocolatiers quiz answers.


Eligibility for participating in Paytm Cadbury offer.

You want to satisfy the accompanying qualification rules to take part in the Campaign:

  • You should be an individual; not a robot.
  • You ought to be an individual legitimate occupant and resident of the Republic of India.
  • You ought to be of an age 18 years or above at the hour of section into the Campaign;
  • You will be legitimately skilled to go into an authoritative agreement under the pertinent laws of India.
  • All who satisfy the qualification rules to partake in the quiz will separately be thought of and referred to as “Members”.


Summary of Paytm Cadbury quiz answers.


The quizzes plan to have an exceptional enticement for youth-based purchasers to grab a seat and get paid for it.

Paytm cashback presented as a feature of this proposition is non-adaptable and non-refundable, and no actual money installment will be made in lieu of this. 

The agreements of this Offer will be administered by Indian Laws. All possible debates, contentions, and clashes (“Disputes”) emerging out of the Contest will be alluded for Arbitration to a Sole Arbitrator to be selected by Paytm whose choice will be conclusive and restricting on all.

Conclusion on free Paytm cash earning app.


Now is the right time to play a Cadbury quiz and dominate Paytm cashback. T&C Apply, Creative perception, may shift. A simple and basic quiz at this point.

So start making money, but remember at any stage, Paytm maintains its authority to call upon the Participant to present any archive for confirmation of its way of life according to its only tact if something weird happens.

Comment your queries below. Thank you! Visit again.


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