Threedots App Review – Play Games & Earn Money In 2023

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In today’s world, it’s very difficult to stick to a goal and earn money from it but still, we have a choice that we can earn sitting at home by just playing or predicting something that can reach a goal that will help us to make money.

Many people think that all the apps in this digital world that we see are fake, but the app that we are going to review today is an app that will surely make you happy because you are going to earn from this app definitely.

The name of the application that we are going to review today is 3 dots which is available on Google Play Store for Android version.

So let’s start grabbing in detail about the play games & earn money in 2023.

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Threedots App Review - Play Games & Earn Money In 2023

What is the Threedots application?


Three dots is basically an application that will help you earn lakh+ real cash prices by just playing games or playing stock games, cryptocurrency games or predicting the market and winning the real cash.

In this application, you can earn money by predicting and being confined in your money in the form of three dots which is its own currency.

Inside the app, you will find these currencies as tokens coins and likewise, you will use those tokens to start predicting the stocks & crypto.

Basically, the threedot application is trusted by many people in India, and it’s made an Indian application so you should give it a chance.


What are dotcoins?

Dotcoins are a kind of virtual money on the threedots platform intended to remunerate the most dynamic connection with users. A user is a functioning threedots client who is an administrator/proprietor of no less than one club with dynamic club individuals. Dotcoins don’t hinder or limit admittance to any element of the application, it is simply involved by threedots to compensate its most dynamic clients for exercises they perform on the application.


How to install and sign up for the application?


When you will go to the website and on the home page, you will see a QR code you need to scan that code directly to download the application you can scan the code via your Android phone.

If you want to download the application from Play Store you will have to just go to the Google Play store and search for the threedots application and then install the app.

In the next step open the app and fill in all the details which are necessary like your Gmail verification your mobile number etc.

In the threedots application, you can learn about investing, you just have to give your time to it and you can earn up to lacs via stock market games & cryptocurrency games many of the users have suggested this application is for everyone because it doesn’t need any single penny to go to the stock section.

Threedots application is very easy to play stock games just by predicting a few stocks you can recommend it to your friends and family to use it too.

threedots can help you to make better decisions in stock marketing many people have been using this app for the last few months and they say that they will surely recommend this application to their owns and yes if you get bored you can also play the stock games available on the application.

This application has 10 lakh plus downloads with a Google rating of 4.5 out of five on the Google Play Store 20 + daily contests are available in this application and it is 100% secure.

If you talk about expert trade ideas we can say that this application is supported by all brokers, it’s very easy diversification and all in one place you can get all things in one

Also for earning you can go to the spin sections refer and earn program is also very good.


How to redeem dotcoins?

Clients as of now have the choice to redeem Dotcoins in return for genuine cash, or some other not set in stone by the organization now and again. Other than such advantages and utilization, no different freedoms, for example, the right to move, and resale will vest in the user. Earning Beneficiary will be answerable for any assessments or different accuses related to such installment. You can withdraw via, gpay, and Paytm, with just one click.

The no. of Dotcoins accessible for recovery will reflect in the “Wallet” segment of the application for each application client. Dotcoins are given exclusively by the threedots stage to clients in view of the exercises they perform on the threedots versatile application. The no. of coins and their worth on the stage and will not be set in stone by the stage occasionally. Dotcoins hold no certifiable worth and might be used by the client exclusively as permitted on the threedots application


Methods of claiming dotcoins

 A Client might recover threedots coins in return for cash and move the assets to any of the choices accessible on the threedots Application including 

(a) NEFT/UPI/RTGS move to their own ledgers 

(b) Brought together payment link point; 

(d) Amazon Pay or other such wallets 

(c) such other payment choices as are made accessible on the threedots application occasionally. 

These installment strategies are overseen exclusively by three dots believed outsider specialist co-ops and subsequently, the utilization of such installment passages will be represented by the agreements of such outsider specialist organizations. The client concurs that his/her utilization of an outsider installment door is their only choice and hazard.

Note: You do not need any Demat account to play you seriously don’t need any debate account to play games on three dot its absolutely for those who do not have a Demat account.


Relinquishment of Dotcoins and profit:

  1. Upon end or potentially a suspension of a client’s record for infringement of the threedots stage’s help out or for enjoying any unreasonable or deceitful means to acquire Dotcoins or profit, all Dotcoins and profit accessible in his/her threedots client account will stand relinquished.
  2.  In the event that a client stays latent on the threedots application for an extensive timeframe (multiple (1) year), all Dotcoins in the client’s threedots record might stand relinquished; Given that on account of any profit which stays neglected due to non-connecting of the ledger, the equivalent will be relinquished if, notwithstanding the Organization reaching them through accessible correspondence channels for an extra three (90 days, the Client neglects to interface their ledgers to their Client accounts toward the finish of such three (3) month duration.
  3. Also, in the event that any client is tracked down by the organization to have gotten reward Dotcoins or profit falsely or improperly, the Dotcoins or income accessible in his/her Client account, as appropriate, will stand forfeited.


Non-acceptable dotcoins:

Dotcoins as well as the income of a client will be exclusive to the advantage of such client and may not be moved to some other individual. An acquiring beneficiary will have full control of the financial balance to be connected to his/her threedots client account. A client will be completely liable for all activities made through his/her threedots account. 

Since there are questions many users play games but they don’t get dot coins instantly the reason is that because it takes 24 hours to get the winning coins onto your wallet you have to wait for 24 hours to get your dot coins and if after 24 hours you do not get any Dot coin you just have to contact the customer support team of dot coin they will help you shortly.


Summary and conclusion

So there are many frequently asked questions about this does this application ask you for any money to play on threedots, your answer will be no because it’s absolutely free and it requires no real money or cash you can say that, and however you can use the three dots on available on their platform as a because he because these except their internal currency dot coin to go to the league stock league games, crypto leauges and all as if you are playing like in any fantasy cricket app.

The next question may be like this that there is a course or calculated or not so yes the idea that scores are calculated on the personal change in the stock price in the boosters you have applied so if you have applied on the 3x or 2x of 1 lakhs likewise, you will have the score.

This application has many terms and conditions or you have to just know Someone and if you want you can go for its terms and conditions its eligibility criteria are that you must be 18 years old and a user of their support team.

Comment your queries below. Thank you visit gain.


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