Top 3 Apps Amazon & Flipkart Gift Card Earning App

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We as a whole prefer to bring in some additional cash from our leisure activities and day-to-day dispositions, whether it’s money or the following best same, gift cards. All this strategy is genuine and working from so lengthy that is the reason we chose to share this free technique for Amazon Gift cards earnings from the amazon gift card earning app or Amazon pay Balance.

If not, you can begin getting compensated for exercises you as of now do on the web. In the event that the prospect of getting compensated for doing what you as of now do sounds engaging, you want to look at these unconditional gift card earning apps!


This first segment is an assemblage of applications that let you procure unconditional gift vouchers by finishing various undertakings.

For earning in Amazon Gift cards earnings in which is Now additionally Called Amazon Pay Balance there are May ways Like Completing App Tasks, doing amazon gift voucher study, and so on But as let you know we just sharing ways which we are personly utilizing for a long and getting a charge out of free amazon shopping.

What Is The Amazon Pay Balance Earning App?

Amazon Gift Card is a Digital Amazon Pay Balance this Balance through AMazon Shopping Uses and to Amazon Pay Accepted Merchants and Best Trick to Using for Amazon Pay Balance move to ledger Or Your Paytm Wallet Cash. Try not to Miss These Apps You can go For The Below 1 applications underneath Download Now and Earn Free Amazon Pay Gift Voucher Balance.

Top 3 Apps Amazon & Flipkart Gift Card Earning App In 2022

1- Gappx Refer and Earn Offer – Earn Coins And Redeem Gift Card For Flipkart/Amazon Both

Gappx app is a game where you want to play for the application to give you cash as you probably are aware that this application doesn’t give you cash in Amazon cash, Paypal cash, and Paytm cash.

Top 3 Apps Amazon & Flipkart Gift Card Earning App In 2022

Earn real cash for finishing straightforward tasks with Gappx.

  1. Select in the combination list and free trials,
  2. Gather points! The more you play, the more you earn.
  3. Use points to redeem great rewards.

This application is utilized just and just for Android and is not dealing with Apple. A few tasks and have to finish and you are given coin a few points. All of you have probably seen that Google Ads works in this app. We see that in the event that you will have a total payment technique, their task level starts getting hard.

Name: Gappx App

Company: Gappx App Technology LLC

Qualification: Worldwide

Cost: Free

Overall Rate: NA

There is the issue you have to initially finish USD you can make a withdrawal in Amazon cash and PayPal cash. The app shows you that the payment has been gotten in your account yet this is not really it doesn’t get the in your account it just shows you that amount is gotten in your account in the application. you can really look at it by going to an app that you decided on for payment. There the payment of this application won’t have been gotten into your account. This demonstrates that you get no cash but a Flipkart gift voucher earning app.

Top 3 Apps Amazon & Flipkart Gift Card Earning App 

1)First Of All, Download the Gappx App From the Play Store 

2) Installing/open this application and Skip the Introduction Part now

3) I Agree T&C Then Login Your record for Using With Google/Facebook Via

4) Dashboard Section > You Will, See New Offers Like ShareChat Download and Receive Coins

5) Different Login Users have an alternate new proposal for your undertaking total and procure coins

6) Complete All Tasks and We Will, Easily Earn 500 to 700 Coins/Points in only Minutes

7) You Can Redeem Coins/Points for Paytm/Amazon/Flipkart/Bank Cash

8) Now, Earn Daily Points/Coins for Just Daily Task Complete Now.

9) Earn More Coins/Ponis for Invite a Friend to Earn Up to 1000 Coins/Points (Below Steps)


Acquire Up to 1000 Coins/Points

  • Home Dashboard Section in App
  • Click on Refer and Earn Option (Middle Icon)
  • Share Invite/Referral Link on Your Friends, Family individuals Etc.
  • Get 300 Coins for One companion when she/he completes 4 offers!
  • Acquire 80 Coins Bonus Rewards for Earn 80 of your companion’s compensations after they finish offers.
  • You can get a limit of 1000 from one companion
  • You possibly get rewards when you welcome Android clients
  • After Earn Coins/Points You Can Follow Redeem Method Below
  • Recover Coins/Points for Flipkart.
  • Now Go-to Reward Section
  • Pick Your Gift Cards
  • Least Gift Card Available ₹25 (Use 364 Coins)
  • Involving Coins/Points for Redeem Now
  • You Will, Instant Receive Gift Card Vouchers Code and Redeem it Now Merchant Site

In the event that you finished your payment, this application won’t send this cash to your account in a way of Paytm cash, Amazon cash, and PayPal cash. It shows just in the history that you have gotten cash yet not got it in your account. Maybe this application pays you the initial time and sends in your account the cash yet doesn’t always make you an imbecile.



Regardless of where you are, with practically no verification,

  • Open Gappx, and you can find the app you like,
  • Start downloading it and continue to utilize it,
  • You will get a bigger number of rewards than you can imagine!


Fortunately, they find an app that you like have an exceptionally large library of gifts,

So you can always find an award you like and redeem it,

It’s an exceptionally easy cycle!


Find an app that you like- – The more you use it, the more you earn- – Select your favored reward to redeem


2- Lucky Play App: Fipkart Gift Voucher Earning App

If you have a Google Account, you can easily Sign Up for this app. For a Redeem Gift Card From this app, You Must have to earn the First Coins. For Coins Earn You Can See Various Options. At the point when You Signup up Successfully you will get 110 Coins. Also, You can Earn By Doing Tasks In this App. Tasks Are too easy You simply have to Install the Apps And Complete the straightforward Task.

Top 3 apps amazon gift card earning app

Instructions to Get 200 Points Per Referral

  1. Open the play store
  2. Type Lucky Play in the search bar
  3. Then press Install
  4. Sit tight for the installment cycle to wrap up
  5. The application was effectively installed and you can as of now utilize Lucky Play
  6. Refer your Friends to download the Lucky play App utilizing your reference code, Once he/she downloads+ and enlist on the application utilizing your reference code, Then you will get 200 Points on Sign up.


Refer and Earn

  • Tap to the menu and select “Refer and Earn”
  • Get your reference code and offer it to your companions
  • When your companion joins, you’ll get 200points
  • You can refer however many companions as you need, later on, recover your points against energizing gift vouchers !!


To have the option to bring in cash from this lucrative Lucky Play you need to attempt to acquire however much as could reasonably be expected.


  • Secret Gift

In this first mission, you can finish day-to-day responsibilities like actually looking at it and different missions and afterward reclaim.


  • New Offers

This mission relegates you to download and introduce applications or games on your android to procure a ton of points.


  • Invite Friends

On the off chance that you figure out how to welcome a companion or welcome just a single individual to utilize the fortunate play application then you will get 200 points.

You will get the Gift card voucher.


3- Feature Point App:

Earn gift cards, cash, or gifts just by downloading and pursuing for at least 1 moment of smartphone apps. The advantage of this application is that it offers a ton of applications to test so assuming that you have the time it’s ideal.

Available on IOS and Android and as a web app, this is one of the most incredible known applications of the application test, certain individuals withdraw up to $ 1000 by Paypal.

how to earn feature points?

To get 50 points instantly after registering, enter the code below. From 1800 points or $ 3, they can ask:

– Paypal transfers,

– Bitcoin

– iTunes cards,

– Amazon cards

– iTunes applications (games especially).


Paypal payments are made instantly, which is a major advantage. The sponsorship will earn you half of the earnings of your referrals! So make it a point to the app to your companions.


There are 7 ways you can make cash from FeaturePoints:

  • Download free apps through their platform, attempt them for a couple of moments, and then, at that point, erase or keep them.
  • Watch recordings.
  • Take studies.
  • Shop online.
  • Refer new clients.
  • Challenges.
  • Participate in offers.


How does FeaturePoints pay you?

They pay you in a variety of ways, contingent upon what you like.

Their payment choices include:

  • Gift cards to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Starbucks, BestBuy, Walmart, and so forth. As of May 2020, they have about 35 gift card choices.
  • PayPal and Visa gift cards
  • Bitcoin

The smallest withdrawal choice we have seen is a $3 Dunkin Donuts gift card, which requires 1,800 points.

Considering this information, each point is worth about $0.00167. Or, you can consider it 3,000 points being equal to $5.

FeaturePoints has one of the most amazing referral programs we have seen out of all the apps we have tracked down in the same business.

It pays you half of whatever your referrals earn for life. This is what gives it more pay potential than many of its competitors.


How much cash can you make from FeaturePoints?

This relies on how you approach it.

On the off chance that you simply download apps, do overviews, and things like that, you could make $20-$30 each month.

In the event that you center more around alluding new individuals, you could make $100-$200 each month with a blog or YouTube channel.


A most effective way to make cash from FeaturePoints

Apps like FeaturePoints can work well whenever gathered with other apps like it where you simply get compensated for taking care of tasks in your spare time that sounds useless.

Yet, to make the absolute most cash from FeaturePoints, you really want to zero in on referrals. In the first place, you can start with 50 let-loose points.

This will give you a head start on cashing out the initial time. Otherwise, you’ll start with 0 points.

Then, you’ll want to create content online with a blog, YouTube channel, or another platform about FeaturePoints and how it compares to other apps.

Here are a few essential ideas:

Your own FeaturePoints comparable

Comparisons with similar apps

Top apps for various categories that incorporate FeaturePoints

Advantages and disadvantages of FeaturePoints


  • Easy to utilize
  • Pays fast
  • Many ways to cash out
  • Great referral program
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Bunches of ways to make extra cash


  • Is simply going to pay you a little side cash
  • Points can lapse


This app is best for individuals who…

  • Already shop on the web and want to earn cash back.
  • Attempt heaps of apps and want to earn some cash for downloading them.
  • Create finance or app-related content internet based that could capitalize on the referral program.
  • Have extra time waiting in lines, sitting in the car, and so on where they could invest a little energy earning extra cash.



Is it safe to say that you are utilizing one of these applications to procure unconditional gift vouchers?

There are many ways of procuring unconditional gift vouchers utilizing applications. We had shown you many distinct ways applications pay out with gift vouchers.

Also, we had shown you which applications work with every one of their acquiring techniques. Then, at that point, we’ll share how each application works so you can utilize the applications you like the best.



The above applications can be the least demanding method for getting everything rolling. This is on the grounds that you can in a real sense get compensated for essentially anything you do on the web.

Amazon gift voucher balance is Very famous nowadays. In the web-based business Industry Coupons, rebate codes, cashback offers, and Gift cards are exceptionally Popular and alluring ways Of acquiring the Confidence and trust of Online customers.

In this post, we informed you about the top 3 methods for procuring free amazon gift vouchers and Flipkart gift cards separately without any problem. You need to simply follow these means and ensure you routinely follow these means and guarantee your gift vouchers.

Comment your queries below. Thank you! Visit again.

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