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Fantasy sports have turned into a big piece of the donning scene in the current day. A couple of years back it was even difficult to consider that one could make a group of players from two groups that are at present and with that group one could rival different clients. It has become reality with the presentation of fantasy sports. Everything you do is make a virtual group with the information on a specific match and dominate enormous prizes dependent on the focuses you acquire from that specific group. So in this article, we are going to know the top 5 fantasy apps.

It accompanies nothing unexpected that Indians love Cricket, it is the most followed, watched, and played in the nation and has one of the greatest fan bases of the relative multitude of sports on the planet. India has such countless individuals who love cricket that we have plenty of top fantasy cricket apps, notwithstanding, we have made a rundown of the fantasy gaming apps in India which give stunning prizes and experience.

In the course of recent months, the top fantasy cricket app has arrived at new statutes in India, and a ton numerous players have entered the market giving Cricket games like you, the client, plenty of alternatives to browse and give your hand with top fantasy apps in India and a shot World Cup Cricket, T20 Matches, IPL Fantasy Leagues, Big Bash, CPL 2020 and the choices are interminable with free entry fantasy cricket app.

Pretty much every top association, each series, or each competition that is played gets included on the greater part of the fantasy stages. From time to time, there is another fantasy stage that arises on the lookout.

Right away, to know the top 5 fantasy apps, let us presently investigate a portion of the top alternatives accessible in India for playing the best fantasy apps in India, cricket match-ups.

Note: The apps on the rundown are not positioned in any request, rather arbitrarily positioned.

Along these lines, here we take a gander at the top 5 fantasy apps in India which additionally includes Fan2Play.


Fan2Play is one of the latest fantasy apps that has come into the Indian market. It was established by Fan2Play Games Pvt Ltd in 2020 and it is quickly on the ascent of the top fantasy cricket app. Fan2Play is extremely flexible and versatile. Dissimilar to the majority of the head fantasy apps, Fan2Play doesn’t have a set format. The clients can make two-player, three-player, and four-player groups to partake in challenges and these will be one-on-one difficulties. There is an exemplary 11-player challenge too. We have plenty of top fantasy cricket apps, and it is one of them.

Furthermore, clients can make a challenge that is undetectable to different clients and contend with their gathering of loved ones. There is no credit limit for the top fantasy cricket app, all things considered. Taking everything into account, Fan2Play requires the clients to pick at least one wicket-guardian, two hitters, one all-rounder, and two bowlers. To know the top 5 fantasy apps, be that as it may, actually like other fantasy apps, Fan2Play permits the client to pick a limit of seven players from a specific group.

One of Fan2Play’s greatest contributions to its clients is its High Winning Probability Model when contrasted with a portion of the other apps and the choices are interminable with free entry fantasy cricket app. We have made a rundown of the fantasy gaming apps in India which gives stunning prizes and experience. Fan2Play targets reclassifying the dreamland sports.



As the name itself says, BalleBaazi is about cricket. In India, each 90’s child has heard the word BalleBaazi. Many had recollected scores from Sehwag’s Ballebaazi or Helicopter shot from Mahi’s Ballebaazi or that unsurpassable Sachin’s Ballebaaz. These names are lost in the present era yet that BalleBaazi from Virat, Hardik, Rohit and a lot more still proceeds.

You can pull out money just from the rewards account in your BalleBaazi account once your record is checked. This confirmation is a one-time measure which doesn’t have to be repeated except if you wish to make changes to your profile. When your record is verified, you can pull out the ideal sum (min. Rs.200 and max. Rs.2,00,000 at a time) and it will be kept into your ledger insidwithinrking days.

Ballebaazi had the chance to ensure that it’s you who they are sending the money to. We have plenty of top fantasy cricket apps, and it is one of them. This way, Ballebazi needs you to give the following ledger subtleties: Name of the bank, Name of the branch, Name of the account holder, account no. furthermore, IFSC code.

Step by step instructions to play Ballebazi fantasy cricket application

  • Select 11 players from the two crews
  • You can choose a limit of 7 players from one crew.
  • You can use a limit of 100 credits.
  • Select Captain  & Vice-captain.
  • Join associations and Win money

Each run will add to you out of focus, and the captain and vice Captain will be repaid @2x and 1.5x separately, in light of focuses won by a person.

3.My11 Circle

One of the quickest developing and well-known turning into a pursued fantasy sports application is My11 Circle. We have plenty of top fantasy cricket apps, and it is one of them. We have made a rundown of the fantasy gaming apps in India which gives stunning prizes and experience. This is a cricketing fantasy application and it is owned and operated by Play Games24x7 Pvt Ltd. In My11 Circle, the client transforms into a selector where he can pick upwards of six groups for a specific match and the choices are interminable with free entry fantasy cricket app, he/she can utilize different blends of groups, pick various skippers, bowling mixes, the best player of the match, and a large group of different things to know the top 5 fantasy apps. The clients can make their challenges too which they need to play with their separate loved ones.

  • Allow us to see the absolute best components of My11 Circle:
  • The low withdrawal breaking point of ₹ 100
  • Can play football also
  • Worthwhile referral program
  • The large prize pool, ₹ 30 lakh
  • Like RummyCircle so clients constant of the stage will cherish it
  • Make your playing XI by joining 2 groups

My11 Circle


MyTeam11 is one of the new fantasy apps that is acquiring a great deal of prominence and is turning out to be all around rumored also. We have plenty of top fantasy cricket apps, and it is one of them. It was dispatched in 2016 and has made a base of 18 million+ clients in only five years and the choices are interminable with the free entry fantasy cricket app. It gives fantasy challenges to 10 significant games and truth be told, it is one of only a handful of exceptional gaming and fantasy apps that is accessible in numerous dialects. We have made a rundown of the fantasy gaming apps in India which gives stunning prizes and experience. It likewise has test challenges separated from the ordinary fantasy associations.

Allow us to investigate a portion of the engaging elements of MyTeam11:

  • Moment withdrawals
  • Low withdrawal cutoff of ₹ 100
  • Plenty of games to look over like Football, Basketball, US Football, and others
  • Day by day numerous challenges
  • Enormous day by day prize pool
5.Paytm First Games

A handmade stage from the place of Paytm, Paytm First Games is one of the most incredible cricket dream applications in India in 2021 which you ought to basically attempt once. With Sachin Tendulkar as its image representative we realize the game is dependable given Sachin never showcased awful or items which can hurt the general public.

Having said this, Paytm first games offer tremendous payouts, in dream cricket a client can win up to ₹ 10 crore day by day and furthermore can win up to ₹ 5 crore every day as far as Paytm Cash. You can play different games separated from Cricket, for example, Ludo, Rummy, Games from Action and Puzzle classes separated from numerous others.

Allow us to investigate probably the best provisions of Paytm First Games:

  • Moment withdrawals
  • Handmade by Paytm
  • Different games to browse separated from Cricket
  • Tremendous payout as remunerations
  • Compensating reference program

Paytm First Games

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Which is the best fantasy cricket application? 

Answer 1: There are several stages and apps where one can play fantasy cricket, notwithstanding, we have brought the rundown of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps from Dream11 to FanFight who offer probably the best awards just as they are involved with the business.

Question 2: Which is the best fantasy application in India?

Answer 2: If you wish to play fantasy sports separated from Cricket, similar to Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, and US Football, stress no more, we have curated a rundown only for you where you can play fantasy sports and acquire superb awards consistently.

Question 3: What is the best fantasy cricket application cash? 

Answer 3: We have made a rundown of the 10 best fantasy cricket apps in India 2021 which give out remunerations in cash and consistently. Additionally, these apps have probably the best withdrawal component set up. What’s more, on the off chance that you allude to a companion, you additionally procure rewards.

Question 4: Which is better, Dream11 or MyTeam11? 

Answer 4: Both of these two fantasy cricket applications are among the most incredible in India with extraordinary client experience just as an interface. Additionally, both these apps offer extraordinary prizes consistently, be that as it may, Dream11 has more clients, however, it would say it is the better application, yet it likewise tells there’s more contest. In this way, by the day’s end, it would be exceptionally abstract and we would request that you take a stab at both these apps.


As per a review, in June 2016, there were roughly 2,000,000 clients in India playing fantasy sports and that has expanded dramatically in five years. In 2021, it was estimated that roughly 90-100 million clients played fantasy sports. The presentation of fantasy sports has kept the fans more charmed in the game and they have begun investigating. The exploration around the game, players, and the scenes has expanded much more when contrasted with a couple of years back.

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