Ways Bloggers Make Money – How Earn From Blog For Beginners?

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make money with a blog for beginners in 2021

Here in this article, we are going to grab so many ways of earning money with blogging. After going through all the details of this article you will be able to publish your blog which you can share with your friends, family, and to the peoples worldwide.

We will guide you here on how just with some basic computer knowledge you can create an amazing blog. This is basically for beginners who want to start and make money  with blogging.

If you would have any doubts or any point of this post is doubtful to you then simply you can comment your query, we will do our best to clarify your doubts.

How To Earn From Blog For Beginner?

So this post is basically for beginners who want to start blogging. Here we will provide you best ways of blogging with just basic computer knowledge and good writing skill, after that, you can make your own blog and publish it worldwide to make money easily.

Let’s go through it,

In the starting, it’s obvious to make mistakes but in the end, you will be able to overcome all your mistakes by learning good skills on your own and will start doing things by yourself as no one is going to help you out until you will be passionate about blogging and making a career on it. 

Always remember, you can earn money from it only when you are dedicated and passionate about your choice.

So, there are a few steps to make your blog attractive and grab more and more audiences. 

So, start with this article and we will cover all your queries like:

Stuck with these types of questions? So this article will give you all answers, let’s begin.

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Some of the Ways Bloggers Make Money

The best way bloggers make money through blogs is by placing ads on their blogs. So there are two main types of ads.

  1. Cost Per Click Ads

    These are also called as pay per click ads, so these are just logos or banners that you advertise on your content. And when a reader clicks on that ad, you will earn money for that click. So, you have to place the banner on your website and when the readers visit your website and click on that ad, you are paid for it. So this is how you can earn by cost-per-click ads.

  2. CPM Ads

    These are called cost per 1,000 impressions or CPM ads. This type of ad pays you based on how many readers viewed your ad. They give you a fixed amount of money. But here is the most famous network that pays good money for placing their ad below Google Adsense. In this, you are not in direct contact with the advertiser. It’s very simple to earn with Google AdSense, you simply place their banner on your website and they place their ads related to your article on your website. Once your readers click on their ads, you are paid for that click. There are so many similar ways of earning money via Blog by simply placing ads on your website.

  3. Selling Ads

    There is another option available here that is, once you grab a good quantity of audience, you don’t have to work on how to make money by ads. Advertisers directly contact you via email address and other options to place their ads on your site as you have a good quantity of readers. Here one thing is beneficial, you can select your ad rates and no middleman is required there. This is a great difference between the above-mentioned category and this category. You can also earn money by giving reviews of the advertiser’s product. It’s up to you and you have a lot of options for earning money by selling ads.

About The Affiliate Marketing Program

start a blog to make money in 2021Another great method to enhance your income from your blog is affiliate marketing. You simply have to add an affiliate link on your website so that your readers buy things that you recommended them. You earn a little income from that advertiser whose products were purchased by your reader on your recommendations that is via the affiliate link you published on your website.
So that’s how you can use an affiliate marketing program in your blog to make money.


Digital Product Selling:ways bloggers make money in 2021

If you are not comfortable with any of the above ideas then you can go for selling digital products on your website. If you want another way to make money so this can include digital products like:

  1. Online Courses
  2. Ebooks
  3. Music
  4. Videos
  5. Images
  6. Quotations
  7. Applications
  8. Themes etc.

but before going through any of the above just remember the choice of your readers.

Things To Avoid:

It’s very important because if you are not giving relevant and useful things to your readers, they will not visit your website for more time. They won’t visit your website regularly and you cannot earn more from that. Your income depends on your reader and makes sure to be in contact with them by just simply replying to their comments and clarifying their doubts.

Make your blog a beautiful blog and then after that, you place advertisements, digital products selling and affiliate marketing program. And remember this will a loss for you if your readers are not interested in your blogs. So many bloggers make this mistake, just try to avoid these types of mistakes so that you can make good content for your reader and you can sell a digital product that your readers need.

Make sure to pay attention to your reader’s choice for selling any products.

How to Start Making Money?

Once you did the above criteria nicely then making money is very easy. You can earn money from your blog but earning money needs potential that is, it could take up to few months to get income but once you grab your audience and work with dedication, continuity, and hard work then you can start earning from running ads on your blog because when you advertise any ads on your blog and the company gives you money for that and you can join affiliate programs also because they give the commission when you advertise their products on your blog. So there are many different ways to make money with your blog, once you are done with all the things correctly.


As soon as your blog grows you can start selling your products also and services to your readers using videos and images. You can sell e-books, you can sell products, you can sell groceries, e-courses but firstly keep prices low for your readers because they will be able to purchase the things from your blog if you will put the prices low at first. When you advertise ads on your blog, you get paid for it and you must have a good number of readers and try to grab your reader’s attention by giving them gifts also. So we hope these step by step guides to making money with blogging must have enhanced your knowledge about blogging. If you want more, then visit again and start bogging with passion and love your readers, stay connected with them by replying to their comments on your blog.

Blogging is a very nice way of earning money online with some basic computer knowledge so try to get more and more information about blogging and I hope this article has clarified all your queries also this have given answer to your queries and we guess whatever your doubts are they must have cleared with this blog and you can comfortably ask your queries in the comment section if you have any doubt regarding this post.So you must have seen that readers pay interest on the things that provide information very attractive. So make your content attractive and creative and easy to understand.

Be passionate and earn.

Thank you! Visit again.

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