Amazon has launched a new program "AMAZON SAHELI" for women entrepreneurs.

The women entrepreneurs who are associated with this program can sell their items to Amazon through this store.

When you can send your application on amazon and requirements are fulfilled then you will get an invite to participate in the program.

What is the Amazon Saheli Store?

Here Women-made products are sold in the store . Through this women can earn profit and achieve their goal.

The organization is giving free  preparation to its Saheli members that how to execute online selling process.

Here an account manager  was provided by the Amazon to help in this program.

In this store, you'll find all types of products made by women like handicraft, jewellery, and more.

A program to enable women to become successful sellers on Amazon.

Government Organizations are associated with Amazon Saheli.

Google advertises and promotes the product from the front so that saheli users get more profit.

Under the Amazon Saheli program the minimum commission he earns is deducted by 2 %