Best 5 play2earn games in India

by, shubhakshmi swami

Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are not only fun; they are also profitable. Play-to-earn gaming allows you to make real money from your gaming exploits. 

Here are 5 Play2Earn games you can easily earn money while playing.

Axie Infinity became one of the most hit games built on blockchain. Players can earn between $10-50 a day while playing the game.


Users not only earn GALA by playing games but also gain access to exclusive digital assets and NFTs as rewards.


Players could reward cash or non-fungible tokens or exchange the tokens with each other. 

Players can earn THC by competing in battles. The amount of THC a player receives is also influenced by their Class and Hero. 


Players will receive $100 upon joining the game for the first time. On daily basis, you can get up to $800 or more on the time you stay in-game. 


You can earn real cryptocurrency playing the Arc8 game in this way; but it takes a long time to build up resources. 


There are a variety of play-to-earn games on the market in a variety of genres, with different earning mechanics and different levels of rewards.