Best 5 ways to earn crypto from binance

By, Shubhakshmi Swami

Crypto exchange binance has grown from crypto to crypto platform. Here are 5 ways to earn crypto from binance.

Cash-to-crypto for buyers and sellers to trade local currency into crypto.


P2P Trading


 DeFi staking users get access to as much as 16.40% in estimated annual yields.

DeFi Staking

Binance has grown its product suite to offer more ways to use crypto to earn & grow assets. 


Hold crypto & earn tokens that drive up annual yield as muc as 74.11%.



(ETH) and get rewards & earn interest from ETH blockchain staking rewards.

ETH 2.0 Staking

Binance Earn has more than 270,000 daily active users and investors and the number is rising.  


BTC, USDT, or BUSD in a savings yield product & increase earnings price on crypto holdings.

Dual Investment

Crypto starts with buying crypto and trading. However, Binance works to ensure will continue with more crypto.

You can boost passive earnings with these different ways with different yield potential & risk levels.