Best possible ways to earn from credit card

Written by, Shubhakshmi swami

As long as you make your payments faithfully, the judicious use of credit cards can be quite profitable.

Make money with cash-back credit cards. Card gives you 1.5 % cash back on every purchase.

You earn $300 in cash back every year. If you invest that $300 into an account that earns 7 percent interest

Some cards allow you to earn cash back or points just by shopping online.

You can earn by credit cards offering sign-up bonus points. 

You can sell your rewards points in exchange for cash.

Join acorns and link a credit card this platform automatically invests spare change from everyday purchases.

You can’t make a purchase with an expired credit card – but you can turn the card into art and cash in. 

Try these tips and your credit card will soon be making earning extra money from credit cards!