Cryptocurrency Is Legal In India?

By Ansu Smriti Patel

Cryptocurrencies run on a blockchain, a record of all transactions updated and held by currency holders.

Work Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a good investment if you want to gain more profit.

Bitcoin Vs Cryptocurrency

2. It is limited to trade. 3. More Popular

2. There are lot of cryptocurrency to trade.

3. Number is increasing but share is less than Bitcoin.

1. It is a decentralized digital currency created in January 2009. 

1. It is tradable digital form of money.

Nirmala Sitharaman in the Union Budget 2022 announced that “any income from transfer of any virtual digital asset shall be taxed at the rate of 30 per cent."

The journey of Cryptocurrency was started on 2008.

In 2021 Indian Government announced the Crypto Bill.

Cryptocurrencies are the digital assets people use as investment and for online purchase.

There are many apps in India through which you can sell or buy the Cryptocurrencies such as CoinSwitch Kuber, CoinDCX, ETC.

How To Invest In Crypto?

It is safe to invest in Crypto market if you have the proper knowledge about the currency.

I think INVESTMENT is a very important step to increase your money, but where ever you invest your money you have to know the proper knowledge about that platform.

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