Earn Up To 201 In Gully Cricket GPay | Indi-Home Streets

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By Ansu Smriti Patel

It is just like a game where you can play and earn money in your free time and its very easy to use.

How It Works?

1. Do actions on Google Pay. 2. Build Houses with home energy. 3. Earn rewards when you complete a level or house.

There is  Energy Rain from this you can collect energy and build house.

Earn more energy by Daily Bonus, By making Transaction, collecting friend's energy, Gift energy to friend, Share Indi-Home, Share completed house.

Earn up to rupees 51 by inviting 3 friends to join Indi-Home.

First 5 lakh users when complete any house every month they will get 51 rupees cashback.

All other users will get any one of the 4 awards- 1. 10 rupees Cashback 2. YouTube Premium 3. AJIO reward 4. 100 energy

There is a Gully Cricket in your Indi-Home streets!

Earn rupees 51- 201 when you collect all 10 cricket cards.