Brush Stroke

By Ansu Smriti Patel

Easy ways To Earn From Google

This platform is used by many people. You also earn through this.

In this there are various applications where you share the app link and when anyone download it you will earn through this.

Play Store

If you have a website or blog & you put Adsense on it, when anyone clicks on the Ads, you will earn through this.

Google Adsense

You will earn from this by referring the app & here they will provide various offers, including Cashback to its Users.

Google Pay

Here, you will earn by uploading videos, Live Streaming. Create your own content for this.

YouTube Channel

It is free to use, here you can use domain or hosting in free. You can publish your blogs in free and earn through this.


Here, By giving your opinion You should earn through this. 

Opinion Rewards

Google My Business

Through this you can attract more customers

Google AdMob

App developers are earns more by its apps.

Google Bug Hunter

Collect your bugs as digital trophies and earn paid rewards.

Google Task Mate

Complete your task and earn through this. Per task you can earn up to 70.

Build mobile app & publish it on Google play store & earn through this.

By this ways you can earn by google and for more such informational stories stay tunned with us.