Shopsy   By Flipkart 

Offer available on mobiles, fashion, beauty, etc

In this application, you will make money. when you share an item with someone and purchase the item from your link, you will get a bonus.

Here, you will  make money online without any investment and this is very easy to use.

You can share the items easily on Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook

If you want to make Shopsy Bussiness successful then you have to choose the best category and get more social and many more things.

15 Crore+ items are presented by Flipkart dealers

Refer and get money up to 150 INR and you can withdraw the amount directly to your own bank account. 

Items delivered in only 7 working days. And if possible then it is delivered as much as possible quickly.


Many people are wasting their time in using phones, besides that you can use this and make some profit.

Products  Available under just 49 rupees