How do events bloggers earn from ipl?

By, shubhakshmi swami

Events bloggers can earn from IPL. Here are potential ways to earn as an events blogger during IPL:

Bloggers can earn money by writing sponsored posts for brands & can earn upto 10,000 per post.

Sponsored posts 

Bloggers can earn thousands of rupees commission per sale in affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing 

 Top-performing events bloggers can earn lakhs of rupees per month during the IPL: 

Bloggers earn lakhs through Youtube's advertising program for videos related to the IPL. 

Video content 

Bloggers earn through sponsorships & subscriptions for live-streaming IPL matches on the website or social media channels.

Live streaming 

They can earn several thousand rupees by creating and selling merchandise related to the IPL. 


Bloggers earn by creating and monetizing content on various platforms, such as social media.

They earn Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 5,000 by writing articles about IPL for other websites or publications. 

Freelance writing 

Bloggers can earn INR 25,000 by creating an IPL-related podcast & discussing the latest news &  match results. 


Events bloggers can earn a significant income from IPL by combining their passion for events.