How Student Get Credit Card Without Any Income Proof or CIBIL Score?

By Ansu Smriti Patel

This Credit cards are specifically designed for college students, Housewives, employees, etc with limited credit history. The best credit cards may have no annual fee, cardholder benefits, and perks such as a rewards program.

Documents  Required

1. Identity card issued by the college/university 2. Proof of residential address 3. Recent passport size photograph 4. PAN card

You can get the credit card without showing the income proof.

Only the thing is to show to your bank is your FD.

Now a days all things are done by online by the app One Card.

One Card

India's best metal credit card. Built with full-stack tech. Backed by the principles of simplicity, transparency, and giving back control to the user.

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If your FD is of 2000 then your limit will be of 2200.

This app is powered by SBM Bank and IDFC Bank. This is very trustable app.

You can buy products on EMI on Amazon & Flipkart with the help of this card.

Benefits Of One Card

No Joining Fees.  No Annual Fees.  No Rewards Redemption Fees. Control all aspects of your credit card from the powerful OneCard app


A CIBIL score of 750 or more is considered to be an ideal score for a credit card. This score will help you to attract better interest rates on your credit card applications.


The coolest and fastest way to improve your credit score is by getting a OneCard.

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