How To Earn From Facebook?

By Ansu Smriti Patel 26.04.2022

Facebook is a social networking website through which people can share their photos or videos.

You can also earn with Facebook by many ways.

Facebook Page

Create an attractive page on Facebook and post videos or photos on specific time. Try to Join more members on that page. 

Facebook Group

Create group on Facebook and gather more members. Create or sell any products/course through this.


In this platform you can create short videos. Create your own content and share through this platform. Here many people are earning through this.  

Affiliate Marketing

Join more members and do affiliate marketing here you can share your product link and earn through this when anyone buy the product from your link.

Publish Videos

Create your videos and share them through this platform if people will love your content and loves seeing you then your views were automatically getting increasing & you will earn by this.

Sell Your Product

You can share your product on Facebook by sharing the details of the product on the groups, and pages. Describe your product properly and post attractive & high-quality images of the product.

Live Streaming

You can enable instream Ads on live streaming. Engage more people in your live stream. If you love to play games, this is best for you. You can stream here many games such as BGMI, Free Fire, ETC.

Create Event

Create an event on your page and select the date/time. Prepare your event format then enable your paid access then publish your event. When people were interested to join they will pay you and then enter the event. 

Refer Marketing

You can earn through this when you refer any application link on Facebook then people can download through this link & you will earn through this.

Everyone wants to earn money in easy ways. And if you are a student or a working man and want to earn part time then i think this is the best way to earn from your daily use application. Social media is used in our daily life.