How to earn from photomath?


Photomath is a math app that allows students to upload a photo of their math problem and find a complete step-by-step solution to the problem. 


Test and Qualification  

 Photomath requires users to pass some tests and exams. Qualify for the test and earn money.

You will be compensated depending on the number, type, and complexity of the problems you solve and review. You get paid. 

With Photomath, users can earn more than 300 USD per week.


Earn money by doing what you know and love.

You will be able to see potential tasks in your Dashboard. You can select any of the tasks and complete them to earn money.  

  Calculate Skills Test     

Photomath is available for free on Google Play and the App Store, though users can pay for a premium version to access additional features and content. 

Complete your training and pass the exam, you will be qualified as Math Expert then you can start solving to make upto $300 weekly.


Photomath will pay you a bonus just for successfully becoming a Math Expert, and you can now start earning by solving and reviewing math problems.